In higher office, Marcos to target three priorities


SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will be giving more priority to education, agriculture and infrastructure if he is given a chance to lead the country next year.

Marcos, who is yet to announce his political plans in 2016, said the reason why the country is facing many problems is that the government has failed to introduce programs and projects for improving the country’s educational system, agriculture and infrastructure.

To improve education, he added, the government must also invest more in teachers, not only by giving them higher pay but also retraining courses.

While construction of additional school building and distribution of books and school supplies are also priorities, Marcos said, the government must also make sure the teachers are provided with needed support that would improve their grasp of what they are imparting to their students.

“We must understand that teaching is not a job, it not a profession, teaching is a vocation, teachers teach because they are true to their calling,” the senator told students of the Universidad de Manila on Wednesday.

He noted that “[t]here was a time when the Philippines has the highest literacy rate in all of Asia, 98 percent. Obviously we can see that it has gone down drastically.”

Agriculture, Marcos said, has been neglected by the government for the past five years and the next leadership will need to work hard in order to help the sector recover.

He added that the government did nothing to improve the state of the agricultural sector of the country, a top rice exporter in the past but now a top importer of rice.

Marcos also noted that the Philippines now has fewer irrigated areas than it had in 1996, meaning the past administrations, he said, not only did not expand irrigated areas in the country but also failed to even maintain existing ones.


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  1. Filipinos have to invest in rightfully choosing the next President; somebody that fully understand the problems the nation have and has plan how to remedy and or find solution to correct or do something about it. Bring back the Philippines golden era. It will start from all of us the people. Do not be hoodwink of sweet talking politician who has been in politics for so long. It is not too late. Go out, and cast your vote wisely!

  2. I hope BBM wins the presidential election if he runs for president. Make the Aquino’s pay for their sin. Make the people know how they wrong your father’s legacy by revealing the truth and who really killed Ninoy. Cory capitalized the death of Ninoy by telling the people that the Marcoses killed her husband even though she knows the whole truth. The filipinos made a wrong move at that time even I myself.

  3. Based on your plan when you become the President it’s really commendable. We as a Pilipino will support you in your plan. We wish you implement this plan when you become a president. I also request to in you plan the Peace and Order as you know that in the entire Phil. are so high/ Especially the drugs this problems must be resolved immediately. I will vote for you for President.

  4. i will be happy if he can impose national discipline never mind what they say about his father but we must admit that criminality even from high places is very rampant and must be addressed before we can move on as a nation.

  5. How I wish with God’s help and the support of my fellow countrymen that Senator Marcos will attain his ambition of becoming the next President of the Philippines so that his plans for the good of the country will be implemented.