In my dreams

Tita Valderama

Tita C. Valderama

I enjoy travelling a lot. I love exploring new places and learning about other cuisines and cultures.

I also dream a lot. I love dreaming that the good things I see and experience in my travels will exist where I live.

As Kuh Ledesma realized in her song Till I Met You,”dreaming is not just for kids, (not) just a childish.” While the song was about romantic love, its message that dreams can come true applies to other situations.

My dreams are far from fantabulous.  I just dream about living simply where things work out well. I dream when I am sleeping. I dream, too, when I am full awake.  It’s day-dreaming that I enjoy more.

Waking up to a rising sun gives positive vibes on what lies ahead. But getting roused by noisy neighbors and the barking of their dozen dogs before the sun shows up is a sure trigger for headache. So, I dream about residing in a community with neighbors who care about one another.

When I get ready for work, I dream about having an efficient water service company that does not overcharge its consumers with subsidies for those who steal water with illegal connections, and for the travels and fat bonuses and honoraria of its executives.

On my commute to the office, I dream about having an efficient transport service that can take me to work with full energy, instead of getting there with disheveled hair, spent energy, and headache from two to three hours in traffic-congested roads and cramped train coaches.

I dream about having smoothly asphalted or cemented thoroughfares so I won’t get nauseated when I read while in a moving vehicle. I dream about seeing traffic officers who strictly enforce traffic rules, instead of those pot-bellied men in uniform who extort from erring motorists and whose police cars or motorcycles are parked in street curves that restrict traffic flow.

I dream about comfortable rides in LRT or MRT coaches, instead of being shoved to get inside the train, and to get mashed while inside, particularly during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

As I go about my teaching duties, I dream about having students who care about the sacrifices of their parents and guardians in sending them to school, who study their lessons and participate in discussions.

I dream about giving high grades to students who deserve by showing real efforts to learn and apply their learnings in actual and practical exercises.

Before the day is over, I dream about still having the energy for household duties, instead of being spent from the long travel going back home.

I dream about not having to spend a huge part of my salary for basic household needs like food, medicine, water, and electricity whose prices are many times outrageously exorbitant due to inefficient and incompetent management and operations, and selective enforcement of laws and government regulations.

When I get the chance to switch on the television, I dream about watching news and programs in local channels that inform, educate and entertain the audience at the same time, not those that highlight petty crimes, showbiz bits, and toilet humor.

When I am awake, my dreams are about going through everyday life
without much stress from the environment.

Before I go back to sleep, I dream about having my dreams become reality, but that seems like a  nightmare.


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  1. I am amaze that someone give importance to dreams because of late I started looking forward to go to bed and have a nice dream. There are times a pleasant dream would not come, but a good one is always welcome and would linger in my mind all day wishing it was real.

  2. Unfortunately your dreams are realities for those who are officials of GOCCs, Owners and Officials of Monopolies/Cartels like Meralco, Power/Energy Sellers and Water Utilities. Unfortunately the decisions about how to improve/increase the LRTs/MRTs are on the hands of rich boys like Mar and June A who never in their life ride those trains incognito instead they ride there like tourist guided by the Sipsips seeing only the few good things but not the overwhelming bad things. These 2 does not even know that there is only one kubeta combine for men and women located in 2 places only servicing 300 thousand passengers daily. Kaya sa pader na umiihe ang tao pag di nakatingin ang guardiya..