In Paris-COP21, PNoy et al. again proved to be conmen


ALL of us here in the Philippines, including the Yellow Army behind President BS Aquino and his fans, know what liars he and his people are. Every important occasion is an opportunity for this man to tell outrageous lies and make fraudulent claims to show he and his Administration have done and are doing great things for the Philippine Republic, the Philippine economy and the Filipino people.

The truth is that he and his key officials have damaged our institutions, increased and deepened government corruption, multiplied up to nine-fold the amount and quantity of smuggling, neglected our people especially our farmers and increased the number of poor and hungry Filipinos.

He lies about having caused recent economic advances on the macro level when in fact the sound foundations of continuing Philippine economic growth were laid by Presidents and their Cabinets before him, especially President Fidel Ramos and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Our country’s impressive economic stability and enviable performance are results of the judicious watch over monetary policy by the Bangko Sentral and the remittances to their families of our Overseas Filipino Workers. These remittances have immensely helped shore up our central bank’s foreign exchange reserves, making them among the largest in the world. OFW remittances have also been the main fuel of our consumption-driven domestic economy.

The latest great international event where PNoy et al. have scammed and conned is the recently concluded COP21 Conference in Paris.

There was a combat between serious campaigners against pollution and polluters in Paris. Countries, like ours, that are so unindustrialized that they contribute very little to the toxic and climate-change-causing emissions, are being cajoled into reducing their so-called carbon footprints, to make the biggest polluters—the US, China, India and Europe (as a whole)—to agree to drastically reduce their destructive emissions.

In Paris, President BS Aquino and the Philippine delegation regaled the international community. He announced in his speech that our country’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions would be down by 70 percent in 2030. The Philippine Climate Change Commission under the office of President Aquino had earlier made that commitment on October 1, 2015 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

But Aquino was obviously doing a scam, a con job, for he stressed that the Philippines could only fulfill that commitment if we got billions of dollars required to achieve that reduction.

Of course, Mr. Aquino, true to his established pattern of lying and making false claims, knew that the Philippine commitment could not possibly happen—because it goes totally against the energy policy of his administration.

For one, before PNoy left for the Paris COP21 conference, he authorized the construction of 23 new coal-fired power plants while some 20 other coal-fired electric generating plants were under construction (and still are.). He was therefore being mentally dishonest in Paris COP21, as he usually is anywhere.

The commitments President Aquino’s Climate Change Commission made in its formal document titled “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) Submission of the Republic of the Philippines” to the UNFCCC run against the President’s energy policy and program. The UNFCCC is the UN-designated international multilateral body tasked to oversee the global effort against Climate Change. The contributions to the reduction of pollutants committed by each of the 180-plus countries in its INDC submission to the UNFCCC are seriously included in computing the total global CO2 reduction.

President Aquino and his Climate Change people willfully submitted misleading figures to the UNFCC, not caring whether their falsehood screws up the data in determining the progress of the war against climate change. They did this to make him look good.

In Tagalog, we have the term “bolero” and “mambobola” for this kind of person. The English equivalent is scammer or conman.


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  1. Coal fired power plants are one the first thing the we need to reduce or elimimnate before we can say that we are going to the path of green solution. Bragging about something contrary to what is usally practiced is a big kalokohan, just be honest, tell the truth do they think that the interantional community beleived in every word he say, i don’t think so. So Mr. President, for the sake of humility, don’t always listen to your advisers or just ready your pre-prepared speeches, ready it first before your speaking engagement para d ka naman maging laughinh stack.

  2. The success of Philippine Economy and improvement of our government fiscal position had been testified or affirmed by credible experts thru several credit upgrades. I would rather rely on the opinion of EXPERTS. Clearly the publication needs to educate its writer on macroeconomics!

  3. Vic Penetrante on

    In another newspaper, the editorial is about ‘undernourished children’ and the need for school-feeding programs. Part of the rising Philippine economy?

  4. Edgar G. Festin on

    True, true, true! Manloloko is another Tagalog word to describe this conman president of ours.

  5. The reason why the public should not believe one Dean Tony La Vina who have been talking very big about the performance of the PNoy administration during that Paris meeting. The Climate Change Commission led by La Vina was made a tool by PNoy to give credibility to his boast about the 70% reduction of carbon emissions. Not only PNoy but La Vina and his group of hangers-on are mentally dishonest about their “superb” performance in Paris. La Vina should be ashamed of himself for allowing PNoy to use him. Well, anyway, the public knows who Tonly La Vina is, to PNoy and the LPs.