In U-turn, Trump says he expects to raise taxes on rich


WASHINGTON: Donald Trump signaled in remarks broadcast Sunday that he would consider raising taxes on wealthy Americans, and that his tax plan unveiled so far was not set in stone. Asked on ABC’s “This Week” to clarify his stance on taxation, the presumptive Republican nominee said he did not expect his proposals for cutting taxes across the board to make it intact through the US Congress. “By the time it gets negotiated, it’s going to be a different plan,” Trump said. “And in my opinion the taxes for the rich will go up somewhat. I am willing to pay more. And do you know what? The wealthy are willing to pay more.” Trump’s tax plan—his most detailed policy proposal so far—vows to eliminate taxes for half of all households, and slash taxes for the middle and upper classes, while closing beneficial loopholes for the very wealthiest.



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