• INC fights tirades with evangelization


    THE Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) will fight tirades and criticisms with evangelization and outreach programs to help more people, an official of the religious group said on Sunday.

    INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala said they will address attacks from critics and some of their former members with “evangelization through expansion, fulfilling our mission through a bigger and better-serving Church.”

    “Hindi po kami manhid. Minsan ay apektado rin kami ng sunod-sunod na negatibong balita laban sa amin. [We are not numb. Sometimes we are also affected by relentless negative news against us],” Zabala said.

    But he stressed that “the INC would rather sow the seeds of growth and reach out to more people through actual church work,” instead of focusing on the negative news being spread against the group.

    Zabala revealed that the INC is opening more chapels worldwide in addition to the five new North American INC chapels inaugurated early this year.

    The Church is scheduled to dedicate 10 new chapels in the United States, two in the United Kingdom, two in South Africa, and two in Japan in the coming months.

    “We are also ready with 7,000 new ministerial students worldwide to meet the expansion,” Zabala said.

    He said that under the leadership of Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo, the New Era General Hospital was built in Quezon City and is ready and equipped to serve the public.

    The four-story medical facility has a 139-bed capacity and was built with indigent patients in mind.

    “If others want to divide and destroy us, we unite and edify. If our critics go on a demolition job, we build. We strive to uphold the Biblical verse about loving God with all our heart, our soul, our strength,” Zabala said.

    “We don’t address negativity with negativity. We do our best to stay positive, and we are all solid behind the leadership of Executive Minister Edurardo V. Manalo,” he added.



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    1. True Christian on

      Then please cease and desist on fan pages like Access The Truth. Also tell Joan Solitario and some of the ministers to stop posting negative and sharing “Cutting Classes Series: Book 4” (which contains lewd photos and slanderous posts). These do not help the church nor the missionary effort.