• INC files libel raps vs another minister


    The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) filed complaints against minister Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson after he accused church leaders of corruption and abduction of several other ministers.

    According to Eagle news portal, Yuson was charged with two counts of libel before the Quezon City prosecutor’s office.

    INC lawyer Serafin Cuevas Jr. filed the two separate cases against the minister.

    Yuson has made allegedly malicious attacks against the INC and some members of the religious group’s Sanggunian (Council), accusing them of being corrupt by citing their spending of members’ donations to the church.

    According to Cuevas, Yuson’s offensives were aimed at fostering disunity in the INC, which is perceived to be politically powerful because it votes as a bloc during national elections.

    Yuson, who has been expelled from the church, is a classmate and friend of Felix Nathaniel
    “Angel” Manalo, who was also booted out from the INC late last week.

    Also expelled was Christina “Tenny” Manalo, widow of late church leader Eraño “Ka Erdy” Manalo and mother of current INC executive minister, Eduardo V. Manalo.

    Her children Marco Eraño Manalo and Lolita “Lottie” Manalo-Hemedez were also dropped from the rolls.

    The INC ministers who were reported to be missing have belied Yuson’s allegations that they had been abducted and tortured.

    Among these ministers are Nolan Olarte, Jojo Nemis, Arnel Tumanan and Lowell Menorca 2nd.


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    1. Romeo P. Gargalicana on

      Until now I am not cleared on how INC, Iglesia Ni Cristo organization operate. They claimed to be a religious entity wherein Salvation is the only way for member’s of INC… After listening to the interview’s of all the deposed Minister’s and family member’s of the Manalo family in the Philippines and abroad. Every one feared for their lives being arrested or incarcerated by the INC, owned armed Security Police. It same that the organization operate similar to under world , once you are in, there is no way out, if you know to much you will be erase. We lived in a democratic Country where in there is a freedom of press and expression. If all the Minister’s who walk away from the INC, because of corruption in the management and no longer satisfied. It is their owned choice and no body can stop them to express their dis-satisfaction and reason why?. If all the allegation are fabricated by those minister’s that walk away from Iglesia Ni Cristo. Why are those three minister’s asked the DOJ, Ms. Lima, and NBI for protective custody. May be, it is time for the head of the organization to speak up and tell the whole world what is really going on.” ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”.