• INC film bags 5 major awards


    “FELIX MANALO,” the eponymous biopic of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) founder, which was shown in theaters October last year, bagged the major awards at the 32nd PMPC Star Awards held on March 6.

    The historical drama won Movie of the Year plus Best Director and Best Actor honors for Joel Lamangan and Dennis Trillo, respectively.

    The film also won awards for Movie Production Designer of the Year (Edgar Martin Littaua, Joel Bilbao, and Danny Red) and Movie Original Theme Song of the Year (“Ang Sugo ng Diyos Mula Sa Mga HulingAraw” sung by Sarah Geronimo).

    Produced under the leadership of the INC Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo as part of the INC’s 100th year celebration last July 27, 2014, “Felix Manalo” featured actors and actresses spanning generations of filmdom, including Joel Torre, Elizabeth Oropesa, Bella Padilla and Gladys Reyes.

    Last year, the film entered the Guinness Book of World Records when its premiere screening was recognized for “Largest Attendance For A Film Screening” and “Largest Attendance For A Film Premiere.”

    A record-setting 43,624 people trooped to The Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan, for its first public showing.

    Reached for comment, Lamangan said he was proud of the film, and the awards were a validation that Felix Manalo the film and the person deserved serious consideration from Filipino critics and the moviegoers for offering a truthful narration of the origins and challenges of the homegrown Filipino church.

    A DVD format of the movie is set to be released worldwide.


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    1. To anyone who wants clarification on what’s really happening regarding this whole issue with Tenny Manalo and Angel Manalo, feel free to visit: http://theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com/?m=1

      As for your statement, the Philippine Arena was already planned during EGM, so does that mean that EGM just wanted money? Why build an Arena when there’s other more lucrative things out there? Regardless it is much more efficient to build your own venue instead of renting all the time, we basically do the same thing with our houses of worship, non profit universities (of which the PA is a part of), hospital, offices, housings, so why should the Philippine Arena suddenly be so different? Moreover unlike renting, we have greater control on when we can use the venue, so now nobody can deny us because of tight scheduling or somesuch.

      As for 36 Tandang Sora, that property is owned by the Church, it is on Tenny’s burden to try and prove it is theirs, but so far the only thing they have shown is a notary that any lawyer can just make up. Moreover, unlike what ABSCBN or Rappler is portraying, we actually allow supplies to go in. What we don’t like to allow to go in are people who are armed or have a history of staging a coup against the government, some of which are Tenny’s associates. In addition, the power cut off was because they didn’t pay their bills, which they should be responsible for paying since they’re the ones occupying the place, without consent I might add; honestly, why would we be responsible for paying the electric bills of the same people who are throwing accusations at us. Despite common urban myths we are not a dynasty, the Manalos are not a royal family to be served with hand and foot, the Messenger himself told everyone not to believe in him, but on the teachings written in scripture, and most importantly, all the successors of Brother Felix were elected into office by the District Ministers, much like the College of Cardinals.

      Nothing’s changed since Ka Erani and Ka Felix. We still teach the same doctrines, the same activities, the same principles, the same organizational system. The only thing that’s changed is the SCALE of the activities. This is no different than what happened with the Hebrews, who started out as a small group of settlers but grew to become a formidable nation.

      There is no corruption inside the INC. It all went out when the people doing it were expelled. Take for instance Angel Manalo, who disobeyed the proper procedure for procuring resources for the Ubando Radio Transmitter, which I might add involved him trying to flex his muscle by bypassing the General Auditor of the Church, Ka Jun Santos; which is probably why they hate him so much, it hurt Angel’s pride that him, a Manalo, had to follow proper procedures under a non-Manalo. There is also Tenny Manalo, who is blatantly trying to promote nepotism by insisting that God and His nation owes her something just because she married a Manalo and had Manalo children; Aaron and Miriam tried the same thing against Gid and Moses back in the Old Testament, God didn’t take kindly to it.

      As for all the supposed “anomalies”, they’re all made up or otherwise misconstrued, as evidenced by the articles in that link I provided above that disprove their accusations. In particular, their accusation that the Philippine Arena slowed down church construction? It actually ACCELERATED IT, to the point that there was no other time in the Church’s history when so many churches were built each year. As of this article, there have been 873 houses of worship built since 2011: http://www.eaglenews.ph/inc-says-building-of-houses-of-worship-even-intensified-after-phl-arena-construction/ And the accusations of the Baranggay chapels being cheap? No, all their materials are top of the line, and they are not meant as permanent houses of worship, merely designed to serve brethren who had to walk for hours through treacherous terrain just to worship; is it such a sin to help these brethren worship more easily and safely? Why do you hate these brethren, Angel, that you want to deprive them of these houses of worship? You yourself know that the Church’s construction department, while amazingly fast by the standard of even long established worldwide religions, still plainly can’t keep up with the Church’s massive growth rate; so its either build a large house of worship for a handful, or build many more efficient and accessible houses of worship to cater to more of our communities. This is Logistics 101.

      As for some of the brethren, first off it is actually easier to find harsh comments on the anti Administration side, even accusing our beloved SCANs as murderers, despite risking their lives whenever disaster strikes. And for the handful that get their emotions out of control, is it sufficient to blame all of Christ’s followers in the First Century just because a follower or two hated Apostle Paul, or just because an Apostle chopped a soldier’s ear off?

      As for character assassination, isn’t it Angle and the others who are into that? So far they have accused us as thiefs, kidnappers, murderers, assassins, and so on. But when we just tell it how it is, suddenly we are evil? Maybe Menorca shouldn’t have blogged about his adultery if he really didn’t want it to hit him back down the road?

      Really, the ones who have tainted the legacy of the previous Executive Ministers are the ones making baseless accusations against the Church. What they’re doing right now is ni different than what Teofilo Ora and Rosita Trillanes did in the Church’s early years.

      • @YK… The blind leading the blind… You see, you misinterpret what our Brother Erano said in this video. Number 1, The INC Defenders were not expelled for evil or wrong doing, They were unjustly expelled, technically an illegal expulsion that would never never have happened during the time of our Last Messenger and Brother Erano. These expulsions was used by the evil (Devil Controlled INC Sanggunnian). Trust me, majority of the expelled and INC Defenders are active INC Members who were active officers and high ministers that defended the faith. Mostly all the INC Defenders were expelled just for putting LIKE on Facebook to questioning to corruption of the Sanggunnian to supporting the family of Ka Erano. That is illegal and unbiblical teachings of expulsions. look at the state of the church now, is it the same as the same church during the time of Ka Felix and Ka Erano. Was the chapel during those times desecrated with idolotrous EVM Fingerprint Banners and selling of UNLAD products for profit inside the sacred chapel compounds? What about the new sermons during the worship services all about hate and anger, boastfulness, and character assassination of the wife of Ka Erano and siblings? Did Jesus ever taught to hate one another, he even loved his enemies. Even the Catholic Church went to these kind of trials and at least they admit their faults and tried to fix things for the better, Do you think the present INC Church of EVM will ever admit what they did to Christ church? Instead they send Pinocchio Edwil Zabala to lie to the public. How come i never hear the corrupt INC Businessman Sangunnian Jun Santos defend himself, instead he hides behind his armed private army called SCAN. My point is you and I know very well what is happening to the Iglesia Ni Cristo, now Iglesia Ni EVM aka OneWithEVM Church… the difference between you and me is God chosen a few INC Members and INC Ministers to be awake and see the light and truth and God never expelled them, He chosen them… the ones that expelled them from the church are the INC Sanggunnian who considered them a threat that can expose them. So who gives the right for the corrupt INC Sanggunnian to judge and decides who gets to be in the Book of Life and who doesn’t. Only God… So yes the Bible states, Obey you Leaders… but the INC Sanggunnian are not leaders nor never leaders, they came to power after the death of our true Leader Bro. Erano Manalo, the EVM became Executive Minister though the NewGens/STF powered Council…after all those former Councils that gave loyalty to Ka Erano was dispersed and no longer part of the council, and many became Silent Defenders waiting for God to act, while the INC Defenders are not silent and fighting for the Restoration and sacrificed themselves by exposing themselves and unjustly Expelled, but their names are written still in the Book of Life, maybe even with a star next to it… a blessed star with the name INC DEFENDERS…..

    2. What is sad is the movie shows whats in the outside. But in the inside there is corruption and after the death of our Ka Erdy, the Iglesia Ni Cristo became the Chruch of EVM or OneWithEVM Thumbmark Church. There is no more love inside the church, if you want to see evidence, go to any INC Ministers Facebook Page or visit Access The Truth INC Facebook page, look at the hatred and anger in their hearts, mostly all behavior in social media are un-christian. If you don’t believe me, feel free to visit any of those Pro-EVM facebook pages. Now i also encourage you to compare these behavior with other Christian religions, Other Christian religions focus on God and Christ and love, hope, faith and living a Christian life, Now visit the Pro-INC pages, they are more into Character Assasination of expelled members and ministers, and full of anger, hatred and boastfulness. It was not like this during the time of Ka Erdy, Now that EVM and the INC Sanggunian took the leadership, they already tainted what Ka Felix and Ka Erdy has given their life for. Please do not take my word, please also investigate what is truly happening in Tandang Sora 36, the family of Ka Erdy being subject to harassment and intimidation is considered a Human Rights Violation and the Philippine Government, most are controlled by the INC, even the majority Catholic Church has no power over this. I ask the Philippine public to open their eyes, this movie was only made for monetary gain and profit, just like the INC Philippine Arena.

      • Agree with you. INC is not a christian anyway because they’re not believed in the holy Trinity wherein Jesus Christ is God in flesh.

        Christian are those people following the teaching of Jesus Christ, where mostly humble and love for the poor.

      • Additionally, you can’t really blame the Church for rallying around the Executive Minister.

        Despite great temptation and grief, he ultimately chose the correct path and sacrificed his own happiness in order to stop those who bring chaos to the Church; if he folded and let Tenny manipulate him into placing his siblings into higher positions than they deserve, then it will only reinforce the accusations that there is nepotism.

        Tenny Manalo is trying to be the INC’s Dowager Empress, but thankfully the Executive Minister chose his duty to Christ over his duty to his family; just like how King David chose to crush his own son, Absalom’s, rebellion for the sake of his duty to Israel and its Living God.

        And for that sacrifice, he more than deserves some sympathy; what he did was a hard decision that would have destroyed most people, but he persevered and followed Christ’s commandment as written in Luke 14:26.

        Moreover it’s pretty hypocritical to criticize the whole thumbmark thing. If Pope Francis was being persecuted, wouldn’t Catholics rally around him too? What about Emperor Akihito? What of Queen Elizabeth II?

        I wouldn’t be surprised that if the Apostles were still alive many churches would adopt similar themes, and for good reason:

        Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.
        Hebrews 13:17