INC gives houses to Bicol’s Kabihug


With the indigenous families in Camarines Norte lacking jobs and roofs over their heads, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), through its social arm the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation, launched a recently housing and livelihood project for Kabihug families in Barangay Bakal, Paracale, Camarines Norte.

The Kabihug are an indigenous group belonging to the Negrito race in the highlands of Bicol, who have been victims of oppression and discrimination because of their ethnicity.

According to INC General Auditor Brother Glicerio Santos, “the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo know what it feels like to be oppressed, so when Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo learned that our brother Kabihug were suffering from discrimination, he immediately decreed that we extend assistance to them.”

The newly opened INC community project stands on a 100-hectare land atop the slopes of Paracale. It houses 300 housing units to serve as permanent shelters for Kabihug families, complimented by livelihood facilities such as a 20-hectare kalamansi orchard, an eco-farm, and a 300-square-meter fish-drying plant.

The FYM Foundation also built a garment factory and a learning center that will initially offer kindergarten and grade 1 elementary education to Kabihug children.

INC Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led the inauguration, which also coincided with the first worship service of the INC local congregation of Bakal and the dedication of its new house of worship, which crowns the whole community.

In his homily during the chapel dedication, Brother Eduardo Manalo emphasized that while addressing poverty and other such problems is necessary, far more important is for people to be able to exercise their right to render true worship to God in order to receive His blessings.

Nelson S. Badilla


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  2. For Peter’s information: This is not the first nor this will be the last housing project of the INC I can assure you that. Keep hating while we will reap success from our Lord God.

  3. Hey, Peter, your heart is full of envy and bitterness. Can you not just be happy for those people who have been oppressed and descriminated upon ang neglected by the government? If your religious organization would do the same thing you wouldn’t hear anything from us because what your Church can do our Church can do even more.

    • You think so? So you mean, this activity can be done in 3 months to be purposely a “damage control”?

    • hahaha.. what a poor comment from an insecure netizen.

      Can you also say that the housing communities established by INC for the past years were only created for such “damage control”? Apektadong apektado ka sa isyu ng INC, para bagang may kinalaman ka sa totoong nangyayari. Hayaan mo, ang pamamahala ng INC ay magiting yang hinaraharap. At ano ang kinalaman ng isang proyekto ng Iglesia ni ni isang kusing ay wala kang kontribusyon? Ipagkakait mo ba sa mga kababayan natin ang ganyang mga pabahay at trabaho na ang gobyernong ito na humuhuthot ng buwis ng mga mamamayan ay walang maipagawa at maitulong sa mga Kabihug? At ikaw, may naitulong ka ba sa pagpopost mo ng post na di ginamitan ng isip o lumikha ka lang ng di pagkakaunawaan at poot sa iyong kapwa?

      Your post does reflects your stupidity and foolishness. kakaawa ka naman… baka ikamatay mo yang inggit mo, walang gamot jan utoy.

    • INC lingap sa mamayan was there long time ago.It is just go public recently. It means even before you were born unless you are 101 years old now. Stupidity starts from ignorance.