• INC growth prompts chapel-building binge


    The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) has experienced “unprecedented growth” in the past six years, having built and renovated 17 chapels every month since Eduardo V. Manalo took over the reins in September 2009, according to Edwil Zabala, INC spokesman.

    Zabala on Monday said 1,091 chapels in the Philippines have been dedicated since 2009. The religious group was also able to build chapels abroad because of the outpouring of support from members “who continue to embrace our faith and believe wholeheartedly in the Church’s evangelization efforts.”

    “These new chapels are a concrete manifestation of the support given by our members to the Church, which is at an all-time high,” he pointed out.

    Among the provinces with new and renovated chapels are Bataan, Benguet, Bulacan, Cavite, Camarines Sur, Cebu, Cotabato, Davao Del Sur, Davao Oriental, Iloilo, Laguna, La Union, Leyte, Nueva Ecija, Negros Occidental, Palawan, Pangasinan, Rizal, Tarlac, and Zambales.

    Chapels in Metro Manila have also been dedicated in several cities, including Caloocan, Malabon, Manila, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Pasay, Pasig, Taguig, and Quezon City, According to the minister, INC members are free to give whatever they can to support efforts to strengthen the Church.

    “Seeing firsthand the results of their generosity and their sense of community is very encouraging for them; iba kasi talaga pag nakikita mo kung saan napupunta ang tulong mo (it’s a different feeling when you know where your support is going),” he said.

    In 2010, a census by the National Statistics Office found that 2.45 percent of the population in the Philippines is affiliated with the INC, making it the third largest religious denomination in the Philippines after the Roman Catholic Church and Islam, respectively.

    Zabala said that despite the “manufactured controversies” and “nuisance cases” lodged against some INC officials, the church “continues to grow from strength to strength.”

    “I believe the achievements of the church in the past year speak for themselves. We are thankful that our members see the truth about the church, and we pray that those who do not will one day be enlightened and will stop this vilification campaign against us,” he said.


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    1. It will soar high like no one can imagine dahil wala na ang mga tiwali at natiwalag na sila. Get it? naniwala ka naman agad sa mga sinasabi nitong mga tiwalag. Kaya nga sila tiniwalag dahil tiwali at may paglabag. Ninilinis ng Dios ang kanyang bayan kaya may mga natitiwalag at lalong titibay ang Kanyang bayan. You will see it in coming years!

    2. hay naku! nabuhay na naman ang kultong ito…di naman nahiya… edwil zabala na naman nagsalita akala mo kung matino at malinis… walang kasalanan… nakakahiya… sagutin ninyo mga miyembro nyo… huwag magyabang ang kulto ni manalo.

      • Kung mang lait ka lang parang wala nang bukas… Dahan dahan ang puso mo bitter.
        Naniwala ka naman agad sa mga sinasabi nitong mga tiwalag. Kaya nga sila tiniwalag dahil tiwali at may paglabag. Nililinis ng Dios ang kanyang bayan kaya may mga natitiwalag at lalong titibay ang Kanyang bayan. You will see it in coming years!

        Naniwala ka sa mga tiwalag na ang mga sinasabi all lies. Itong balita na to totoo at makikita mo diba may ebidensiya? itong mga tiwalag walang ebidensiya sinasabi nila. Sana meron silang matibay na ebidensiya para sama sama na silang ititiwalag din kung totoo ha…

      • Jealous hahaha. How about you what religion do you belong to? Do you such tremendous progress and accomplishments?? We dare you to disclose it because you have nothing! It’s all because instead of minding your own business what you gather everyday is hearsay and manufactured falsehood and lies. Trash collectors like you won’t be able to stop INC’ s endeavors because who’s gonna win against the behind the INC – our Almighty Father in heaven. Glory be to God Almighty !!!

    3. These are alleged growth and development data prior to the reported various anomalies, controversies and corruption in 2015. Show the world data on membership and infra development of INC in 2017. That will be the more relevant stats I think.

      • Alleged growth huh! When the INC through its spokesperson says “unprecedented growth” it is accorded not only with number of accomplishments but with facts. Did you not read our spokesperson enumerated locations where people can find INC’ s newly renovated and constructed chapel buildings and other edifices of INC?. That means nothing here is fabricated. Most of all these are evidences that our church offerings are being used for its intended purposes. How about yours, what could you report your church if you have any has accomplished? We’ll be more than glad to see it posted with proofs as well. Peace to you.