• INC holds historic service in Jerusalem


    Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo officiated a special worship service in Jerusalem, the center and birthplace of Christianity, according to Edwil Zabala, the spokesman of the religious group.

    Zabala said the service held last week coincided with the 20th anniversary of the registration of the INC in Israel.

    “This was a historic event for us. It was like a spiritual homecoming for our Executive Minister, to be at the heart of where Christianity started and blossomed,” Zabala said.

    Manalo’s Israeli visit also coincided with the ordination of 10 new ministers, proof of the growing reach and influence of the Church in Europe and parts of the Middle East, the spokesman said.

    Both the service and the ordination were streamed live via video link to various INC chapels in the Philippines and throughout the world.

    Manalo also inaugurated several new chapels in North America earlier this year.

    In February and March this year, Manalo led the opening of 300-seating capacity edifices in Bakersfield, California, Jersey City, New Jersey, and Orange Park, Florida.

    A chapel in Lubbock, Texas can accommodate 484 people for the main worship hall and another 150 people for the function hall, while the chapel in Regina, Canada can accommodate 250 people in its main hall and 100 in its function hall.

    “The INC leadership is doing its best to fulfill the requests of our members to build new houses of worship in their areas. Our goal is to serve our brethren wherever they are and make them feel Christ’s and the Church’s presence in their own localities,” Zabala said.


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    1. asungot na pinoy on

      Enraig, as I read your posting, you are not a minister of INC because your level of reasoning is too shallow. Secondly, you do not understand or lacking knowledge of your religion’s doctrine. You probably a new indoctrinated follower of the INC. Thirdly, lowly members like yourself, are not allowed in engaging discussions about your religion because the higher ups in your organization fear your lack of knowledge will only make you look like STUPID and the whole organization will in turn affected by your stupidity. Lastly, be careful because whatever you say here can be the ground for you to be ex-communicated. Look at the last sentence of your post: Felix Manalo founded the INC, and you just contradicted the DOCTRINE, and the PASUGO.

      This asungot (me), understands your right to join and worship any religion of your choice, and that falls under Freedom of Religion. I also have the right to express what I think, and that falls under the freedom of expression. PEACE!

    2. INC is associating themselves now as Christians, and TRUE Christians should be aware that INC have twisted their interpretations on so many Biblical passages and their book “PASUGGO”, was written to fit their purposes. In other countries, INC is known to be CULT Organization because they CONTROL their members and obligated them to give money, certain percentage of their income, so they may see heaven. This is the job of their minister, that all INC members MUST pay, to be recognized as faithful member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC is a CULT, period.

      • Where is your evidence that INC is a cult?? If you will read the bible from old testament to new testament there verse that you can read 1 by 1 to know that inc is not acult just read Romans 16:16 and Act 20:28 you can see that there are a good example that inc is a true religion.NOT A CULT and the money was not an obligation it is a part of the true worship service and we are not controlling our brethen we are just telling them a holy word from bible and when they are not following the holy bible we are warned them because if they will not follow the true word from our lord god, they will go to hell and they will die twice. So INC IS NOT A CULT but a TRUE RELIGION FOUNDED BY JESUS CHRIST AND GOD NOT FELIX Y MANALO