‘INC leaders tried to kill me’

BIGGER TROUBLE AHEAD Former Iglesia ni Cristo minister Lowell Menorca cries while narrating his ordeal to members of the press. With him is his wife Jinky. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Former Iglesia ni Cristo minister Lowell Menorca cries while narrating his ordeal to members of the press. With him is his wife Jinky. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Former Iglesia minister: I was illegally detained

Lowell Menorca 2nd, an expelled minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) on Sunday claimed that officials of the religious group ordered him killed in July this year.

Menorca, accompanied by his wife Jinky, said he and his family were illegally detained by the INC for three months.

Recounting his ordeal to media, the former minister said he and his family were abducted in Bulan, Sorsogon, and taken to Dasmariñas City in Cavite where two attempts on his life were made.

He said he was handcuffed for 17 hours during the trip from Sorsogon to Cavite.

According to Menorca, he was forced into an empty car and a grenade was tossed inside but it did not explode.

A police officer was then sent to finish him off but Menorca said he pleaded for his life.

“Sabi ko, please don’t kill me. Maawa ka na sa akin. Ang katunayan po ay ministro ako ng Iglesia ni Cristo at may asawa po ako at isang anak [I told him, have mercy on me. I am a minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo, and I have a wife and a child]. I was already crying. Sabi ko I am not a bad person. Huwag niyo naman po sanang hayaan na lumaki ang anak ko na walang ama [I told him please do not allow my child to grow up without a father],’” Menorca said.

He said the policeman took pity on him and agreed not to kill him on condition that criminal charges will be filed against the minister.

“He [police officer]said he will let me live if I can promise that I will agree to whatever charge he will give me in prison, and that I will not make a scandal,” Menorca added.

Charges of illegal possession of firearms were later filed against the minister in a Cavite court.

Menorca, whose petition for a writ of amparo filed in his behalf by his brother was recently granted by the Supreme Court, blamed the INC’s Council of Elders for his torture.

He, however, refused to identify them, saying they will be named when he files criminal charges against them in court.

Menorca said his travails started in July when he was ordered to report to the church’s district office for some incursion while officiating a worship service.

He was then directed to write a statement accusing the estranged sibling of INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo as the person behind several blog posts critical of the INC.

Menorca refused. Several days later, a group of armed men, which included some policemen, accosted him.

“Habang papasok sila at nakita nilang nakita ko na sila ay patakbo silang pumunta sa akin na sumisigaw ng ‘Dapa! Dapa kung ayaw mong masaktan.’ Nakatutok ang lahat ng kanilang baril sa akin [I saw them coming. They were running and they told me to get down if I did not want to be hurt. Their guns were pointed at me],” he said.

From Cavite, Menorca said he and his family were taken to the INC compound in Quezon City where they were detained for three months.

He claimed that they were forbidden to communicate with other people and that he was allowed to go out under heavy guard to deliver statements prepared by church officials to make it appear that all is well.

The former minister said he was suspected to be one of the persons critical of the INC leadership.

“For three months we were there, for three months we were incarcerated. We were never free to go out,’” he told reporters.

Last week, the Supreme Court ordered Manalo to appear before the Court of Appeals (CA) and to bring with him the members of his congregation who were allegedly being held by the church against their will.

The High Court’s order also directed the CA to hear and decide on the petition filed by Anthony Menorca and Jungko Otsuka. Anthony is the brother of Lowell.

A writ of amparo is a remedy available to any person whose right to life, liberty and security has been violated or threatened.

Trixie Angeles, lawyer for the Menorca camp, said charges of illegal detention will be filed against some officials of the religious group.

Leena Chua


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  1. A common sense thinking person believes of the testimony of INC Ex-minister Menorca! The judgments of God will truly be served by those who are not hypocrites! God sees to it that the INC leaders sins makes them exposed and be declared guilty of torture as manifested by the accused!

  2. Bakit si Trixie Angeles lang ang common lawyer ng lahat biktima ng INC inquisition? Tanong ito ng isang panatiko ng kulto…. Simple lang ang sagot. Kasi, sa ngayon, si Trixie lang sa lahat ng lawyers ang meron konsensya at tapang na tumulong sa mga sinisikil ng makapangyarihang kulto. Patay na si idol Joker Arroyo… Kita nyo naman, iimbestigahan pa lang yung abductors ni Samson, sugod na agad sa Malacanang ang INC, dagsa na sa Edsa ang mga panatiko para perwishuyin ang publiko. Talsik tuloy si Daldalima sa DOJ. Duwag kasi yung boss nya… Ang mas magandang tanong ay bakit iisang grupo lang ng INC leaders ang sangkot sa abductions and illegal detention ng mga biktima. Ano sila? Parang enforcers ng isang sindikato?

  3. Read between the lines and think deeply. Look at how he said he was able to ask for his life. If i am to sen’t to kill someone, i will not hire a policeman who will defy my orders will just imprison the person. And to think nagpakilala pa sya na ministro sya dun sa papatay sa kanya? Hello? Malamang alam na yun ng hired killer at hindi sya makukuha sa ganun ganun lng. At kung ako yung nag utos na patayin ang isang tao at hindi pinatay at pinakulong lng, alam kong sasabit ako. Pati yung hired killer ko, papatayin ko na din. Ano ba, mag isip nman kayo. Saka hinagisan sya ng granada? Kung may ipapapatay kba, idadaan mo sa granada? As much as posible gusto mo tahimik db? Bakit granada? Ipagsisigawan mong may pinapatay ka? Tapos hindi sumabog? Tapos eventually nung nasa inc compound sya hindi pa din sya napatay? Wow, pang pelikula ang buhay. I-maalaala mo kaya na yan!

  4. This is it, the 2nd Faction of the church, Plan-B is now working… INC members be alert, meron pang kaanib ninyo na nasa kabilang panig na nandiyan pa sa loob at balang araw mabibigla kayo na maglalabasan ang mga iyon to gain support against your current leader…prove it, huhuhu!… Believe it or Not, yahooo!

  5. Maybe he is telling the truth or not, that is why there is the NBI and SOCO to collect evidences. I hope that the investigation will not be tainted with politics.

  6. This is a very serious accusation against the INC leaderships and they just can’t sweep under the rugs. And for all intent especially for the truth, they should face the accuser in court.

  7. Reserve your judgements, you only know the things that are being reported by the media. From the insiders these are all part of a grand syndicated attempt to discredit and humiliate INC and its leadership. How come they all have TRIXIE ANGELES as their laywer??? Angel Manalo, Isais Samson,Anthony Menorca and Now Lowell Menorca. hmmmm sumthing fishy??

    • Syndicated attempt? Reserve our judgement? Well, for all you know Mr. Get Real, these people were all former ministers of your INC. Do not be blinded by your blind submission to your CULT. Angel Manalo is a brother, not to mention the mother of Eduardo, Ka Tenny, OMG. Mr. Isais Samson had been a minister and an editor-in-chief of PASUGO for many years, and then the other ministers and you will just say these are syndicated attempt? you are maybe too
      dumb! I pity you whoever you are!

    • Get Real it’s not fishy the answer is simple no one has guts to fight against Iglesia ng Kulto only Trixie Angeles is the trusted lawyer that this guys can go on, yung ibang Attorney ay Attorney paamin or patalo.

    • something fishy? why Ed Manalo does not anymore respect his parent?
      Is it true that power corrupts? they are all INC MEMBERS SINCE BIRTH yet they are just being kick out for calling for reforms? Just like any ordInary member INC , WHEN DEAD, yOU have no more value to the INC.

    • something fishy? why Ed Manalo does not anymore respect his parent?
      Is it true that power corrupts? they are all INC MEMBERS SINCE BIRTH yet they are just being kick out for calling for reforms?

    • Why Atty. Angeles? Because she is the only one who was not afraid to represent them. Other law firms were were asked and they refused for fear of angering the INC leadership. As for humiliating the INC leadership, they brought this to themselves. I’m not sure if sheer incompetence, from rallying in Edsa, from putting spokesperson who appear not to know what is going on, from lawyers who can’t appear to advise them on the best way to handle this issues… or if you take it from a religious point of view. God’s spirit left them.

    • Ang iglesia ni manalo ay isang organization of bullies. Simula ng bata pa ako. Pag hindi nila gusto ang isang tao kinukuyog nila at pinapatay. Hindi sila simbahan. Sila ay malaking sindikato. Walang diyos ang mga member ng iglesia ni manalo!

    • If there’s a smoke, most likely there is a flame. There are more accusations against INC. Not only in the Phil but also abroad. Abangan ang susunod na balita.

  8. If Lowell Menorca and family’s alleged kidnapping from Bulan, Sorsogon was true, then, there is a big possibility that the matter was an operation conducted by the “Kagawaran ng Hostess Siya”. It can be a well-planned “kidnap me” and similar to what had happened during the case of former NBI Dirtector Gatdula wherein he was accused of being the responsible party in the “ambush me” operation concerning the NBI Director who replaced him.

    “Hostess Siya” is from the Bicol Region and there is a big possibility that she has a hand on the matter and of course with collusions from parties out to demean and despoil the glorious stature of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Remember that in the accusation against Gatdula, the same “Hostess Siya” was shown on TV as talking so much and hade already convicted Gatdula by publicity. And she is also a party to the outright give-away of WPP to individuals who had made false accusations also to the leadership of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

    • So ERGO, Ka Angel Manalo, the brother of your Tagapangulo ng Pangkalahatan and Ka Tenny Manalo, the mother of Tagapangulo ng Pangkalahatan are also part of this so called operation conducted by “Kagawaran ng Hostess Siya”? They also spoke during their incarceration inside the INC compound. I strongly urge, please stage a rally in front of Supreme Court and shout to the whole world that you are just exercising your freedom of religion and air your so called ” separation of state and church”. Grabee ang mga taga INC, dati hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit kayo tinawag na mga ZOMBIES, now i understand.

    • dami mong alam harapin na lang ng Ministro nio ang kaso kung wala talaga silang kasalanan bakit kailangan kaladkarin ang miembro sa rally, tutal maimpluensya naman kaya mayabang naman kayo dapat harapin nio sa proper venue, walang kayong galang para kayong bata hostess sya??? saan nio nakuha yan nagpapanggap kayong mababait pero ganyan salita nio may patunay ba kayong hostess si delima? puro yabang lang kayo, sino ba unang nagdemanda di ba kayo dinemanda nio si Isaias Samson tapos nung si Samson naman ang nagdemanda rally agad kayo iyak agad ng biased! SAF 44! mga utot nio na uto utong miembro gamitin muna nio ang isip nio

  9. reading and watching the news about the revelation of former INC members who claimed they were detained and their movements restricted by INC officials, the INC hierarchy must be really, really in big trouble sooner or later and some INC officials will go to jail.

  10. josue gabrillo on

    masasama pala yang mga namumuno ng Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), hindi pala sila dapat tularan, saying marami pa naman silang miyembro na naniniwala sa kanila, dapat I condemn ang mga yan, kunwari pa tamang, daan, tuwid na daan, yun pala katulad din nila ang Pangulo ng Pilipinas na Abnoy, manggagantso rin pala, pwe nakakahiya kayo, talaga palang wala ng pag asa ang mga Pilipino at Pilipinas. mga buset kayo.

    • Oo Josue masama talaga ang Iglesia na yan hindi lang namumuno alam mo ba yung si Felix Manalo convicted rapist yun kay Rosita Trillanes nasa record yun ng Supreme Court, Yung 5 Estudyante ng PUP na pinatay nila sa loob ng Kapilya nasa record din ng supreme court, kahit pulis binugbog ng mga iyan, yung traysikel driver sa Apalit binugbog din ng mga iyan matatapang yang mga iyang kasi yan ang itinuro sa kanila, pag hindi nila miembro sintensyado sa apoy kaya hindi mo maaasahan na magpakita ng pag ibig sa kapuwa ganyan ang Iglesia Ni Cristo kay Santos na ngayon

    • hinatid pa ng gma 7 itong si manorca sa central dapat hindi siya pumunta kung nakidnap siya ‘

  11. The experiences of Mr. Menorca and family and the rest who defy the leadership of the INC is common to how a cult operates. Saw a feature in CNN which exposed cults in the U.S. related to the Mormons which is similar to the INC in their funtions, some even killing members who oppose them.

    • Ano pang aasahan mo sa mga Kulto na yan mahilig maglagay ng tao sa gobyerno, dati si Corona napatalsik, tapos si Gunigundo sa NBI corrupt din, tapos contractor sa LTO miembro rin ng kulto walang lisensya, masamang relihiyon talaga yan mahilig mag demanda pag sila idenemanda rally agad, yung lider nila na si Felix Manalo no. 1 rapist confirmed yun kaso nya Rosita Trillanes hindi na sya nag apela sa korte, yung 5 estudyante sa PUP pinatay sa loob ng kapilya, yung pulis binugbog ng 10 miembro. ng INC, yung traysikel driver binugbog nung fiesta sa Apalit, walang pag ibig ang relihiyon na yan sarili lang iniisip kaya wala silang paki alam kung mag trapik ang Edsa dahil sa perwisyo nila yung ambulansya hindi naka pasok may namatay dahil sa rally nila…. sa demonyo talaga ang relihiyon na yan bloc voting bawal sa batas ng pilipinas yan, extortionist sa pulitiko, cuddler the most wanted sa Korea yung contractor ng Philippine Arena… walang duda sa demonyo ang relihiyon na yan….

    • Mormonism is not a cult and they do not have functions similar to the INC as you claimed, Mormonism is the most liberated religion in the world, you can come today and then leave the same day and you can say anything you want against that religion and they will not do anything to you, I never heard of any complain that they were beaten up or incarcerated because they do not want to follow, in fact the “Book of Mormon Show” in Broadway is a mockery against the Mormon Religion but the leadership of the church are all quiet about it. Because these peole know what is the truth.