• INC minister files libel raps over FB post


    An Iglesia Ni Cristo minister filed an online libel charge against a former INC member for allegedly posting malicious and defamatory remarks in his Facebook account in April this year. Radel Cortez, INC Minister of the Gospel and a member of the Church Council filed the charge against Lito de Luna Fruto. The complainant said Fruto, in his April 12 post, accused him of grave abuse of authority as a high ranking member of the Church Council because he was not given due process when he was dismissed from the Church. “These malicious, libelous and defamatory posts are not only baseless and fabrications but are certainly calculated to destroy my reputation and cause my discredit, dishonor and put me in contempt of my peers in the Church. Worse, he (Fruto) even puts the blame on me for whatever untoward event that will happen to him,” Cortez added in his complaint.


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    1. DanteAntonio on

      A leaders have certain degree of responsibility and accountability if he fails to convince his men that the penalty imposed is commensurate to the offense. When a leader fails to win loyalty and obedience, he must take a second thought. Either something wrong with his leadership, or something wrong with the follower.. “Treat men according to their tolerance.” Use a stick not a rod to punish a kid.. Expulsion probably was not appropriate punishment..