INC mission causes huge traffic jam

EARLY MORNING BEDLAM Vehicles crawl along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City after a portion of the avenue was closed because of a medical mission mounted by the Iglesia ni Cristo. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

EARLY MORNING BEDLAM Vehicles crawl along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City after a portion of the avenue was closed because of a medical mission mounted by the Iglesia ni Cristo. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

Thousands of commuters and motorists on Tuesday morning were surprised as they experienced traffic congestion along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City where parts of the road were closed to give way to an evangelical medical mission of the religious group Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ).

Some commuters decided to walk along the road after having a hard time getting public utility vehicles to bring them to their respective workplaces.

According to some, they were not advised about the event that began at 11 a.m. of Tuesday and is scheduled to end at 12 midnight of Wednesday.

As early as 12 midnight on Monday, the INC started setting up tents along Commonwealth Avenue from Sandiganbayan to Litex.

The Metro Manila Development Authority earlier announced all public vehicles will be given two lanes so they can pick up and drop off commuters along the avenue.

The whole day medical-dental mission called “Lingap sa Mamamayan” is aimed at providing assistance both to INC members and non-INC members.

It is to be followed by the “Lingap-Pamamahayag ng mga Salita ng Diyos.”

According to Eagle News, the INC-based media network, the religious group gave out 10,000 pairs of shoes and 10,000 pieces of clothes, aside from delivering free medical and dental services like blood and urine examination, pregnancy test, ultrasound, chest X-ray, ECG and circumcision.

INC spokesman Edwil Zabala also on Tuesday apologized for the traffic jam they have caused.

“For those affected, I can only offer my sincere apology,” Zabala said.

He added that there were no available places around the area that they could use as venues for their outreach program.


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  1. or sa main church nalang nila wherein katabi ang new era college…anyway summer nmn at walang pasok…or atleast one week before nag advise n sila sa public…dinaig pa nila ang SONA sa traffic n nangyari e…wag nyo na sana ulitin ang mag cause ng heavy traffic…sobrang layo ng nilakad ng mga tao…nalate pa…

  2. angel s. paredes on

    inc management has no common sense and public concern. They could have held the occasion on a saturday and with appropriate notices to the public.For Mr zagala to utter deep apology is BS!. How will an ordinary man who lost the day!s income get food for his family. Your spirit is poorly connected.

  3. Allen Llamar on

    INC, knows MM are congested with cars why not do their out reach program in that areas. Why not do it in far flung aas where your help are needed? ah! it must be the media mileage… smart ..huh.

  4. Why don’t they hold it at Philippine Arena which is reportedly going bankrupt so much so that INC had to use their properties to obtain bank loans?

  5. Another trick the OneWithEVM Church will do to gain more members to convert so the offerings will grow to payoff the billions of pesos of loans the corrupt INC Sangunnian has accumulated from this EVM Cult era. This is unheard of during the humble and christian times of our beloved late Bro. Erano and Bro. Felix. This new EVM Church is no way connected to the original Iglesia Ni Cristo established in 1914. I heard there is a small group called INC Defenders that have stood up to expose the corrupt INC-EVM Leadership and are being violently threatened and physically harassed and some have also suspiciously disappeared. To the Philippine public, do not fall for this INC scheme of trying to convert you. Yes it was good to convert to true Christianity during the time of Ka Felix or Ka Erano, but joining now is just for the purpose of the EVM Sangunnian to ask you for more money and mandatory offerings and special offerings. If you dont believe me, observe any worship service, there are always sermons of Offerings and Complete Submission… those the the only two doctrines that are being fed to all members every worship services, no more bible stories or Jesus Christ as savior, it is now EVM as Savior or Jun Santos as Financial Savior. Go talk to any INC Defenders on Facebook, they can tell you, most were all Active INC Officers and Finance Officers, they can tell you what the public do not know, what the corrupt Sangunnian are trying to hide. Please feel free to share this, I have faith in God, and I love our Lord Jesus Christ, no need for me to bash or belittle the INC-EVM Church, I have faith God will put everything in place and expose all the corruption in INC, my faith is to help share the truth of what is really happening inside the INC-EVM Church that the public does not know yet. May God bless all and open their heart and soul.

    • Mr Samson, you are a polluted source, you talk as if you don’t belong to the FA, and RTC Group. Enough of your day dreaming and lies that your group is in danger. After more than a year not a single soul was hurt or killed and up to this day your group continue to spread lies after lies. Enough of your accusations of Bank loans, Airbus, Forbes Mansion, Angel or Mark as true TP. Show your solid proofs and evidences, that is if you any?? FYI lingap and other church activities has been observed eversince, this is not something new. Goodluck to your propaganda, it seems your running out of people to be fooled

    • You are indeed a Devil in the making. You want people not join the church and now what? join your RTC group? all the things you said were lies, when you attend worship services asked any member if it is true that all they hear are about offerings and submission, im sure you don’t know because you are expelled and you cannot provide or say anything good or objective because you felt bad for what happened to you and your group.