INC rallies faithful around 2017 ‘sharing’ theme


The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) will mark the 61st birthday of Executive Minister Eduardo V.
Manalo on Sunday with the launch of its 2017 theme, “Ikinararangal ko na ako ay Iglesia Ni Cristo” (I am proud to be a member of the INC), rallying its millions of members around a call that seeks to highlight the progress the church had made since its humble beginnings in Santa Ana, Manila.

INC General Auditor Glicerio Santos Jr. said the new theme is in line with the church’s aggressive expansion programs that aim to inspire its members to reach out and share their faith with non-members of the INC.

“The INC has witnessed unprecedented growth under Ka Eduardo­—1,642 chapels, and 74 of these are located outside the country. We now have a presence in every continent in the world,” Santos added.

“More and more people have embraced the faith and the church, which has grown by leaps and bounds since Brother Felix Manalo founded the church in 1914. We believe that this has become possible through His guiding hand, the leadership of Ka Eduardo and the example being made by our membership and our communities, and this is something everyone in the INC should be proud of,” he said.

The INC has congregations in 130 countries and territories in six continents.

Established in 1914 by its first Executive Minister, Brother Felix Y. Manalo, the INC has become one of the biggest and fastest-growing churches in the country and the world.

“To put the growth of the church in perspective, we have to remember that the church’s membership was still growing in the Philippines before Ka Eduardo was born,” Santos said.

“In Brother Eduardo V. Manalo’s administration, the church’s numbers have grown significantly. That is something all INC members can take credit for, since all of them have, in their own ways, contributed to this unparalleled growth,” he added.


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