INC rolls out projects for poor


THE rolling out of several livelihood projects for poor families has made 2015 a good year for the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) despite the challenges it faced in recent months.

“The INC has continued its mission to make itself socially and spiritually relevant to our membership and to the Filipino people as well as to the communities outside the Philippines where our congregations are found. We have faced a number of challenges, but guided by our faith in God and our confidence in our legal institutions, we have hurdled these issues,” Edwil Zabala, spokesman of the religious group, said.

He was referring to the filing of illegal detention and harassment charges against some INC officials in August.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) dismissed the complaints for lack of evidence.

“We are humbled by the vindication offered by our legal system. That being said, the INC would rather focus, as it has always in the past, on our activities and assistance efforts,” Zabala said.

The religious group inaugurated a self-sustaining, 100-hectare eco-farming site in Paracale, Camarines Norte in November to assist members of the province’s indigenous Kabihug community.

It was the INC’s 10th eco-farming area, coming after the launch of a 3,000 hectare EVM Self-Sustainable Eco-farming Community in Alangalang, Leyte earlier this year.

The project was implemented to assist residents affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

The INC’s livelihood sites are scattered in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The first one, in Palayan, Nueva Ecija, was established for laborers in Hacienda Luisita.

Zabala pointed out that the church is always ready to extend assistance to victims of typhoons and other calamities.

“Our disaster relief efforts have even reached the United States, as we extended assistance to those victimized by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. This has been made possible through the church’s Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, and we are proud of these mobilization and relief efforts,” he said.

In October, “Felix Manalo,” a movie depicting the life of church founder Felix Manalo, entered the Guinness World Records for “Largest Attendance For A Film Screening” and “Largest Attendance For A Film Premiere.”

These were not the first world records set by the INC, Zabala said.

In February 2014, its Worldwide Walk for Yolanda victims set two Guinness World Records for the largest charity walk in a single venue, as well as for the largest charity walk in 24 hours, he said.


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  1. I just saw on TV Patrol from ABS-CBN network about a former minister’s disclosures that INC has invested so much in properties such as those in Fort Victoria, Antipolo including of course the most bragged about Philippine Arena. INC claimed to have built the arena for religious and propagation purposes but it turned out to be a lie. The arena is being rented out for concerts some of which are indecent and other non-religious events. These days, INC is selling her properties like crazy. There were copies of Certificate of Transfer of Sales and these cannot be denied. Just the same, the consistent liar spokesman of the church Zabala as usual only denies it (for the nth time) and just asked people to pray. Selling of church properties was never the practice of the passed Executive Ministers Felix and Erano Manalo. It’s only now under the corrupt leadership of Eduardo Manalo fondly called as EVM (One with EVM) that all these activities are taking place.

  2. In the old days, people offer some materials to build the house of God. In the modern times we no longer do that instead we give monetary offering. The spirit is the same, it is an offering. In the time of our Lord Jesus Christ he was angry with people selling and buying in the chapel. In our time The Felix Manalo movie banners and flyers are all over the chapel of the Iglesia Ni Cristo and it is the minister themselves selling tickets and members buying them. The action is the same during the time of our Lord Jesus Christ. Selling and buying inside the chapel!

  3. palit IMAGE para hindi naman puro BAHO nalang ang lumalabas sa INC.
    sana kahit sa hindi ninyo member GAWIN nyo yan! at “consistent”
    hindi lang pampalinis ng IMAGE.

    • Koreksyon po, di namin ito ginagawa para magmalinis. Noon at ngayon ginagawa namin ito. Wala kaming dapat linisin. Maging malawak sana ang pagbabasa mo para di lang side ng mga negative ang makikita mo.

    • Funny how you can demand and throw rants at the same time. Would be nice to cite your own efforts to help people.

      The INC has always provided aid to the community (members and non-members alike) – long before the allegations charged against the organization. Which answers answers your “consistency” issues the church – I doubt it, as it wont align with your hate-driven narrative.

    • Kawawa ka naman parang sama ng loob mo ah.. Easy ka lang.. Ano ba atraso sa iyo ng INC? Bitter ka dahil sa kabila ng lahat pagtulong pa din ang ginagawa ng INC.. Di normal pagiisip mo bata

    • ADD yan c jm. Nilason ni soriano isip nila kaya punong puno ng galit sa INC ang puso nila. Kahit anong mabuting gawin ng INC hindi na nila makita dahil nataniman na sila ng poot.

    • Ang problema sa mga katulad mo puro ACCUSATION wala namang EVIDENCE. Napakadali ninyo kasing utuin, porke’t may hinala ang iilan, guilty na kaagad ang verdict ninyo.

      Nagkakatotoo lang ang sinabi ng mraming analyst. Na kahit napatunayan na inosente talaga ang isang tao o grupo, ay nahusgahan na ito na masama dahil sa kurokuro na pinapakalat.

      Nakakaawa kayong mga nauto ni Mar Roxas at Noynoy. Malamang naniniwala rin kayo na hindi Pilipino si Grace Poe dahil lang sa propagandang pinapakalat ng ibang mga station na bias para sa administrasyon.

      Nakakahiyang tawagin kang Pilipino. Ang matinong Pilipino, hindi napapadala sa sabisabi.

      Nagpapasalamat na lang ako na natatalo ang manok ni Noynoy na si Mar Roxas sa mga survey. Sawang sawa na ako sa ginagawa nilang kaahasan, ni mga nasalanta ng Ondoy hindi matulungan ng maayos, mga OFW inaapi, tax-break takot aprubahan, mga impokrito pagdating sa EDSA, nakakahiya pang lalo ay ang mga NGO pa nga tulad ng INC ang mga nanguna sa relief at rehabilitation at sa mga livelihood projects.

      Haters gonna Hate. Abnoys gonna Abnoy.