Incoming energy chief vows reliable, affordable power supply


INCOMING Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi vowed Saturday to “ensure reliable, steady and affordable power supply” in the country.

Cusi made the statement following President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to be his secretary of the Department of Energy.

“I will strive to do my best to help the Duterte administration achieve electrification of the entire country, ensure reliable, steady and affordable power supply and work toward greater energy self-sufficiency as part of its agenda of sustained economic growth, social progress and political stability in the next six years,” Cusi said in a statement.

Cusi was general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) and former director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). He also served as head of the Philippine Ports Authority.

He is set to meet with Duterte in Davao City but no schedule has been set yet.

Cusi was appointed director general of the CAAP in March 2010 but resigned nine months later after public dispute over the appointment without his knowledge of senior management officials at the agency. CATHERINE S. VALENTE



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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    Here in the Philippines I was struck by the fact that power supply is a monopoly

    (I have been here now;0 years married a filipino}..

    It appears here we have just one company …Which i am told is owned by one family..

    ..This gives rise to a stranglehold on the power supply to the whole country ..

    In Australia, a country i spent many years in ..We had privatized electric power, this was not confined to one company ,,So many were in competition this drove the prices down, and gave the consumer a chance to shop around …This has not happened here ..

    To my mind if the supply of power is gonna be in the hands of one organization only..

    .Maybe we would all be better off if the government was that organization ?

    David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

  2. Hector David on

    Let our present providers be competitive to Asian rates vis a vis purchasing power .. if not buy them out and lease the facilities to foreign companies who are power providers who can bring down rates by at least 50% and provide steady power

  3. Hector David on

    What Wr Cusi should do is cut red tape for alternative energy permits .. focus on solar and wind .hydro. get private companies to build … tax frer importation .. give them a deadline
    To be on stream in a year and guarantee their output purchase but at rates that bring down wlectricity prices