INC’s ‘Aid to Humanity’ sets Guinness records


The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) again entered the Guinness Book of Records after it set new world records for its “Aid to Humanity” outreach and charity event held in Manila’s Tondo district on April 29 under the theme “Fight Poverty.”

Church officials said the event, popularly known as “Lingap sa Mamamayan” (Care for the People), gave away 200,00 goodie bags, 17,526 pairs of shoes and 241,200 pieces of used clothing to poor residents of Manila.

This is not the first time that the religious group made it to the Guinness Book of Records, having earlier set other world records for its humanitarian work.

The pro-poor activity of INC successfully conducted the most number of medical risk assessments conducted during eight hours, setting a new mark of 4,784.

It also set new record for most ultrasound examinations–7,000–for the same number of hours.

INC General Auditor Glicerio Santos Jr. expressed gratitude for the success of the activity.

“We are of course very proud of the new world records, but more than those achievements, what’s truly important is the opportunity to serve our brethren in Tondo, Iglesia member or not,” Santos said.

He added that the INC under the leadership of Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo will be conducting more outreach and evangelical activities this year under the auspices of the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

It was also in Tondo where the INC first broke three Guinness world records in a similar “Aid for Humanity” event on July 7, 2012.

The INC was able to set new records for largest dental health check, the biggest number of blood pressure readings taken in eight hours and for the most number of blood glucose level (BGL) tests, also conducted in eight hours,” Santos noted.

The Iglesia ni Cristo now has a total of 18 such world feats listed in the Guinness tallies.

It also holds the records for the largest charity walk done within 24 hours in multiple venues, the largest charity walk in a single venue, the most number of hunger relief packages distributed in eight hours in a single venue, the largest mixed-use indoor theater for the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena, the largest gospel choir during a worship service, as well as three Guinness records relating to last year’s award-winning biopic “Felix Manalo” plus three more Guinness records for the 2016 New Year’s celebration at the Philippine Arena.



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  1. concerned na pinoy on

    The INC should have started helping the squatter residents behind their beautiful buildings, their Headquarters. There are so many poor and hungry souls living in shanties, behind their headquarters. I think the INC are only interested in breaking world records. What about breaking the records by giving charities or/and donations to victims of natural disasters in the Philippines, beating or exceeding the Philippine National Red Cross?

    • You may perceive us as an all-powerful organization but I’m afraid that the Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot completley rehabilitate or drastically improve the material lives of those living outside all 6,000+ congregations. Only the Philippine government can gather enough funds to fix the country. As a religious minority, the INC has done much charity work than most denominations or religious groups. I have to say that the INC does a pretty good job in helping other people.

  2. concerned na pinoy on

    What have the INC have done or contributed to Typhoon Yolanda VICTIMS? Nagtatanong lang po!

    • There is an INC resettlement facility in Leyte. It has over a hundred houses, several factories, modern farms and state-of-the art irrigation systems for the benefactors. Not to mention the countless Aid to Humanity projects in Tacloban and surrounding towns and the tractors and other farming equipments. Feel free to search in it google. :)