‘Indecision-makers’ not strategic


Indecision is the protracted war toward progress and objectives sought. When you spot indecision from your leaders, it is best to pull out ASAP! Leadership or management that cannot make up their minds retard any development, simply because they are either too scared or incompetent. Indecision can be a disease, and if left unchecked, will surely metastasize and spell the end toward any objectives sought. Sadly this is the case for many organizations whose heads are incapable of management or have other agendas in mind. Transparency need not be a requirement or regulation but a compliment of ones confidence to lead and organize. Cause for delay is another term that defines mismanagement toward any progress sought.

In any organization, should you identify its heads to have this disease, it is best to leave it. In professional organizations, even the chief executive officers are not spared. The spreadsheets do not lie and these become the aggravating circumstances. Unfortunately, when it comes to advocacies and nonprofit organizations, measurements are amiss, allowing decay to set in. The instrument of measurement compliment to time frames is equally important, so much more for nonprofit organizations. Surely you wouldn’t want to waste your time, especially when your blood sweat and tears are involved. And so much more for advocacies close to your heart.

With branding, there is no room for indecision. PR is a tool toward measurements when facts and figures are absent. PR will identify incompetence and bring it center stage. The evidence will be PR’s inability to perform and do its job. It is like an internal audit without the necessity of facts and figures. Crisis management being part and parcel of PR will magnify “indecision-makers” and stifle remedies created for the objectives sought. This is usually the case for family owned business growing into empires that are stalled due to incompetent leadership. Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut strategic management tools that can be sought other than the termination of its owners, and this obviously is not possible. The solution then is to leave and to stop wasting your time!

Leave to its leaders and managers the snail pace movements proprietors may enjoy in lieu of earth-movers who may be available to take companies to the next level. Incidentally, this can also be true in professional organizations but eventually they will be discovered. We have seen this with many of the family owned Filipino companies that unwittingly discovered over decades they were no longer relevant or in the race due to poor leadership.

Organization requires strategic management, and this is not necessarily innate or born into the manager or worse, the owner. Great advocacies are lost due to incompetent managers.


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