India introduces ‘green protocol’ for events organizers


FILIPINOS have something to learn from a village in India when it comes to taking care of the environment, particularly against plastics that continue to pollute practically every place in the country.

It is called “Maalinyamillatha Mangalyam” or “no-waste weddings.” Introduced at Kolayad by its village council, the initiative was aimed at saving the area from the scourge of plastics and other disposable waste items.
Kolayad Village is located in the city of Peravoor, Kannur District in the State of Kerala in India.

Also called, “green protocol” for marriage registration, the “panchayat” or the council members will not issue the marriage certificate if the wedding feast is served on plastic leaf.

According to ManoramaOnline news, the initiative or policy now extends to covers every event that is participated in by a minimum of 100 people, initially applicable only for weddings.

Event organizers have to formally apply using a form prescribed by the panchayat when securing permission for the conduct of every event.

The panchayat will only grant permission to events organizers provided they follow the green protocol.

In weddings, a certificate for marriage registration will be issued by the panchayat members only after they ensure the green norms are complied with.

Those who would fail to secure permission nor inform the panchayat for an event with more than 100 guests are penalized.

Event organizers who are found guilty of violating the said protocol will be slapped with a fine of Indian Rupee R s10,000 or up to P8,000.

Also in weddings, the bride and groom will only be presented with a memento if all the prescribed norms are fully complied with.

During a wedding feast, the Haritha Karma sena, a professional team consisting of green technicians and green supervisors, provides plantain leaves and steel plates and glasses, which they said will make life easier for the residents. These are provided instead of plastic plates and disposable glasses.

ManoramaOnline said plastic plates and glasses are now vanishing in the Kolyad Village including flex boards and plastic banners. The panchayat also plans to do away with plastic pens and bottles in schools, too.

A recent development in the village also now subjects new buildings to follow green rules. The new policy was launched on November 1 where applicants will have to plant at least five trees for a building to be constructed in a five-cent plot.


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