Indian artist unveils exhibit of ‘Chakra Doors’


Chakra Doors, the 5th Solo Show of Manila-based Indian visual artist Manju Gagoomal at the Artistspace of the Ayala Museum promises to be more than six-feet canvases based on Rajisthani doors.

Chakra Doors is an expression of the artist’s love and passion for her motherland India and a tribute to her parents, children, siblings and family.

Manju Gagoomal, or née Manju Chulani, was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised and educated for the most part in Hong Kong. She was classically trained around the world and has received degrees from Reverse HK, Sara Beattie HK, PSID in the Philippines, New York Parsons Schools of Art and Artalyer in Quezon City.

She credits her father for being her Lorenzo di Medici as he often called her his Michaelangelo while her mother, she says, gave her the best training she could ever receive in life as she was devoted and had a pure soul.

All of Gagoomal spiritual and healing masters are part of her everyday life and so, she says, “It is not the great things in life we do but the little things that show we truly live the great life.”

Inspired from Indian architecture and spirituality, the exhibition showcases huge stretches of canvas that depict abstracted images of beautiful Indian doors, which are the artist’s representations of herself through the Hindu concept of Chakras (Sanskrit for “wheel”), or energy thresholds or centers of the body based on Hindu belief.

A global artist who practices and teaches Brahmasatya, Gagoomal considers each door a self-portrait emitting the colors and energies of the 9 major chakras. The exhibit connects her art and meditation healing world, her youth, the present and her future wishes. As such, she presents a deeper insight into herself in this exhibition.

Meanwhile, her interest in painting finishes shows in the exhibition as it juxtaposes various textures, mediums and faux finishes. Viewers will find themselves perplexed and enthralled with the beautifully crafted faux finishes of the abstracted doors that will transport them back in time to Rajisthan. It was her trip to Rajisthan in 2014 that served inspiration for this show.


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