• Indian firm eyes $12-M organic fertilizer plant


    An India-based farm input manufacturer plans to put up a $12-million third generation (3G) fertilizer plant in the Philippines, which will use eco-friendly technology proven to aid in raising crop yield and income.

    Prathista Industries Ltd. (PIL) President KVSS Sairam said the company is now engaging in preliminary talks with the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the establishment of a 3G manufacturing facility, in a bid to capture a significant share of the $3-billion domestic fertilizer market.

    “We want to enter into the Philippines in a big way. We have already invested half a million dollars here, but we have a plan to create a manufacturing facility with an investment of around $12 million,” Sairam said.

    Sairam also said that the company plans to hire at least 250 people and increase investment capital to $34 million.

    The first-generation organic fertilizers are compost fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers that use chicken or other animals’ dung or vermi-compost type manures, urea, MoP (muriate of potash) and DAP (diammonium phosphate).

    The second-generation products are bio-fertilizers and effective microorganisms which cannot provide nutritional requirements and act only as facilitators to improve soil health.

    Prathista’s 3G bioorganic nutritional products, produced through sophisticated fermentation biotechnology, tap innovative molecules. These substitute chemical fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, effective microorganism and other nutritional inputs.

    PIL has released to the market bioorganic-based phosphorus, potash, nitrogen, calcium, zinc and all other major, and minor nutritional agri inputs and fertilizers to meet nutritional requirements for all crops.

    Also, the company manufactures biotechnology products for animal feeds, and pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements for aqua and fish and the entire livestock segment.

    Prathista India has registered Prathista Industries International Corp. in the Philippines with local potential partners and established representative office in Greenhills, San Juan City.

    Sairam said that the company intends to market its products to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand with the Philippines as a manufacturing hub for the highly bio-available products.

    “The Philippines may be the center for these other countries. We want to bring a revolution with eco-friendly nutrition products that don’t have any negative impact on the environment and also enhances soil health while protecting ground water. It will also meet not only the nutrition requirement for crops but also the nutrition for livestock and aqua culture,” said Sairam.


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