Indian found dead in Zamboanga City


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Local police said an Indian was found dead with a bullet wound in his temple in Zamboanga City in Mindanao and is currently investigating the case.

Police said the body of Ranjeet Singh was discovered on a remote area in the village of Lunzuran. A revolver and single bullet shell were also recovered near the body. It was no known whether Ranjeet killed himself or was murdered.

Local police Angelito Casimiro said a task force has been formed to investigate the case.

In May, motorcycle gunmen shot and seriously wounded another Indian named Amandeep Singh, 28, in Zamboanga City’s Divisoria village. Amandeep was collecting money he lent out to a storeowner in the village when the gunmen arrived and without warning fired one shot to his head. The gunman fled after the attack.

Another Indian, Sukhjinder Singh, 28, was also killed in May by gunmen in the village of Putik while he was driving his motorcycle. Sukhjinder was also engaged in money lending and came from his cousin’s house and was heading home when he was gunned down.

Casimiro said the task force would also investigate the killings of Indians in Zamboanga.

Late last year, two Filipino muggers also attacked a 23-year old Indian trader, Harpreet, in Zamboanga City where he operates a small business.

Harpreet, who buys and sells small appliances, lost his cell phone to the men who also tried to steal his motorcycle in the village of Tetuan.

A small group of Indians engage in various businesses have been living in Zamboanga and some had married local residents to legitimize their stay in the country. Gun attacks are not uncommon in Zamboanga where most of the murders are perpetrated by hired killers


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