• Indian police find 19 female fetuses dumped in sewer


    MUMBAI: Indian police said Monday they had found 19 aborted female fetuses dumped in a sewer in the western state of Maharashtra, highlighting the country’s problem of female foeticide. Police said the fetuses were found late Sunday wrapped in blue plastic bags in a sewer next to a clinic run by a doctor in the village of Mhaisal. Officers made the discovery after a 26-year-old woman died during a failed abortion attempt at the surgery, Shinde said. Parents and doctors can be jailed for up to five years for requesting or conducting a pre-natal sex test. A 2011 study in the British medical journal The Lancet found that up to 12 million girls had been aborted in the last three decades in India. India had 940 females for every 1,000 males, according to the last official census published in 2011, up from 933 in 2001. Girls are often viewed as a financial burden as they require hefty marriage dowries.



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