• Indian trader fights back but loses cellphone to two muggers


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Two Filipino muggers attacked an Indian trader in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines where he operates a small business, police said.

    Police said Harpreet, 23, lost his cell phone to the two men who tried to steal his motorcycle in the village of Tetuan. The foreigner, who buys and sells small appliances, said the two men who tailed him on a motorcycle, kicked him and tried to grab his earnings.

    Harpreet said he fought the two men, who managed to get his cell phone, and fled. Police said it launched a manhunt to track down the two men.

    It was not immediately known whether Harpreet has a working permit from the Bureau of Immigration in Zamboanga, where there is a small group of Indian nationals engaged in various businesses.

    No other details were made available by the police about Harpreet.

    Al Jacinto


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