Indict Binay for plunder


The sub-committee of the Senate blue ribbon committee that is looking into alleged anomalies linked to Vice President Jejomar Binay, his family and associates has reportedly drafted a report recommending filing of plunder charges against them.

Aside from the Vice President, also named in the draft report were his son Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. and 18 others, including incumbent and former city officials and individuals who reportedly transacted business with them.

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, chairman of the sub-committee, on Thursday said the draft report on the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2 has been submitted to the mother committee.

He, however, refused to discuss details, saying the report is yet to be signed by members of the panel.

Pimentel said he and three other senators have signed the report.

He added that the report needs to be signed by at least nine committee members before it becomes official and presented in plenary.

Former party-list Rep. Jose Virgilio Bautista, interim secretary-general of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance, who was at the Senate to observe resumption of the blue ribbon hearings also on Thursday, said they already expected the sub-committee to come up with such report.

The report that is yet to be released by the sub-committee, according to him, has no purpose and “would only have the weight of a toilet paper.”

Bautista said the allegations against the Vice President failed to dislodge Binay from being the frontrunner in surveys made in the run-up to the 2016 elections.

“He remains as the top contender for President,” he noted.

Binay has long announced that he is gunning for the presidency in 2016.

His camp has been consistently saying that the blue ribbon hearings were politically motivated and were meant to derail his bid.

Bautista said the senators pushing the probe “have not been successful in their political objective.”

He claimed that the recommendation of the sub-committee will have no purpose because there is already a case pending before the Office of the Ombudsman against the Binay group.

‘’What is the sense of their recommendation if their recommendation is already being implemented?’’ Bautista asked.

The UNA official was referring to a plunder compliant filed by whistleblower Renato Bondal last year against the Vice President, the Makati City mayor and other officials of the city in connection with the P2.4–billion Makati City Hall Building 2.

Bautista explained that when a case is filed with the Office of the Ombudsman, the office should be allowed to do its mandate—to investigate–and no other body, including the Senate, should conduct a parallel investigation of the case.

“The Senate has no mandate to look for criminal offense, it is only allowed to investigate in aid of legislation,” he said.

But Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano dismissed Bautista’s claims and said the Senate has the authority to conduct a parallel investigation of a particular issue and even come up with its recommendation even if a complaint has been filed at the Ombudsman.

“As long as the case has not yet been filed before the Sandiganbayan, the Senate committee can still come up with its recommendation,” Cayetano added.

“My question to the camp of the Vice President is that why are they always attacking the process being conducted by the Senate, why can’t they answer the allegations directly?” the senator asked.

He said that instead of questioning the process, it would be better if Binay voluntarily opened all his bank accounts being investigated by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and proved that he does not own huge accounts.

Former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado during the sub-committee hearing on Thursday said the Vice President has bank accounts overseas.

Mercado said these bank accounts are under the name of Eduvige “Ebeng” Baloloy, whom the AMLC is yet to investigate.

The accounts include those in Citibank, Hong Kong dated March 1996 amounting to $71,481.95 (P1.9 million); HK$499,367.36 in 1994; and HK$405,200.20 in 1998.

He added that Binay failed to declare in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth or SALN in 1994 a total of P3.5 million in foreign bank accounts.

Cayetano said Mercado’s latest testimony showed that the Vice President owned huge foreign accounts as early as the 1990s.


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  1. Binaybay is richer than the Philippines itself…and he canonized Marcos a saint.


    I believe that it is about time for the Binays to volunteer themselves to be investigated, and stop using being “politically harassed” as their defense. They should answer the accusations against them blow by blow. The Binays are going nowhere anymore, COA FINDINGS, AMLAC FINDINGS, SENATE SUB-COMMITTEE REPORT all point the BINAYS as no less than thieves, as no more Good Political Leader for the country. The amount allegedly they embezzled, stole and plundered from the taxpayers deserves a life term jail for them. Sana umatras na ang mga Binays and give up their political posts already..nakakahiya sila…!

  3. Itong mga taong nag tatangol ki na Binay ay mayroon mga deferenciaeitherebingi,
    bulag, hindi nakaka intindi ng mga nangyayari, mga walang kokote, inutil, o mga
    stupido. Maliwanag pa sa araw ang ibidensiya na KAWATAN itong mga Binay na
    ito, hindi pa nila makita. O baka nag hihintay na ma taponan din nang mga kinawat
    na kabuhayan nang taong bayan. HOY MGA INUTIL-GUMISING NA NGA KAYO!!!!.

  4. DOUBLE POSTI9NG SEND TO SPAM Itong mga taong nag tatangol ki na Binay ay mayroon mga defencia either bingi,
    bulag, hindi nakaka intindi ng mga nangyayari, mga walang kokote, inutil, o mga
    stupido. Maliwanag pa sa araw ang ibidensiya na KAWATAN itong mga Binay na
    ito, hindi pa nila makita. O baka nag hihintay na ma taponan din nang mga kinawat
    na kabuhayan nang taong bayan. HOY MGA INUTIL-GUMISING NA NGA KAYO!!!!.

  5. William Tubig Dungo on

    Two of the four senators who sign the report on VP Binay grew in the foreign land but born in the Philippines they call USA and become a Pilipino citizen by renouncing their US citizenship. So in this way they can say they are far more better to the regular Pilipino citizen. This way they say they far more better to run the government because they are foreign graduates. These two people are in the senate as senators. Hoy US educated senators we are more better than you folks because were in the Philippines and we are the real Pilipino and you renounce you pilipino citizenship already. Dito sa aming lugar sa Pilipinas alam namin ang damayan kahit kanin at toyo o kaya asin ang pagkain namin. Kaya huwag ninyong sabihin na kayo ay karapatdapat maging Presidente nang Pilipinas na kagaya ni Aquino. Hindi ninyo alam ang buhay na nagmamahalan kahit wala. Gaya nang pangulo ngayon walang compassion and common sense sa mahihirap. Si Vice president BInay at ex President Estrada alam nila iyon kaya sila and dapat maging susunod na president either one of them. Foreign educated in the US is being use as their qualification to be president in the Philippines THATS A BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh please, enough with your “tunay na pinoy” “toyo at Kanin” blues. Yung mga sad story mo being a “true Pinoy” whatever that means don’t carry much ebak and your argument really doesn’t make sense at all in relation to this article. So, go cook your rice and put patis on it and cry yourself to sleep, dude!

  6. Mercado might once have been a crook, but you can clearly see that he is telling the truth since the paper trail seems to substantiate all these allegations against Binay. All the key persons in this web of corruption seems to have vanished into thin air from Gerry Limlingan to Baloloy to Gregorio who sold the vast tract of lands to Hacienda Binay. The promised payment to Gregorio of the balance of the said land fell due last December 2014, yet Tiu admits that he has not yet paid the balance which makes one wonder why Gregorio is not raising hell for this non-payment since it involves millions of pesos. Binay and his cohorts should explain all these money in the banks especially these joint accounts. What is their business link and personal relationship that they would create joint accounts? The senators at times may appear as bullies, but they are just doing their jobs to seek the truth. We are thankful that we have senators like them, who speak with a clear mind and who shun the image of a political fixer. I say open your bank accounts Mr. Binay! You owe that to the filipino people who trusted you and voted you into office. You owe that to the people of Makati!

  7. Mr.13%VP Binay malapit ka nang pumuti dahil hindi ka na maarawan sa loob ng kulungan.You are the motherlobe of crooks need to bring back death penalty so this SOB Mr.13% will be the first one to hang.There is no way you can explain where all those billions of pesos came from.Those dummies of yours Mr.13% if they got cornered and no way out they will start singing.

  8. Ogold Azures on

    I am so sick and tired of these false accusations against the Bnays. These 3 crook senators are nothing but a joke to the institutions they serve. They don’t deserve to be there in the first place. They treated this self confessed corrupt ex-vice mayor as a saint where in fact he is the most corrupt of all.

    • ogold azures how much did binay pay you? You maybe the one sick yourself. You and Binay should go to hell

  9. This guy bautista is a down right scumbag. He is using smoke & mirrors to try to fool you all. He claims it was one sided, yet he was invited but would attend. He had his chance. Now getting all these people into court it seems they are all scared of speaking. I wonder if they fear for their lives if they say certain things. I just want them to be truthful whatever that truth is. They must all remember this money moving between accounts is a paper trail & they need to explain it. If its legit its easy. Having all these joint bank accounts, there is just so much maybe circumstantial evidence even without in depth scrutiny or research, but do the research & the evidence will be there. Their lies will be found out. Its why they wont answer questions as they dont want to get caught out lying. Where i think they are stupid is they must know the truth will come out & yet still try to hide from it, so if they do that & then we find out they have lied & were involved then they deserve longer sentances.

  10. I Remember... on

    those 4 Senators are the first one to be checked by AMLC and independent organizations. They are full of it… sh… ridiculous tribe of bs that cannot substantiate anything they say. Losers.