Indie thriller stars ‘Persons of Interest’



Allen Dizon returns to film production via ATD Productions’ new project titled “Persons of Interest” under the direction of award-winning writer-director Ralston Jover.

Roving Eye asked Allen if he feels pressured producing anew.

He replied, “Not really because I am not involved in the financial aspect of the film. I am more involved in the project as an actor. What pressures me though is the role that I play. In this movie, I play a blind man who is accused of killing his partner, a woman (played by veteran actress Liza Lorena) who is such a seasoned actress.”

He elaborated, “I’m researching what it’s like to be blind right now and working with someone who lost his vision, studying how he moves, how he interacts with people and even how he walks using a stick,” he added.

Allen says he is willing to accept any kind of role as long as it challenges him as an actor. “It inspires me when I get to work with good actors. It makes my work a little easier kasi I get to interact with them,” said the Urian Best Actor winner for “Magkakabaung.”

Allen Dizon

This is the second time that Allen is playing a role where he has an affair with an older woman. The first was in “Mamasan” opposite Elizabeth Oropesa.

* * *

Dimples Romana was only 12 years old when she started her showbiz career. She is now 32 and continues to amaze the public with her competence as an actor.

One of her favorite roles is that of Amanda, the eldest daughter of Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) in “The Greatest Love.” She knew it was a kind of role that will make people hate her but she liked it so much all the same.

“I loved the role even if I knew Amanda was bad. I enjoy doing varied roles like for instance this new movie Persons of Interest where I play the role of Liza Lorena’s daughter. I had Allen Dizon put in jail for killing my mother. Allen is blind and it’s up to him to prove his innocence,” Dimples related.

This is the first time that Dimples is working with Allen. She was offered to portray his ex-wife in Magkakabaung but there was a conflict in her schedule. The role was given to Gladys Reyes, who won an Urian Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal.


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