Indonesia to evacuate bodies of chopper crash


TARAKAN: Indonesian rescuers were set on Sunday to fly into the jungles of Borneo to evacuate the bodies of 13 people killed when an army helicopter crashed and burst into flames a day earlier.

Six people were also injured when the aircraft, carrying construction workers to build a military outpost, smashed into a cliff as it attempted to land at the remote site near the Malaysian border.

On Sunday, four aircraft were set to fly to the area in Malinau district, North Kalimantan province, which can only be reached by air or river.

Two helicopters carrying chainsaws and mountaineering equipment would head first and a second helicopter and small plane would follow later to pick up the bodies, a military spokesman said.

“The rescuers’ priority today is to retrieve the bodies and evacuate them from the crash site,” spokesman Legowo Jatmiko said.

“They will have to cut through wood with chainsaws and use ropes and mountaineering equipment to get to the bodies on the steep cliff.”



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