Indonesian officials on alert for possible Napoles entry


Indonesian officials are on high alert and ready to intercept Janet Lim-Napoles should she decide to enter that country by sea.

Bureau of Immigration (BI) officer-in-charge Siegfred Mison enlisted the help of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and officials of Indonesia’s border crossing station in its efforts to determine the whereabouts of Napoles since it is possible that she will attempt to leave through the country’s “backdoor exits” using boats from the Manila Yacht Club.

“We have already told our Indonesian counterpart at the border crossing station and the Philippine Coast Guard to help keep an eye, a close watch, for Napoles and her brother’s possible exit,” he said.

If Napoles leave the Philippines by boat, she would pass through Bakuganbay in Balut Island, Indonesia.

Mison said that he was overwhelmed by the positive response of the Indonesian government after they alerted their personnel in Manado, Indonesia to watch all areas of entry.

The BI also posted photos of Napoles and her brother Reynaldo Lim in all airports around the country and in Indonesia.

Mison however admitted that is Napoles undergoes plastic surgery to conceal her identity, the bureau will have a hard time recognizing her. He said that they have coordinated with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to check the siblings’ fingerprints using mobile biometric equipment, which is mainly used for foreign nationals who are to be deported.

“If we suspect a woman to be Napoles, then that’s the time when we will be using the mobile biometric equipment,” Mison said.


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