Indonesian plane feared to have crashed in Papua


JAKARTA: A small plane carrying five people is believed to have crashed in Indonesia’s eastern Papua province, an official said on Wednesday, with a search and rescue mission underway. Authorities lost contact with the Pilatus Porter PC-6 aircraft at midday Wednesday after it took off on a short flight across the remote, mountainous region. Yusuf Latif, a spokesman at the search and rescue agency told Agence France-Presse that they “have found the coordinates of the plane” though they “still need to find the exact location” He also said that “it can be assumed the plane has crashed.” The plane was carrying three passengers and two crew, with the pilot believed to be European, he said.It belonged to Associated Mission Aviation (AMA)—a private company operating flights in and around Papua. Indonesia relies heavily on air transport to connect its thousands of islands but has a poor aviation safety record and has suffered several fatal crashes in recent years.



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