Indonesians protest over deadly Egypt violence


Hundreds of Indonesian Muslims demonstrated in support of Egypt’s Islamists Monday after days of clashes with security forces there that left almost 800 people dead.

Egypt’s army-installed authorities last week launched an offensive to clear protest camps filled with the Islamists who are loyal to Mohamed Morsi, ousted as president last month.

The assault sparked days of deadly clashes between Islamist protesters and security forces in Cairo, Alexandria and elsewhere.

About 1,000 demonstrators gathered at the landmark Hotel Indonesia roundabout in the center of Jakarta before marching to the Egyptian embassy, police said.

The protesters, who included many women wearing Muslim headscarves, brandished banners reading “Stop Killing Egyptians” and gruesome photographs of victims of the violence.

“Save Egypt, their blood is our blood too. Stop killing our brothers and sisters!” a protester shouted through a microphone while the crowd responded by shouting “God is Great” in Arabic.

Indonesia is the country with the world’s biggest Muslim population and events in the Middle East often spark protests. AFP


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