• Industry group calls for housing think tank


    The Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines has called for the establishment of a think tank for the country’s housing sector that would help formulate solutions to the current problems faced by the sector.

    At the 6th Annual Developers’ Convention held at the Blue Leaf Filipinas on Thursday, Atty. Ryan Christopher Tan, OSHDAP president and chairman of the board of directors, said there was a need to create a think tank for the country’s housing sector that could provide research-based solutions to challenges facing the sector.

    He noted that other countries with more stable and better housing sectors have these think tanks that are able to analyze their current housing conditions and are able to identify the areas that need improvement in the sector.

    “We never had a think tank for the housing sector,” said Tan

    He said other countries have these published journals and research works on the different aspects of housing and real estate that offer solutions or policy measures that can address hindrances to housing growth.

    Tan said that in order to “meet the growing needs of the people and the housing sector,” the OSHDP has launched its housing resource center project.

    The OSHDP’s Center for Housing and Independent Research Synergies (Chairs) project is a is a non-profit endeavor that will establish a repository of housing data that can be accessed by real estate stakeholders in the private and public sector.

    Tan said the Chairs project will “initiate a think tank for the housing sector” as the project aims to create timely research and studies and ultimately publish the results in the form of housing journals.

    The research gathered will be able to help the sector analyze its current condition and what areas may be deficient and how these can be improved or addressed by applying research-based solutions.

    A memorandum of agreement for the project was signed by OSHDP officials with multi-sector representatives who have pledged support for the project.

    The project is in partnership with socialized housing developer 8990 Holdings Inc., which has pledged an initial seed fund of P1 million.


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