• Industry pushes bill to back electric, hybrid vehicles


    The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) is pushing for legislation to support the development of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country.

    During a press conference for the 1st ASEAN Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Summit at the World Trade Center Thursday, EVAP President Rommel Juan said the industry would lobby for the passing of electric and hybrid vehicle bill in Congress.

    Juan noted that a legislation providing tax perks to the industry would attract more electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers here and promote the use of these eco-friendly vehicles in the country.

    Aside from manufacturing, establishing infrastructures supporting electric and hybrid vehicles like charging station should be encouraged by the government.

    Trade Assistant Secretary Rafaelita Aldaba added that the use of electric and hybrid vehicles would help the country in adhering to its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Aldaba said the government had been supportive of the industry.

    For instance, the Board of Investments provide six-year fiscal incentive and duty-free importation of capital equipment for manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles.

    “If we don’t provide incentives (for the electric and hybrid vehicle industry), it’s not going to take off,” she said.
    On the sidelines of the event, Aldaba told reporters that the first package of the comprehensive tax reform promotes the use of electric and hybrid vehicles as it exempts these vehicles from excise tax.

    But she noted that aside from exempting from excise tax, other bills filed in the Congress in the past eye duty-free importation for electric and hybrid vehicles.

    Next week, various government agencies will have a stocktaking on the electric and hybrid vehicle industry; understanding the current state of the industry and looking at its potential and identifying government interventions needed to support the growth of the industry.

    “Agencies of the government need to coordinate, collaborate and ensure that our policy directions are aligned,” Aldaba said.



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