• Inept SSS officials should quit – Marcos


    SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Thursday called on officials of the Social Security System (SSS) to step down because of their failure to properly manage funds.

    He also called on Malacañang to appoint capable people to the agency and to stop using government positions as a reward to its political allies.

    Marcos said officials running the SSS should resign because they are not doing a good job in terms of managing the funds of the agency that come from monthly contributions of employees and workers in the private sector.

    “I think we should replace them with people who are better in managing funds,” the senator added.

    He noted that these officials invested SSS funds in assets that are not earning.

    “Again [those are private funds]that really should be managed better. I think the government should recognize[that it is]not allowed to use the funds based on [its]liking, it is not the funds of the government,” Marcos said.

    He added that inability of the SSS to grant the proposed P2,000 pension increase clearly indicates the failure of its officials to manage the funds properly.

    These officials, Marcos said, were appointed not because they know how to run and manage pension funds but because they are allied with the administration.

    “We’ve seen this not only in SSS, we’ve seen this in other departments where the people running very large organizations within the government are incompetent. They are not fit for the job and it is the public who suffer,” he added.

    High compensation given to SSS officials, according to Marcos, is irregular, given their dismal performance.

    In the meantime, the senator said he believes that it is best for the executive and the legislative to get together and try to forge a win-win solution for SSS members, particularly those who rely mostly on their pension for their daily expenses.

    Marcos is one of the co-authors of a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that it is standing by its position to pass the bill increasing the pension of retired SSS members.
    The resolution was authored by Sen. Francis Escudero.

    Escudero said Congress can override the veto of President Benigno Aquino 3rd of the proposed P2,000 pension hike if lawmakers who voted to pass the bill will stick to their position.

    “I heard that members of the House of Representatives voted unanimously for the passage of the proposed pension increase, and 15 senators voted to pass the proposed bill last year.
    I do not see why we can’t override the veto,” he explained.

    The Senate and the House of Representatives need to get two-thirds vote to override the veto of the President.

    But since the measure originated from House of Representatives, the move to override the veto must also emanate from the House before the Senate can act on it.


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    1. asungot na pinoy on

      Go Senator Bong Bong! Fire all these lazy officials and replace them with younger and more talented people, and this should be the historic beginning to overhaul our government. They are occupying Civil Service Positions, but most of them are appointed by politicians, relatives in power, or ninongs, called “Padrinos”. Getting employment with the government needs a backer, because it is not what you know but whom you know. “Only in the Philippines”.

    2. You can override the veto if the President is willing to investigate the SSS officials, the employees who are receiving huge amount as their salaries, the bonuses…in order to approve the pension hike.

      Please Mr. President to mull override the veto. When you told us contributors to increase our contributions, we already did. The solution to increase contributions is not the answer to this problem, the only way to resolve it is by digging the investigations to be done in the SSS officials which we all know that not appropriate for them. If you try to focus on this, the problem may be resolved and the pension hike has an approval one hundred percent! The bases should be in their performance but look at them, they failed to comply their duties and responsibilities…be strict on it.

    3. SSS mission is to provide decent aid to retirees. What happening now – executives scooping members money.

    4. Have worked for large companies and corporations in the Philippines and the general practice of these entities when it comes to bonuses, other than those mandated by law are PERFORMANCE BONUS and PROFIT SHARING BONUS. If your performance is poor you cannot avail of the performance bonuse if the financial results year end is negative and it follows that you cannot claim for any profit sharing bonus if there is no or negligible profit is achieved. But in the SSS, even if the performance does not even deserve an increase, these thieves of private funds claim their bonuses shamelessly. Agree with Bongbong, these political appointees should not be in the SSS. Bring them to the GSIS. Thicked face people.

    5. Mr. Aquino is inept all down to his cabinet members… 5 months and they all gone from the Palace. Vote for VP Bongbong Marcos!!!

      • Thank God , 4 more months , no more Abaya, no more Abad and the most , no more Pinoy! You must remember how we Seniors suffered by your mismanagement. I will not vote for any LIBERAL PARTY candidates this election.