Inheritance sparked Grace-Sheryl rift – source


INHERITANCE issues on the maternal side of the Cruz family could be the root of the conflict between Sen. Grace Poe and her cousin, actress Sheryl Cruz.

“There were talks that Sheryl was just jealous that’s why she made a scene. There’s an issue within the family over inheritance,” a source close to the Cruz family told The Manila Times.

The senator, however, has chosen to take the high road in the family drama that her cousin attempted to set off this week. In response to Sheryl’s statement that she believes Poe will be more prepared to seek the presidency in another six years, the source said the senator sought love and respect for her younger cousin instead.

“I thank Sheryl for her opinion and concern for us. As family, we will continue to give her the love and respect she deserves,” Poe said in a statement.

The senator’s mother, Philippine Movie Queen Susan Roces, on the other hand, is reportedly impervious to the issue.

Shrugging her shoulders, Roces was quoted as saying, “Well, that is her opinion. I have nothing to say about that.”

Roces, whose sister, Rosemarie Sonora, is Cruz’s mother, maintains that her daughter will not offer herself for such a huge responsibility as the presidency if she was unprepared for the job.

With Cruz, a 1980s teen star, trying to grab the spotlight after Poe’s announcement to run for President, it is but natural that the family’s supporters have started to bring up the actress’ decade-long rift with her paternal cousins.

Her celebrity cousins Geneva Cruz and Sunshine Cruz had snubbed her for a long time after she failed to come home when her father, actor Ricky Belmonte, died in 2001.

Cruz married a Filipino-American named Norman Bustos in 1996 with whom she lived in the United States for 12 years until their divorce in 2008.

Cruz’s only brother, Renzo Cruz, meanwhile, stated for the record that the entire Cruz clan supports Poe’s bid for the presidency.


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  1. What Sheryl Cruz exposed to the media about the over ambitious Grace Trapoe is not only credible but it also highlights the obsession of this foreigner-ampon to become our president despite her dubious parentage and even more suspicious family background. This lady is more scheming than Janet Lim-Napoles. Both are scammers to the highest level.

  2. It is true that sheryl cruz is entitled to her own opinion but if her opinion destroys the credibility of another , i will advise her to shut up. That is my own opinion. I am not a poe follower but i pity her for all the mudslinging in philippine politics. She is a fine lady. Do not people abuse your good upbringing. Do not enter politics. If you play with fire you are going to be burned.

  3. At least may isang myembro ng Cruz family na tama ang pananaw pag dating sa pulitika. Ituloy mo lang yan Sheryl. You will be doing our country a great service.

    • sheryl ay walang utang na loob sa manay inday niya .si swanie and takbuhan ng makakapatid na cruz ,dahil separated ang mga magulang nila .tapos iyan an ginawa niya kay swanie. kapal muks talaga .malaki daw and talent fee niya. eh laos naman na.

  4. sheryl ano ka ba nag papa bebe o gustong maging sikat ano ang paki mo sa buhay ni grace tumahimik ka na lang

    • sheryl should think 100 times before you act this way ! mrs. lim is the one can tell that sheryl is a big time liar! good bye to you profession sheryl!.

  5. I agree with Ms. Cruz comments on Grace. It is a non-political statement that coincidentally happen at this time. Her personal comment on Grace reveals the actual status of Grace knowing they grew up together. Except for those with personal interest, then the meaning would be different.

  6. Ha ha ha. I hope this is not a preview of what we will have in a Poe presidency. Entertainment all the way! Woe to governance.

  7. Unprepared or inept – that’s the term for mrs. Grace poe and she should admit that fact. Leading a survey that cooked by SWS or Pulse asia whoever fund it does not make you president, experienced does. Nakakasira talaga ng matinong pag-iisip ang kapangyarihan onced you’re in and controlled by it! Truly many people are governed by their emotion, imagination, and feeling rather than facts – a headless life. And many are headless voters too!

  8. Why is Grace Poe Llamanares and her allies giving such importance to the comment or comments of Sheryl Cruz? She is not into politics and for all we know really does not care what happens in the political scene. Pertaining to the tsismis that there is a feud between the cousins about inheritance, what inheritance are they talking about? Is Ricky Belmonte related to Grace LLamanares? Are the Sonora’s extraordinarily wealth that Sheryls mother and Susan will fight over it? Is Sheryl related to FPJ that she is after his wealth, if there are? This is a very weak observation.

  9. Sorry, Sheryl, ayon sa sumulat nito ay sinasamantala mo lamang ang media attention naan nakafocus kay Grace Poe sa ngayon.

    At ang buong “Cruz clan support Poe’s candidacy” and that her “adoptive” mother niya ba si Susan Roces.

    Dapat totoo ang isinusulat…nahahalat tuloy ang slant mo? nagbabalita ka ba? o sumusulat ng propaganda?

    Ang totoong manunulat, ibinibigay ang sides ng both panig at hinsi ng isa lang. Kung hindi lalabas na kumakampi ka at hindi nagsasabi ng katotohanan.

  10. December 2004 when FPJ died. if the rift is due to inheritance, why did this so-called “rift” surface only now, after 10 years?

    Sheryl is correct, Grace Poe Llamanzares is still raw to immediately aspire for Philippine presidency. Haven’t we learned from presidents Cory Aquino and Noynoy Aquino?

    I was quite surprised when I found some educated actors and actresses, some from the academe, etc. who expressed their support for Grace Llamanzares. Perhaps they just want to show their debt of gratitude and friendship for Susan Roces and FPJ, but those supporters should have thought first and asked themselves if Grace is competent and can meet the rigors of the job of a Philippine president.

  11. I think it is unfair to talk about inheritance as the main reason that sparked or triggered Sheryl’s speaking up against Grace Poe’s candidacy. She made it clear that she does not like her mother to be dragged to the issue of Grace Poe’s parents. Masakit sa isang anak na masabing may anak pang iba ang kanyang ina. Let’s not demonize Sheryl by stating that her cousins snubbed her. She’s entitled to her opinion. She commented about Grace unpreparedness as President and I for one agrees with her. .

    • The question is how can you measure the preparedness of a canditate. Can you list down the factors of preparedness.

    • there is no school to be a president. grace poe finished political science major .that is a about aquino he just finished in ateneo de manila unlike grace poe she WENT to a well known UP and Graduated (STATESIDE) boston university in usa.