Iñigo Pascual sings for youth empowerment


As son of Philippine show business’ ultimate heartthrob, Iñigo Pascual gone through everything to do with being in his father’s shadow. On the positive side, having Piolo Pascual as dad opened many doors for him when he decided to pursue the spotlight.

The downside, however, were the expected comparisons between father and son at the onset, which cast doubt on the younger Pascual if he could ever make it on his own.

Thankfully, three years into the business, the famed son—now 20 years old—has successfully built a following based on his own hard work.

So far, Pascual has a filmography that includes “Relaks It’s Just Pag-Ibig,” “Crazy Beautiful You” and “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic.” He has also appeared in long-running TV shows on mother network ABS-CBN such as “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and “Wansapanataym,” was part of the 2015 teleserye “And I Love You So,” and is regular in Sunday variety show “ASAP.”

Pascual’s biggest achievement, however, came in late 2016 when his first single “Dahil Sa’Yo” came out. The song quickly became the first No. 1 song of then newly established Billboard Philippines’ Top 20 and stayed on top for nine weeks.

Three years into the business, the 20-year-old has built a following based on his hard work and new found niche in music

“Dahil Sa ‘Yo” also debuted at No. 21 on the Philippine Hot 100, and finally made it to the Top 10 on its eighth week. The song further garnered 11 million streams on Spotify, and as of this writing, the music video has reached 46 million views on YouTube.

Now identified first and foremost as a singer, opportunities are opening for Piolo’s son on his own merits. In November 2017, he was chosen to sing the official Filipino rendition of “Remember Me,” the lead song of Disney Pixar’s animated film “Coco.”

Grateful to have finally found his niche, he then held his first solo concert at the Music Museum on December 1 with a fitting title, “Dahil Sa’Yo: A Thanksgiving Concert.”

Just before the New Year, Pascual told The Manila Times, “I am so happy that I am able to share my music with everybody. My whole career changed because of Dahil Sa’Yo. I am very thankful because I’ve had so many realizations this past year.”

He continued, “It wasn’t just an opportunity came but it is one that is so positive—Dahil Sa’Yo is such a positive song and I just want to be able to promote and spread positivity with this kind of music to the youth.”

To cap off the year that was, Pascual decided to join the international child-focused organization World Vision and now serve as its newest Ambassador for Children.

As a World Vision advocate, he pledges to use his voice to help children’s awareness on their basic rights and promote good values among the youth.

“Every child has the potential to make his or her dreams a reality, but this potential can only be tapped if they are given the right opportunities,” said the recording artist from experience.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Ever since I was in the States I’ve been supporting World Vision so this very timely because now that I have my music, I also realized this year that life should not be just about work. There is a purpose in everything you do, and I believe that I’ve been placed in a situation where I am able to influence people especially the younger generation,” Pascual shared.

Walking the talk, Pascual helped World Vision give out Noche Buena packages to 34,000 children across the country, a Christmas tradition the organization has been doing since 2005.

“I’m so happy to be able to do this and I can’t ask for anything more with all the blessings I received this past year,” he added.

Asked for his New Year’s resolution, Pascual finally replied, “If you want to change something, there’s always time to do it. You shouldn’t wait for the end of the year. And if you want to start something this 2018, just make sure you have the perseverance and the drive to really do it because that’s the hardest thing. Anyone can change anything for a week but having the drive is the most important thing.”


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