Inmate’s killer identified


    THE inmate who repeatedly stabbed to death a fellow inmate in the middle of the riot at the Quezon City jail on Friday has been identified as “Bahala Na Gang” member Jerry Balajadia.

    The Quezon City Police District said on Saturday another inmate, Jerryco Parayno, witnessed Balajadia enter the makeshift quarters of the victim, Alfredo Hermano, during the riot.

    The suspect allegedly stabbed Hermano repeatedly on different parts of the body.

    Hermano was declared dead upon arrival at 4:25 a.m. at the Quezon City General Hospital.

    The riot on Friday ensued as inmate Edmond Dumondon was being rushed to the jail guards as he suffered from seizures.

    One of the inmates who accompanied Dumondon accidentally overturned a pail of water on sleeping detainees at the second floor.

    Dumondon was also declared dead at the East Avenue Medical Center, according to jail officer Lucila Abarca.

    Duty jail officers responded to the commotion by ordering a lockdown of the detention cells.

    The riot left 12 inmates injured.

    The city jail warden, Emerlito Moral, said the inmates had reconciled and vowed that the riot won’t happen again.

    The jail, which was built for 800 people, houses 3,424 inmates.



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