• More inmates pin De Lima

    Jaybee Sebastian faces lawmakers at the House of Representatives. PHOTOS BY RUY MARTINEZ

    Jaybee Sebastian faces lawmakers at the House of Representatives. PHOTOS BY RUY MARTINEZ

    Bilibid drug lords claim raising P20M for senator’s campaign kitty

    DRUG lords detained at the National Bilibid Prison (NBP) ganged up on former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima Monday, claiming that they raised P20 million for her campaign kitty when she ran for a Senate seat in May this year.

    Inmates Jaybee Sebastian and Peter Co, leaders of a drug group at the NBP, testified against the senator during the resumption of the investigation by the House of Representatives’ Justice panel into the illegal drug trade in the national penitentiary.

    Sebastian said he gave P10 million to De Lima, whom he claimed to have met at least eight times. He said the money was coursed through Joenel Sanchez, the former aide of the former Justice chief.

    “I gave P2 million to Joenel four times, and gave P2 million to Secretary de Lima once,” Sebastian told the panel.

    He recalled that on January 8, 2015, he received a text message from Sanchez telling him to raise money for the campaign of de Lima. Sebastian said he prepared P2 million and placed the money in a paper bag but a grenade-throwing incident in the Bilibid delayed the delivery of the money.

    The money was eventually delivered and Sebastian said he got confirmation from De Lima that she received the money.

    “I met her in [former Bureau of Corrections Director Franklin]Bucayu’s office, asked her if I will give money to Sanchez. She told me to leave it there because she wasn’t with Sanchez that day,” Sebastian said.

    “There was later a phone call from Sanchez, and he told me that somebody wants to talk to me on loud speaker. It sounded like Secretary de Lima. She said, Merry Christmas, Jaybee. I replied, Merry Christmas, too Ma’am. Did you get my gift? She said, Yes, Jaybee, Merry Christmas,” Sebastian said.

    Co, meanwhile, claimed that the Chinese “community” in Bilibid raised as much as P10 million for de Lima’s Senate bid. The fund raising effort reportedly started in 2012.

    “In 2012, Hans Tan told me Chinese inmates in Maximum Security are asking for funds for Secretary de Lima’s Senate bid. I gave her P5 million twice. I gave the P10 million to Hans Tan so he can give it to Sec de Lima.

    Tan told me he gave the money to Dayan, who receives money for de Lima,” Co said in his affidavit which was read by his lawyer, Jose Isagani Gonzales.

    He was referring to Ronnie Dayan, De Lima’s former driver and alleged lover.

    Tan is also a Bilibid inmate who authorities tagged as one of those involved in the illegal drug trade.

    Co claimed that he also gave four of his vehicles to De Lima which her camp used during the campaign period.

    These four vehicles were a silver Honda Civic, a black Honda City, a black Toyota Vios and a black Innova.

    Co also revealed that prior to the raising of the P10 million in March 2016, he learned from his niece Sally that his nephew and his wife and four others were arrested and that they will face charges if he fails to raise P5 million.

    Co then sought Tan’s help, who got him in touch with a certain Jad who was supposedly de Lima’s nephew.

    “My friend handed over P1 million to Jad in a casino. I gave another P1 million, deposited to Jad’s bank account. Also in March 2016, Jad called my niece Sally who gave him P3 million for Sec de Lima’s Senate campaign in exchange for my family’s safety,” Co said.

    “After handing over P3 million, Sally and her family flew to China for fear of being kidnapped,” he told the lawmakers.

    Big trade

    Sebastian admitted that the drug and gambling business in the NBP is so big that inmates can get P50 million a night.

    “In Building 14 alone [in the Maximum Security Compound of Bilibid], it could reach P4 million to P10 million in one night. Overall [in the Maximum Security], it could reach P50 million to P100 million,” he said.

    “We even have a money counter inside. An inmate, Jaime Pacho, can even lose a bet as much as P1 million a night,” Sebastian added.

    He said the drug trade and the smuggling of contrabands flourished in the Bilibid because another inmate, Herbert Colanggo, was in the good graces of De Lima.

    “If you see people selling drugs, why would you not do the same? If you hear another inmate loading a caliber 45 gun, other inmates would think of getting two caliber 45 guns so you will get the advantage,” Sebastian pointed out.

    “The Chinese drug lords have air conditioned rooms and jacuzzi. I am a Filipino. I should also have an air conditioned room and jacuzzi,” he added.

    Forced testimony

    De Lima on Monday expressed belief that Sebastian must have testified against her because he could no longer stand the pressure.

    “Apparently and obviously Jaybee Sebastian has been pushed to the wall. Apparently and obviously di na niya nakayanan ang pressure (he could no longer take the pressure),” she told reporters in an ambush interview.

    The senator added that she was aware that Sebastian was forced to testify against her. At first, Sebastian has refused to do so.

    “That can only be the explanation. In other words, he heeded the call of his wife to testify,” she added.
    De Lima said her source told her that Sebastian was the real target of the “riot” that broke out late last month inside Building 19 of the NBP where several inmates were stabbed.

    Convicted drug lord Tony Co was killed, while Peter Co and Vicente Sy were injured in the brawl.

    She insisted that Sebastian was a government asset because that was the information she got from for Bureau of Corrections Director Franklin Bucayu and former Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission Executive Director Reginald Villasanta.

    De Lima said she doesn’t expect Sebastian to admit that he was an asset because he is being pressured to tell lies.


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    1. How much does it cost to get a bunch of Drug Lord and Drug Dealing convicts to testify against a former Justice Secretary in the Philippines ?

      A pack of cigarettes ?
      Extra visits ?

      I find it funny that the current Dept of Justice would like everyone to see these convicts as truthful and having no reason to lie. Just read the stupid statements they issue about how relaxed the convicts are and how the current secretary has boasted that he can tell if someone is lying in 10 minutes.

      Justice Secretary Aguirre then parades a bunch of convicts who entertain everyone with stories of millions of peso’s given to De Lima and in one case money to protect his family from De Lima.

      Now that’s entertainment,
      Not proof of anything but really entertaining.

      Is the Dept of Justice going to offer any proof of any of these accusation or is the whole point to just entertain everyone ?

      • I think everyone already gets that it’ll take more than a pack of cigarettes or extra visits so get anyone in the NBP to agree to do anything. Not even several million times that.

        It would, for example, be closer to getting the opportunity to get back at specific politicians who they were in cahoots with, raised millions for, then double crossed them. Then tried to get them killed. (make no mistake, saying a convict is an asset while he is still in prison is definitely a ‘Death Sentence’).

        Also, Aguirre already said in a separate interview that the hearing in congress does not affect the cases they are filing, and just like a real lawyer, the evidence will be laid out in court, not in congress.

    2. Ito na ang Tunay na Hustisya ng Taong Bayan! Leila De Lima “GUILTY as HELL” truck-truck ang ebidensiya laban sa malanding lola na ito… dapat MABITAY para huwag Pamarisan….

    3. Numbers 32:23 – But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.

      What other specific prima face or tangible evidences the court needs? as the statements of those witnesses have justified the evil committed by De Lima – all in violation of the laws on anti-drug. May the said evidences presented thereon will speed up De Lima imprisonment + expulsion/dismissal from the Senate.

    4. Instead of investigating the proliferation of illegal drugs at NBP, HitlerDU30 & his alter egos are doing everything to destroy the character & credibility of Sen. de Lima because the latter is a “pain in the neck” of HitlerDU30.in her fight against DDS & EXTRA JUDICIAL KILLINGS. What these congressmen are doing is a waste of people’s money.

      • You got that flipped around : its DeLima who wanted to oust DU30 from the first day of her Hearings, and DU30 who was and still is working to stamp out drugs everywhere in the country.

        Character? Whats happening to her is the aftermath of behaving like she still has her yellow support system in place, like in the old days.(Officials to support her, policemen to follow her orders and Media to coverup what she’s doing).

    5. vagoneto rieles on

      Senator Delima could very well be as guilty as sin itself. This, however, will not be proven by the parade of ‘convicts-turned-witnesses’ all of whom wouldn’t blink an eye to perjure themselves. They are all convicted of more serious crimes, the sentences for which, they are now serving. To them, the penalty for perjury could add but a slap on the wrist. What’s more…they were all given immunity for whatever self-incriminating testimony they might give. The more telling testimonies would have come from witnesses who now evade the Congressional summonses, and from those that Congress and the DOJ have yet to call. These would include Senator Delima’s assistants and ‘close-in’ security personnel; none of whom have been convicted of anything…yet.
      At the very least, though, we can all admit that the Congressional ‘road show’…in aid of legislation… has been quite entertaining.

    6. I watched the hearing until the last hour and I noticed that Jaybee Sebastian is more knowledgeable and smarter than some of our congressman (excuse my language) after 14 hour of testifying and always on the centerstage of interpellation, I did not notice answer inconsistent against his affidavit. One congressman does not even understand (Cong Veloso) the of TOTAL of 10 million he gave De Lima when he said that he gave 2 million before Christmas, 2 million in January and 2 million in March April May. I was expecting that Jaybee Sebastian will get confused on his written affidavit during interpellation but what happened is the other way around, the interpellator (s) were tho one who got confused.

    7. So with JB’s testimony what bill in aid of legislation will congress now propose, how about the “Anti-Narco-Politics Law” outlawing narco-candidates like Sen. De Lima who should have been thoroughly screened, investigated and prosecuted BEFORE elected to public office, not AFTER.

      Also automatic disqualification of candidature or removal of immunity, hold departure, preventive suspension in the case of already elected/public officials. Further penalizing those instrumental of narco-criminals that facilitated their candidature, such as unscrupulous media and banking institutions.

    8. Se De Lima nagdidilim na ang paningin. Sigue lang deny ng deny. Ang evidences against are overwhelming Ano tinging mo sa mga kapwa mo Pinoy? TANGA? Binobobo mo kami.

    9. Serenity and composure pictured Jaybee Sebastian at the House probe. Salamat, Anak, for being true to yourself, to your family, to our country. You’re not a government asset as you claim, but you are an asset at the NBP for minding your kacosa’s good and welfare. How would media now differentiate Jaybee’s demeanor while under scrutiny and that of their favorite “press conferencer” who some quarters baptized de-Lie-la. But media as we all know write and say what they want to write and say. Which bona fide journalist refrain from. Jaybee, Anak, you can perhaps finish your studies via Online to elevate your skills technically, academically. And be the bridge between government and the inmates to make life at the NBP bearable, hopeful, a bit joyful.

    10. As per Sebastian, he did not sign any document that made him a government asset. If De Lima can produce that document, that will exonerate her. If she can disprove all of Sebastian’s allegations against her, then Sebastian is in hot water, else she is the biggest liar of them all.

    11. Ang hina naman ng DOJ, testimoniya lang ang kayang imbentuhin. Madali namang magimbento ng ebidensya na parang tutoo, problema mga bobo ang mga senador testimonya lang ang kaya.

      • then let wait and see sa mga comment mo … kasi judge mo agad ang outcome at di pa nagsisimula sa korte …. sa congress pa lang kaya wala pang pupuntahan iyan pero kapag nasa Court na ay ibang usapan na iyan …. let the truth prevails kasi kahit anong pagsisinungaling bistado kagaya ng kay Matobato … diyan magaling kasi ang mga Yellow sa Character Assasination pero sa puntong if nasa court na tagilid na sila …. iyan kasi ang perfect forte ng mga dilawan ang manira ng katauhan ng kalaban sa pulituika …. karma karma lang iyan …

      • Ganyan talaga pag totoo ang kaso, hndi yung mga imbento lang nina DeLima. At sa lahat ng mga nagsalita sa Senado, ang lumalabas na nangangapa ngayon ay si DeLima. Di ka ba nagtataka kung bakit di sya tinutulungan ni kakosang Drilon eh kasing galing yun ni Gordon?