• Inquirer’s brazen hatchet job vs Binay, a disgrace to journalism


    It is astonishing how President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd could use the Philippine Daily Inquirer, one of the biggest broadsheets, to undertake such a brazen demolition job, the likes of which have never before been seen in local journalism, against a presidential candidate, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    The published canard – the claim that the candidate got “billions” from infrastructure projects – is being disseminated two months before elections, when such allegations would be so difficult to debunk at the same speed as it was spread.

    I have never seen such a ruthless, and very obvious hatchet job against a political figure during an electoral cycle. Even Marcos’ three newspapers during the dictatorship (The Daily Express, Manila Bulletin, and the Journal) never undertook a vicious vilification campaign against candidate Corazon Aquino in the months before the February 7, 1986 presidential elections.

    PDI’s late editor-in-chief Letty Magsanoc, one of the most distinguished journalists of our time who made the newspaper her life’s work, must be turning in her grave at the viciousness and crudeness of this demolition job.

    There is one indisputable fact that proves it is a demolition job: The allegation had been made a year ago, yet again today is claimed as something new, for no other reason but obviously to throw dirt at the target candidate during this crucial time.

    The PDI’s screaming banner headline on March 15, 2016, “AMLC: Binay got billions.” The author Nancy Carvajal, however, noted that it wasn’t a recently made report, but that the “AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council) finding was contained in a report that was the result of an investigation ordered by the Office of the Ombudsman in November 2014. (Emphasis supplied).

    PDI’s two banner stories last year and this week: Same allegations using the same single document nobody else has. What for, if not as a demolition job against a presidential candidate? (Name blocked as we don’t want to disseminate the lie, even on a subliminal level.)

    PDI’s two banner stories last year and this week: Same allegations using the same single document nobody else has. What for, if not as a demolition job against a presidential candidate? (Name blocked as we don’t want to disseminate the lie, even on a subliminal level.)

    Carvajal, however, in her article pointed out that “a copy (of the AMLC report) was obtained by the Inquirer [i.e., by her] on Monday (March 14),” or just before its publication.

    She is lying. Or is she referring to a “feed” given to her that Monday written by somebody else, who cited the same document but which she forgot she already used a year ago?

    Indeed, she had claimed she got the “AMLC Report” nearly a year ago, which was the basis of her May 14, 2015 article, the headline of which wasn’t so different: “AMLC: Binay, allies deposits reach P11 billion.”

    An old 2014 report

    It was the same AMLC report submitted to the Ombudsman sometime in the late 2014, which even Carvajal herself noted in her 2015 article: “The report was part of the AMLC petition to the court to freeze 242 bank accounts … of Binay, his family and his suspected dummies, which was granted on Monday (May 11, 2015) ex parte, or without hearing.” The article came out May 14, 2015, only two days after the Court issued the freeze order.

    Carvajal, author of the articles vs Binay since last year; PDI’s new Executive Editor Jose Nolasco, and its president, Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez.

    Carvajal, author of the articles vs Binay since last year; PDI’s new Executive Editor Jose Nolasco, and its president, Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez.

    Binay’s spokesmen, however, have explained that in the course of the hearings at the Court of Appeals, the AMLC has gone on record to correct its initial report, and declared that Binay has only P1.7 million and not “billions” and that he had only one bank account and not 159 accounts as it initially alleged.

    I doubt very much the AMLC’s “initial” reports, and even the motivation for these, which it conveniently corrects later on. One case is that which was reported during Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial in 2012, that he had $10 billion in bank deposits. A study of the report – which the AMLC later made public – showed he only had $1.2 million, but the AMLC stupidly added all his transactions so that a $100 deposit, for instance, after being withdrawn and deposited again, was reported as a $200 balance.

    Here is the problem that makes Ms. Carvajal’s demolition job so unfair and highly immoral, and journalistically unethical:

    Only three individuals have copies of the alleged AMLC report, other than the agency – the Ombudsman, the head of the Court of Appeals, and — at least according to her — Carvajal. Despite the damage done to Binay’s reputation, neither Carvajal nor the AMLC, nor the Ombdusman, has made the alleged report public.

    This is because these agencies invoke the Anti-Money Laundering Law’s provisions that the AMLC’s reports are strictly confidential. Not even the accused – the Binays – have been furnished a copy despite their lawyers’ pleas to the Court for it so they could respond properly to the allegations made against them.

    There hasn’t been a counterpart, really, of the AMLC document in Philippine journalism: It is the only source of Carvajal’s serious allegations against the Vice President, yet no other newspaper could validate it, as they could not secure a copy of it. I wonder if even the PDI’s editors have seen it, which they should have, to properly evaluate the validity of Carvajal’s article.

    In fact, the breach of confidentiality – which Carvajal made in reporting the AMLC’s alleged report – is a crime, punishable by three to eight years in prison under the AML Act of 2001 (Sec. 14 d).

    This should have alerted PDI’s editors of its malicious intent. Who would have leaked the AMLC report to Carvajal if not the party with enough power to get it from the three agencies that held copies of it: The President’s operators. And why would they leak it if not to weaken Binay’s chances in the May elections? Why would Carvajal risk her neck by violating the AML law at this crucial time of the electoral cycle?

    Tetangco’s refusal

    Quite unfortunately, AMLC Chairman Amando Tetangco, who is also the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor – whether he is so afraid of Aquino or not – has refused to reply to my question, sent to him last year and the other day through his official PR men, whether he did sign or did not sign the alleged AMLC report, and if he would confirm its contents as claimed by Carvajal.

    That is how deep the corruption of this country’s moral fiber has become, with even such an upright person as Tetangco refusing to correct falsehoods damaging to a candidate, spread through one newspaper. That very well fits the famous aphorism made by the Irish statesman Edmund Burke long ago: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    The AMLC document Carvajal has been citing is a black propagandist’s dream document. Such a study apparently exists but it hasn’t been, and won’t be made publicly available ever. The propagandist, or Carvajal, can claim this or that is stated in the document, but nobody else is able to confirm if such claims are really in the report. She could have reported that the document said Binay had Swiss bank accounts, and we would have no way of validating if the document, indeed, said so.

    The hand of a skilled propagandist is so obvious in Carvajal’s reports, which are replete with details of figures supposedly transacted in order to make it appear the document is authentic.

    In my career, I have reported a number of confidential reports, from very secret IMF-World Bank documents in the 1980s to a more recent BSP study on “conglomerate maps.” I have always published an image of its first pages as proof that it is a genuine document I am citing. Carvajal has never done so in the case of her AMLC document.

    That Carvajal, obviously with the imprimatur of the Inquirer’s editors, is carrying out a vicious demolition job that has the fingerprints of a PR man all over it. This has become so obvious in her banner story yesterday, again similarly headlined: “Binay sent P100M to HK via Philrem.” I nearly fell off my seat reading the newspaper, as the report is as insidious as it is ruthless, or hilarious, really.

    The headline news in the past days has been about the hijacking of the Bangladesh central bank’s funds by a global syndicate and the partial success to money-launder $81 million of it through the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC). A remittance company, PhilRem, was reported to have handled the physical delivery of cold cash to the criminal group’s Chinese operative here.

    Voilà, the black propagandists versus Binay obviously thought: Link the burning issue of the $81 million money-laundering attempt to Binay, especially since no other newspaper dared follow up Carvajal’s story the other day, and it was fizzling out. After all, the AMLC is mentioned in both stories.

    This latest attempt really, is so ridiculous, a desperate attempt to extend the mileage of the Binay-got-billions canard. That journalistic ethics were thrown to the dustbin is obvious in its headline, that “Binay sent P100 M…” Yet the article itself reported it wasn’t Binay but a law firm, one of the many with whom the Vice President, a lawyer himself, has been friends. The law firm itself has vehemently denied the allegation.

    Denials read only by few

    Newspapers are a public trust, because of its awesome power. One of these hidden powers is the fact that denials of a false report are read only by a tiny fraction of readers, so that much more people would continue to believe the lie rather than its refutation. We can even quantify this in this age of the internet. Carvajal’s recent banner story (“AMLC: Binay got billions”) was “shared” 54,000 times; the Binay camp denials by only 3,000. Carvajal’s banner article on the same allegations last year (“AMLC: Binay, allies deposits reach P11B”), was shared 43,000 times; the Binay camp’s denial, 2,800 shares.

    The Inquirer, of course, duly published the denials of Binay’s camp. But every report of the denial, the allegations, the lies made in Carvajal’s articles are repeated,  even lengthier than the denials. The black propagandist must be rolling over in laughter.

    Why has Carvajal been intent on such hatchet jobs against Binay, even in articles that would risk her journalistic integrity?

    What has happened to our country that a broadsheet, which emerged out of the EDSA I revolution with the noble purpose of championing the truth with “Balanced News, Fearless Views,” has become the tool of this Administration, disseminating lies to fool the nation, so that the democratic aim of the May elections are subverted?

    What has happened to the ostensibly idealist editors of the Inquirer that they have allowed such a crude hatchet job, very easily verified as such, to be published? Why is it that only the Inquirer – and not even the most mercenary tabloids – has published such kind of a hatchet job?

    This case could be the litmus test of leadership for PDI’s new boss, Executive Editor Jose Nolasco, in his youth an idealistic activist, whether he can carry the late Magsanoc’s mantle of journalistic integrity. I worked for a year at the Inquirer in 2000 as a columnist and as editor-in-chief of its website (when it was still a joint venture with GMA7) and then again as a columnist from 2010 to 2012.  I’m sure its president, Sandy Prieto-Romualdez, realizes the seriousness of the dent on her newspaper’s integrity,  that she would get to the bottom of it, whether Carvajal’s articles are legitimate news or an outright demolition job. It is so crude as to be obviously one, if one objectively looks at the facts.  An editorial “forensic” — how Carvajal’s piece entered the newsroom, approved by the editors,  and processed —  could really be done in a few hours’ time, given the paper’s tight monitoring systems.   They may have underestimated Mrs. Prieto-Romualdez’s intelligence.

    I am angry over such blatant exploitation of the Press since it is a deep insult to the profession I am in. It eats into the very foundations of the Fourth Estate. Especially after Aquino has put under his control the other two branches of government, the Judiciary and Congress, and with broadcast media having deteriorated into entertainment media, the Press has practically become the sole champion of democracy and truth. What we write every day may seem ephemeral, but these echo to eternity, to use the classic line in one of my favorite movies.



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    1. Poe , Duterte, Miriam and Roxas believe Binay and family are notorious na mandarambong ng kaban ng Makati. Pano mo masabi mo na ang PDI ay Bias? San ba si Limlingan at si ate ebeng na from secretary ni binay to
      riches? magkano ba sueldo ng secretary ni Binay?

      • Of course that is what Poe, Duterte, Miriam and Roxas would want you to believe. Binay is their competition, they can only benefit from the demolition job against Binay.

    2. marcial anonat on

      why the investigation if this Carvajal seems to be very sure of the “issue”..hw much did she get??you know what i mean..it’s always like this..why now? just because VP Binay is a sore to the Aquinos’ plans..why not try posting a headline of Mar Roxas in time of Yolanda and beside it are rotten foods that was supposed to be distributed to the hungry filipinos…

    3. Go PDI exposed the corrupt politicians like Binay and his family. Those against it are for cover up. Whoever involves in corruption demolished them by all means.

    4. Does the National Press Club have some sort of ethics committee to address right away people like Carvajal. She is not only destroying the reputation of innocent people but more importantly, she is putting the reputation and integrity of her fellow journalists in a bad light. Get rid of her as she is now a pain in the neck in your profession.

      • Unfortunately, not everyone in the press is a member of National Press Club, most of the reporters in major dailies are not a member.

    5. Douglas Rosete on


    6. Blame that on their news editor who seems to be sleeping on his job and may have become an accomplice to the prostitution of the profession. But knowing personally their news editor, I will not be surprised that they can stoop to that level.

      Anyway, jojo’s camp with all those brilliant organizational and agitprop people on him can use the same tactic on the newspaper. Surely, they have friends in all the banks and it should be easy to get documents to show that the paper may have been remised in their loan payments just like ABS-CBN before martial law so that the newspaper have to allow itself to become tutas or pawns of benigno. Similarly, all those lands in Sampaloc, Manila which are in the name of the Prietos may be examined for non-payment of the proper real estate taxes, an act that Joseph may initiate. In the same manner, it may be interesting to check with the Makati local government if the taxes on that property at Chino Roces where they hold their bacchanalian feasts have been up-todate in their payment of real estate taxes and other local fees. Last but not the least, it should be easy snooping to know if PDI is payment its proper corporate taxes.

    7. Emilio Marayag on

      Nearly all institutions including the Filipino value system have been corrupted in the last 6 years. Binay is being accused only of one. Why can’t PDI see this widespread corruption? Obviously it is more corrupt that people it attacks.

    8. PDI is like an attack helicopter of the administration to demolish VP Binay but people who are aware of the track record of Binay will not be be affected by this recycled news. Binay pa rin kami at hindi maloloko ng mga recycled demolition by the PR of the administration…

    9. isidro c. valencia on

      “Behold, I stand at your door, and knock, and sanctify the truth for the benefit of nearly one hundred million Filipinos.

      The truth we are seeking is about the malicious and illegal release of report by the Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) charging the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines and his kin and friends about billions of pesos deposited in 242 bank accounts.

      Please allow us to explain the plain truth:
      As we all know, the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) is mandated to protect and preserve the integrity and confidentiality of bank accounts and to ensure that the Philippines shall not be used as a money laundering site for the proceeds of any unlawful activity. The Council acts unanimously in the discharge of its functions. This is covered by Republic Act No. 9160 – Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) of 2001.

      AMLC Report should be treated as private in nature and deemed classified to protect the name and reputation of concerned parties. AMLC Report should be covered by a resolution, signed unanimously by its Council composed of the Governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as Chairman and the Commissioner of the Insurance Commission (IC) and the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as members.

      The Court of Appeals recently issued a freeze order on 242 bank accounts, investments, and insurance policies being investigated by the Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLAC) without giving opportunity to respondents to be heard. As per congressional deliberations, ex Parte Freeze order must be strictly confidential to protect the name and reputation of concerned parties. We noted how AMLAC “misled the Court of Appeals” by deliberately omitting and concealing several details about the VP Binay’s bank accounts.

      VP BINAY has only FIVE (5) bank accounts not 242 banks. That is recorded.

      Latest report: AMLC reported that VP BINAY has only one bank account.

      AMLAC omitted facts involvingP231 million pesos campaign contribution funds and P218 million expenses incurred during 2010 elections, all were duly reported in VP BINAY’s Statement of Campaign Contributions and Expenses filed with the COMELEC.

      In addition, AMLAC deliberately concealed the fact that VP BINAY and his wife were earning additional income from our respective businesses and salary, all information were duly reported in the undersigned Income Tax Returns that span for almost three decades and filed with the Internal Revenue. This means that they religiously paid their taxes to the government.
      The concerned Filipinos are still puzzled and mistrusted the people who leaked the said AMLAC Report to media organizations particularly The Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN in the absence of due process. What is the role of Julia C. Bacay-Abad (relative of Butch Abad, Secretary of Department of Budget Management) Executive Director II Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat in the said AMLAC Report?

      OVP have received reports as early as April 2015, key personalities of the Liberal Party already got copies of the AMLAC Report. The LP has fingerprints and DNA all over the AMLAC probe. This is trickery and deceitful.

      It is noteworthy to mention that several days prior to media exposure, some of the people working in the Office of the Vice President had received indecent proposals asking for P40M in exchange of a draft of AMLAC Report and AMLAC Resolution. They had the galls and balls to advise them that the said drafts would place us a better position to respond to it.

      My dear brother in Christ, we quote Ephesians 4: 14, “That we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful planning.”

      Let us all hope this whimsical use of regulatory powers is stopped sooner or nearer. It creates a chilling effect on confidence in business and banking system that is detrimental to our economy and development.

      Finally, let me quote George Orwell’s words: “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    10. isidro c. valencia on

      Inquirer can be perceived as “Paid News, Paid Views.” Pinsan ito ng ABias-CBN (Contra Binay Network). These are Jaundiced Media perpetuating to perpetuate Aquino Dominance in Philippine political landscape.

      INQUIRER is a third rate trying hard copy cat of the Philippine Daily Daily Inquirer reporting to P-NOY.

      Aquino is a third rate trying hard copy cat of MARCOS clan. Let us erase from Philippine politics the Aquinos and Marcoses.

    11. As long as binay doesn’t confront the allegations against him head on it will always gave a fodder to pdi and the rest of them. As long as he always answer, politically motivated, not in the proper forum, I am not a crook, it will always be like this. If he has proof and present it to the senate, ombudsman, sandigan then it just might be a different story but he has nothing so far!

      • VP Binay tried to answer them thru the media. The Senate’s role of the investigation is for In aid of legislation but it went for a year in aid of demolition. Senate is a legislative body not an investigation kangaroo court wherein the accused cannot even question the witnesses. only the three members of the SUB COMMITTEE were allowed to question everybody. Even the full Senate and congressional committees on Mamasapano were heard for weeks only while this Sub Committee lingered on to demolished the reputation of the VP, case in point. Sen Enrile on the committee asked the witness about the alleged 6000 or so % increased in VP’s assets, he exposed the folly of such allegation and sen T quietly agreed and the committee ended the hearings fearing such more questions could exposed their hypocrisy.. Phil politics at it’s worst,

    12. mr. Tiglao,

      the prieto’s were reportedly granted by the Cory administration the contract on the mile long creek for P135k a year only.

      May I request you do a column on this to apprise the reading public in general and your avid followers in particular?


    13. PDI and ABS-CBN ar the mouthpiece of Aquino-Cojuaco clan since 1986. What do you expect. I salute you for your great column today Mr. Tiglao. More power to you..

    14. The AMLAC was busy doing dirty politics, that’s why they failed to catch the $81 million dollar heist from Bangladesh.

    15. PDI? What is that? If that is a broadsheet or a tabloid, I reckon that the only truthful entry is the date.

      This dude Nancy Carvajal where does she come from, I mean which part of the underworld? She must have been transported and reconfigured to look like a human being. Yet if she is natural, her day will come.

      Having said that, enjoy Nancy Carvajal, while it lasts

    16. I remember the time when inquirer and bulletin are going head to head on readership or issues (?), something like in the 200k during the ’80s.
      I now regret getting full subscription of that inquirer to help shore them up the little means I can. For shame!

    17. Even the sensational rape story of pepsi paloma in the 70’s (allegedly involving tito sotto’s brother vic and 2 others) and the past dasmarinas village gate incident involving junjun binay are being resurrected by PDI.

    18. aurelio garcia on

      There’s nothing wrong about the issue published by the Inquirer… Well in fact i salute them because it’s timely! Perfect timing! An alleged corrupt politician who didnt wnt to answer the allegations against him must not win. By not answering the issue will give rise to an apprehension that the controversy is true! If he answered it before that it was a year a go as you claimed that why the inquirer again published the issue, simply because it is still unanswered! And that is a legitimate public interest! Good job inquirer?

    19. this president will no longer change his attitude of being so arrogant and vindictive. expect more to come until the last second of his term. it only shows that he is made to be sure that no true opposition will replace his daan patuwad. just explained what happen to LRT transaction and get rid of your DOTC secretary instead of cleaning yourself for all the mess. kung sa bagay kalbo ka na nga

    20. If I were rich, I’d bankroll The Manila Times’s operations so it could replace PDI as the news publication with the widest national circulation in this country. I’d also pay for ads that would expose PDI’s and the Aquinos’ and Liberal Party’s lies. Really, if we don’t do anything to stop these evil operatives from their evil deeds, they will continue to rule.

    21. If mr. tiglao’s column today is true then certainly there something fishy with the article written in the pdi against vp binay

    22. I hate the binays and I believe they are still very much “yellow” but I certainly agree that PDI is owned and operated by the yellow republic

    23. Actually, we have a rotten “democracy,” where anyone can do anything, including maligning a person by spreading lies through a newspaper of national circulation, because the people do not exercise their power as citizens of this “democratic” country. We can always teach Inquirer a lesson by boycotting it, but many still read it maybe for two reasons: (1) because they don’t know PDI is fooling them (as they don’t care to validate PDI’s claims and swallow its lies hook, line, and sinker due to naivete or ignorance); or (2) because they want to believe PDI’s lies as they hate Binay and love the Aquino-Cojuangcos. I’m inclined to believe that both of these are true as I’ve met a lot of Filipinos who have not even considered the possibility that what they read or hear anywhere is not true, and as I’ve noticed that a lot of Filipinos tend to side with personalities for better or for worse, as if they’re opponents in a boxing match, rather than surveying the objective facts about these people before embracing them. Our country is really in a rut. God help us!!!

    24. Nothing of this dastardly vilification campaign in a supposed respected media outlet I have witnessed since the pre-marial law days.

      Height of desperation.

      But NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will change my mind about JUNKING the administration presidential bets and that include dis Grace.


    26. What happened and what is happening to the Philippine Daily Inquirer? If this article of Mr. Bobbi Tiglao is accurate, does it affirm that this broadsheet have become a paid propaganda machine of the yellow army? I used to admire the old PDi and Mr. and Ms. magazine during the Marcos dictatorship because they represented the views of ordinary citizens and those who oppose the martial law, a choice between the newspapers controlled by Mr. Marcos. For sure millions of Filipinos have the same thoughts. PDI used to have excellent columnists and article writers but many good one’s left and moved to other brodsheets especially when the Prietos bought the Paper several years after Corazon C. Aquino became revolutionary President. It was after the Prieto’s became owners when PDI started moving towards being a yellow propagandist meaning they are and were made tools by the Cojuangco-Aquinos to move on towards their agenda’s. PDI used to have very good, fair and neutral columnists but many of them are gone and those left became partisans to the yellows. A few names who are still columnists who remain fair and neutral is Doronilla, Montalvan, Fr. Bernas, and a few more. Those who changed and now becoming partisans are the 2 Davids, de Quiroz, Farolan, Panganiban, the Monzods, Nery, the late Neal Cruz, the late Isagani Cruz, Peter Wallace and several more who believes and protects PNoy and the yellows as if they are the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His 12 apostles. Randy David, the Monzods, Farolan, Neal Cruz are among those who were very fair and neutral but became partisans. However, the biggest partisans are the Prieto family who simply allowed the PDI to be a partisan newspaper rather than being the broadsheet most admired during the Marcos year. If PDI will continue the trend they created, it will lose it’s readership among the citizens.

      • PDI and ABS-CBN becomes Aquino-Cojuanco clan mouthpiece since 1986…What do you expect. I salute you Mr. Tiglao for your great column today…


    28. Correction – Letty Magsanoc is not turning in her grave because PDI is always a tool for the Yellow Cults.

      Another correction – Ruthless, and very obvious hatchet job against a political figure during an electoral cycle. PDI have always done this on any Marcos/Romauldez Family member every time they are running for public office. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and ABS-CBN have always done this.

      • PDI is a product of EDSA I. EDSA I is a product of misinformation and convoluted lies fabricated by opportunist. Ergo, we cannot expect PDI to be any different. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    29. the truth will prevail…God is good . You just cant put a good man down. Binay is the hero of the poor and he is out there to help them.

    30. no wonder Marcos closed the press, because of the abusive and lying some members of media.

    31. Well said sir, Inquirer newspaper is a trash nowadays..I cant believe they are being used by this administration..No wonder the BIR cant file a case on Dunkin Donuts over non collection of taxes amounting to P1.5Billion which Ms.Prieto is the owner..

    32. Jerome Suarez on

      Mr. Tiglao:

      Now you know the reason why President Marcos ordered to shut down the media when he declared Martial Law,

      because it is a very powerful tool where the guilty can be made innocent and the innocent can be guilty.

      The ABS-CBN, Inquirer and Rappler are being used by the present administration to tarnish the credibility of their opponents’ candidates so that it will help its candidates to rise up in the surveys.

      • Huwag mong isama ang ABS CBN diyan, bro. Obviously you are not a listener or viewer of its public affairs and news programs or a follower of the station.I should know because I listen to DZMM every day and watch TV Patrol and other public affairs programs of the station regularly and nothing that I have listened to or watched in its news and commentaries will support your unfair conclusion. Ditto with Rappler. Let’s us be fair.

      • Indeed and surely, Mr. Marcos has every right and reason to close those newspapers before and arrest those who have become the propagandists of joma and benigno sr. as well as those politicians and businessmen who have all the reasons to oust Mr. Marcos because of their vested business interests. Now, with what is happening today, this should enlighten the millennials of why it was necessary for Mr. Marcos to close those newspapers and belie the canard that those media were closed because they were just critical of Mr. Marcos.

    33. you know these people are educated pero mas masahol pa sila sa walang pinagaralan. this is the learning of the yellow people of the aquinos. they are happy to destroy people. kalahi nila ni satanas. i pray that all these things they are doing to their percieved enemies will also experience this. sana mabankrupt na ang Daily Inquirer para tumigil na ang kanilang pagsisira ng mga tao na di nila kauri.

    34. WORST president ever this BS aquino III; No wonder the New York Times calls the Marcos years the Philippines’ golden era. This is dictatorship at a different plane…AT LEAST Marcos was brilliant and intelligent…PANOT is an IDIOT!

    35. Inquirer has been at it for the past year now. I wonder who is the real owner of this paper or what compromise did it made with the the current govt or could it be possible that they have an ax to grind wt Binay? Their once respectable paper has turned into a sensationalized tabloid with the main purpose of being the unofficial mouthpiece/propagandist of this administration, esp during the Corona impeachment and now the anti-Binay campaign. The saddest part is people tend to believe every lie, half truths and exagerations they churn out.