• Insanity and never-ending corruption in DPWH


    THERE appears to be No End to the unbridled corruption at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), a favorite government agency of President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd whose leadership he greatly admires.

    Last Tuesday, April 7, President Aquino inaugurated a bridge in Isabela and once again commended the DPWH “leadership of Secretary Rogelio Singson.” As usual, P-Noy once again took the golden opportunity of blaming the past administration of their failure to build the bridge that was damaged in 1993.

    Of course, what the pathetic President B.S. Aquino 3rd will never tell and admit to the Filipino people and the world is that the past three presidents before him – Fidel V. Ramos (FVR), Joseph Estrada (ERAP), and Gloria M. Arroyo (GMA) – started and built more public infrastructure than him. In a short span of 2.5 years of the Estrada presidency, ERAP initiated the 88-km Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) that was completed during GMA’s time.

    The P773 Million Lullutan Bridge is another “concrete proof” (to use his own words) of the Never-Ending corruption in the DPWH under the Daang Matuwid Aquino administration. With a length of 500 linear meters, it should cost P250 million at P500,000 per linear meter (LM). Hence, an Obscene Overprice of P500 Million!!!

    The price of P500,000 per LM is the cost for high-quality bridges in the private sector. This is what it will cost property developers like Ayala Land, SM Prime Holdings, DMCI and others in their projects. In fact, P500,000 was the cost of the elevated Skyway along South Luzon Expressway(SLEX).

    The 420-meter Mambaling flyover in Cebu City only cost P110 million when it was built by DPWH in April of 2011. Thus, the cost of P262,000 per LM!!! Even if you double the figure due to inflation and increase in DWPH corruption, it should be P500,000 per LM. But the P773-million 500-meter Lullutan Bridge in Isabela inaugurated by PNoy cost THREE TIMES at P1,546,000 per LM.

    Yet President B.S. Aquino 3rd has the brazen temerity — or just sheer stupidity — to cite the “5Rs” of the DPWH “under the leadership of Secretary Rogelio Singson” – the “Right Project, Right Quality, Right People, Right Time and the Right Cost.” For starters, we can be sure the Lullutan Bridge was NOT BUILT at the Right Cost!!!

    To give you an idea of the shameless and obscene overprice, the 1.23 km four-lane tunnel in Cebu City built during the last year of the President GMA cost P1,341,000 per LM. Even factor in inflation of 20 percent over the past 4.5 years and it will cost you only P1.6 M per linear meter. The two-lane Lullutan Bridge cost P1.546M per LM. Remember that the Cebu Tunnel has FOUR LANES!!!

    Shameless corruption in Manila and Baguio
    The REBLOCKING by DPWH along EDSA and C-5 during the Holy Week caused humongous traffic. The worst part is that there was NO NEED to destroy the concrete pavement along EDSA and C-5 since they were still in good condition. If there were any minor cracks, they could easily be repaired. Worst part is that DPWH will spend another P3.7 billion along EDSA for the asphalt overlay.

    Based on the monitoring of the Citizens Infrastructure Integrity Watchdog (InfraWatch) for the past five years (2010-2015), Baguio City holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt far as DPWH projects are concerned. Among the regional centers, Baguio comes close to Iloilo City, which is the “Corruption Capital of PH” when it comes to public infrastructure that involves the DPWH, DoTC and the LGU.

    Baguio is the regional center of the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR), while Iloilo is the regional center or Western Visayas (Region VI).

    InfraWatch exposed the shameless corruption in Baguio City last November 2011. Then again in May 2014 just after the Holy Week. For 2015, DPWH is very much at it again starting last month of March.

    (Disclosure: This writer is the Executive Director of InfraWatch)
    What has become the brand or “trademark” of the DPWH Daang Matuwid is it’s nefarious “REBLOCKING” projects where good concreted pavements are destroyed only to be concreted again. During the holidays last Holy Week, DPWH did its despicable “REBLOCKING” on roads perpendicular to Session Road (near the Cathedral) and Leonard Wood Road (beside Cabinet Hill). What is worse here, as what the DPWH contractors did in EDSA and C-5, is that the sections of the roads “REBLOCKED” are not even cut/sliced (longitudinal) first so as not to damage the contiguous sections or lanes.

    The brazen temerity of the DPWH-CAR is further demonstrated by the flagrant “REBLOCKING” of the Sto. Tomas Road leading to Green Valley and to the top of the mountains where the radar stations are located. The 200-meter section that has been demolished and is being concreted located is in front of the Dairy Farm of the Department of Agriculture. The Sto. Tomas Road, which starts at the Marcos Highway, is well-paved with asphalt overlay.

    The District Engineering Office in Baguio has also undertaken road-widening that serves no purpose to add capacity because they are narrow at 1.5-2.0 meters wide and are not continuous. They will just become parking areas along the national highway, such as in Kennon Road and along Ferguson Road fronting the huge property of the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the CAR. This type of road-widening projects by the DPWH has been done in other areas in Luzon, such as Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road in Laguna near SLEX.

    Speaking of the 30-km Kennon Road that begins at Camp 1 in Tuba, Benguet and runs to Baguio City, it is amazing that it is not a smooth, well-paved national road in spite of the hundreds of millions of pesos spent by the Daang Matuwid Aquino Administration. Instead of doing simple and fast asphalt-overlay on the pavement, Secretary Singson would prefer the more expensive and unnecessary “REBLOCKING” that leads to bigger project costs that benefit both the contractors and officials of DPWH.

    Residents of Baguio and environs (Tuba, Sto. Tomas, La Trinidad and Sabang), as well as visitors to the country’s summer capital can only shake their heads and wonder why DPWH indulges in such acts of insanity. But then, corruption in the favorite government agency of PNoy has become so inordinate (excessive) that lunacy may be an understatement.

    ‘Congratulations’ to DPWH on its ‘achievements’
    After almost five years of the Aquino administration, perhaps it is time to “congratulate” DPWH for its outstanding “achievements” that will become its legacy to the Filipino people. Other than its notorious “REBLOCKING,” DPWH has implemented asphalt-overlay that is not even needed on national highways, such as Sucat Road (A. Santos Ave.) in Parañaque and the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road in Laguna.

    Worse, DPWH applied double asphalt overlay 5cms (4 inches) thick so that pavements are now as high or higher – than the sidewalks. Worst, DPWH created a problem for vehicles crossing these raised/elevated national roads.


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    1. This is no longer insanity because for corrupt governmental officials this is NORMAL! As I observed in other places in the cities I’ve been to, it’s NORMAL to “repair” or “reblock” good roads. I’ve seen it in Bacolod, Paranaque…etc! I just wonder who would be the President who would stop this MADNESS!

    2. Re-blocking is the easiest way to corrupt for the DPWH and their sponsors. WHY? A single block in actual re-blocking work may be equivalent to a kilometer in a contract. In a photograph, they will all look he same. This is where field engineers, COA auditors, DPWH bosses get their share.

    3. Thank you, Mr. author, Rick Ramos for this blog. I sincerely hope this will begin to make some difference for us citizens who are being bullied by this government! Shame on them big time!

    4. Now is the Time for World Leaders on any and all levels to Boldly, Outloud and Together Declare the ‘War on Corruption’.

      Plain and Simple.

      Corruption is the real enemy that is at the root of Terror, Violence, Unrest, Injustice, Poverty, Crime , Human and Civil Rights Abuses, Desperation, Hoplessness, Apathy, Addictions, etc.

      ~ Corruption In The American Military http://www.strategypage.com/dls/articles/Corruption-In-The-American

      ~ How Corruption Kills the Promise of Social Enterprise http://www.triplepundit.com/2015/03/corruption-kills-promise-social

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      ~ FBI – FBI Establishes International Corruption Squads http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2015/march/fbi-establishes-internat

      Wherever you are in the World, in your own jursidictions and capacity, you can do Something, Anything, just One Thing.

      And Make a Differcence.

      And turn the page of History.

      It starts with us.

    5. Hector David on

      There is no end to corruption … Government budgets have triples under BSAlll yet veryittle to show for it ….. He is simply not in charge , government is not functioning and the judicial system is screwed up as shown by the Makati fiasco and all cases that take lifetimes to resolve . While other countries move forward we are at. Standstill. … Boracay for matuwid na daan and the lies and cover ups of government … Three cheers for Sonny Coloma for his deceitful defense of an inept,irresponsible and ineffective government

    6. Nick L. Azul on

      from very early age in occ. Mindoro I learn the intricacies of how the DPWH operates and how the Provincial Engineer is one of the power to reckon with in the province. I can not see any foreseeable change that will ever happen in the operation od this Department. . I just hope that the people use their right to vote wisely.

      • DPWH is different from the LGU (province or municipality). DPWH projects are on national roads, while LGUs are on provincial or municipal roads. Many, if not most, national road projects were initiated by members of Congress through their PDAF and DAP that have been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the Supreme Court of PH.

    7. that’s daang matuwid for you. the “cuts” even increased under this admin, 18-25% for the congressman, 7% for the D.E., 4.5% to the BAC, 3% to losing bidders and 3% to other employees of DPWH from the acct to the inspectors! so, what is left to the projects considering that the contractor has to profit also!

    8. Robert Santiago on

      … and why is it that there is almost no reaction at all from government officials in Baguio and Benguet regarding these reblocking of still in good condition concrete roads. There is even a portion of the highway near Norcar going to Bell Church left undone up to now
      left with drilled holes. Now, a stretch of highway at Km 3 in La Trinidad that is still in good
      condition is again being reblocked. Apparently, these wasteful conduct has gone quite a time since the practice has the blessings of the DPWH Secretay and local government officials. Hopefully, this reblocking practice will be put to an end sooner, otherwise, the
      citizenry or commuting public will have to suffer the same inconvenience repeatedly over the years.

    9. DPWH officials should read this column and reply.
      If we can’t hear any word from them it means it is confirmed to be true.
      What a waste of Government funds. It could even build new roads or
      infrastructure that would be beneficial to the majority of the Filipinos.

      • Maria Stevens on

        Duffy is absolutely correct in what he says…except for one thing. IT IS NOT GOVERNMENT MONEY it is taxes and vat pay from the HARD EARNED money of the people.