NEARLY three decades after his late mother of revered memory, President Cory Cojuangco Aquino, restored our imperfect democracy and was hailed as a global heroine for it, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco 3rd now unashamedly tells us that he is open to a second term as president.

Even if it is against the Constitution.

Even if the main motive for doing so, which he himself announced in a TV interview, is in effect to destroy our Republic’s constitutional order of separate and co-equal branches of government, each one serving to check and balance the other two.

Even if an evil and immoral goal underlies that motive: to make himself and his men guiltless of the crimes they have committed while in high office.

Goal is to weaken the Supreme Court
President Aquino himself declared in the TV5 interview that his goals in serving for a second term are to be able to continue his reforms, which can only be realized if the Supreme Court is weakened, its powers clipped.

He wishes to dismantle the present checks and balance principle that should have made him and Budget Secretary Abad desist from abusing their powers. For these abuses they will be held accountable by the courts even after the President’s term is over.

With an overwhelming majority in both house of Congress, he can have new laws passed that will repeal those laws that make all the abuses he and Secretary Abad have committed, especially in their inventing the unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and in illegally using DAP money to benefit their allies and make whatever they desired happen.

Never has a Filipino president ever contemplated such an immoral and evil plan of action to escape liability for wrongdoings.

Right now the House has the drafts of the laws that would legalize the DAP. If passed, these laws would render the Supreme Court’s ruling on the DAP moot. Therefore President Aquino’s and Secretary Abad’s acts arising from it are no longer illegal.

There are also laws that would redefine what the word “savings” means. All the General Appropriations Acts that Congress has passed contain a definition of “savings” accepted by all beneficent parliaments all over the world. This definition was ignored by President Aquino and Secretary Abad when they invented the DAP and began to re-allocate funds (that had been appropriated by Congress for specific purposes) for projects and places they favored. The new laws re-defining “savings” would provide also that the new definitions would apply to the acts of reallocation made by President Aquino and Secretary Abad. Therefore, these acts that would have been punishable at least as acts of malversation would no longer be criminal.

Hearing a non-existent clamor
The justification for having the Constitution amended to allow the President to have a second term—is a lie. It is just one more of so many lies the President and his closest people have told since he assumed office in 2010.

Secretary Mar Roxas lied that the Filipino people were clamoring for President Aquino to extend his presidential tenure. The clamor was all in the defeated Liberal Party vice-presidential candidate’s head.

The Palace spokesmen then took Sec. Roxas’ fabrication—obviously the opening pages of the script—a step higher. They at first reminded audiences that President Aquino has always been averse to amending the Constitution. But, said they, he would of course heed the voice of his Boss, the Filipino people.

This was then followed by the President’s TV5 interview. In that interview he said that in response to his Boss’ clamor, he would be open to a second term and would do the necessary to make that possible.

All of these weird, obscene, immoral, vile, treasonous happenings in the highest levels of our Republic are so incredible they cannot be anything else but INSANITY.


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  1. Ito ang pangulo na nagtayo ng sarili niyang tuwid na daan papunta sa sarili niyang hukay!!habang gumagalaw para sa sarili niyang pakinabang,lalo lamang siya nababaon sa kumunoy na kayang kinanalagyan,karma!! Hindi lang sa kanya maging sa lahat ng nagtataguyod sa kasinungalingan,!!may nagawa din namang mabuti itong king of all thieves! Ang mailabas niya ang tunay na mga kulay ng mga tao sa gobyerno,mga linta sa lipunan ito ang mga drakula na sumisipsip ng dugo ng sarili nilang bayan!! Sana lahat ng kasama ni abnoy,abad,drilon at roxas,pati na ang mga kampo ni delima,Morales at tan ay maipakulong sa pagtataksil sa sinumpaan nila sa bayan, lalong-lalo na ang mga tongresman at lahat ng senator na tumangap ng dap! Sana ngayon palang ay maihanda na ang demanda laban sa mga ito!! Sana tumulong sana ang lahat,para tuluyan maalis sa balat ng lupa ang makakapal na mukha ng mga taong ito!!

  2. Let me see. What we got here is an insane person taking the people’s money and bestowing it on his minions. So now we have a Congress following an insane idiot.

  3. Whoever said that the minds of these dudes are healthy and sound?
    Why is it that everytime a crisis surfaces, he disappears – is he trembling in fear? In a confused state?

    His emotional quotient may tell a narrative. Probably, he thinks of himself as the rule of law. Thus, even in his subliminal state, he thinks he can do anything and everything he wants to do. And damn the Constitution, the statutes and the rest of us.

  4. armando flores on

    Understandably, aquino and his gang of thieves would do everything to survive and evade prosecution. Dictatorship, term extension and winning the next presidential election are the only means to prevent JAIL TERM. There is another one fit for them all i.e., to commit suicide.

  5. Dominador D. Canastra on

    You have summarized well what every unbiased, intelligent and patriotic Filiipino thinks about the Aquino Administration and President Aquino’s latest announcement that he would occupy Malacanang for a second term so his “reforms” and campaign to destroy our worthy and patriotic Supreme Court.

  6. There must be a law, this is a challenge to our constitutionalists, judges, lawyers and law students to find it and use this to avert this move to illegally propagate political autocracy in our country.

    • Instead of con ass, why not just pass a law on Proposition just like the following;
      In California, a ballot proposition is a proposed law that is submitted to the electorate for approval in a direct vote (or plebiscite). It may take the form of a constitutional amendment or an ordinary statute. A ballot proposition may be proposed by the State Legislature or by a petition signed by members of the public under the initiative system. In California a vote on a measure referred to voters by the legislature is a mandatory referendum; a vote to veto a law that has already been adopted by the legislature is an optional referendum or “people’s veto”; the process of proposing laws by petition is the initiative

  7. King PNoy is plain and simple, lunatic. His lunacy is making him think that he can do anything disregarding any law against it. Obviously, PNoy is not only a dumb person, a bobo but a lunatic in the first order.

  8. Yes Sir I believe this is real insanity to the max! Aquino and Roxas are very desperate now. For Aquino, his worry is that he does not want to go to jail after his term like what he did to Gloria, while Roxas cannot accept that Binay will become the next president of the republic of the Philippines.

  9. I thought Mar Roxas is a Statesman. I thought he is like his Father and/or his Grand Father.

    He is not only a Pickup Boy of BS Aquino, but also a “Liar” claiming his clamor, “the Clamor of the People”.

    If Mar Roxas has a fighting chance against Binay or any candidate of the Opposition in 2016, he would not have clamored, “the people wants the President to run for a second term”, knowing that it impossible under the present Constitution, to give him a chance to run for the second time as Vice President.

    Are you so desperate Mar that you want to become President at any cost? FOOL.

    Your true color is already known by the people. Even if you run now as a Senator – you will not make it.

    What kind of Administration is this? You want to clip the powers of the Supreme Court to accomplish your WHIMS AND CAPRICES. Why not declare “Martial Law” instead. It is “Cheaper and Faster” to padlock and clip the powers of the Supreme Court. The Justices of the Supreme Court are Honorable and Brave People. Even those appointed by BS Aquino to the Supreme Court cannot be threatened to submission at a point of a GUN.

    Go ahead and you will see the wrath of the people at EDSA marching toward Mendiola to take you and your President BS Aquino out of Malacanang.

    Do it Mar Roxas and BS Aquino to shorten the suffering of the Filipino People.