‘Inspect Binay bank accounts’


It was the legislative then, through the Senate, that ordered an inquiry into the alleged hidden wealth of Vice President Jejomar Binay. Now it is the executive branch doing the job by using the courts against him.

This issue of branches of the government being independent of each other is expected to be raised after the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) asked the Court of Appeals (CA) to allow the council to peek into the bank accounts of the Binays, their corporations and a law office where a family member was once a partner.

According to an unimpeachable source of The Manila Times, personal assets of the Vice President are now under scrutiny to determine if sources of funds are ill-gotten or not.

AMLC is under the executive and headed by the governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with heads of the Insurance Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission as members.

Application for examination of bank accounts is the preliminary step before the AMLC could proceed with application for a freeze order on the Binays’ assets.

This procedure will help establish if money kept by the family is laundered or not.

A petition for the examination of the bank accounts of the Binays was filed last week with the CA.

As a rule, AMLC cases are strictly confidential in the appellate court.
The petition shall be filed ex-parte or even without notifying the Binay camp, with actions and resolutions of the CA remaining strictly confidential.

In the long line of AMLC cases in the Court of Appeals after Republic Act 9160 was passed into law, this is the first time that bank accounts of the Vice President of the Philippines are being sought for examination.

Recently, bank accounts of Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. were also subjected to AMLC examination as a result of their indictment for plunder at the anti-graft court Sandiganbayan.

The appellate court granting the request of the AMLC to look into the Binay family’s bank accounts makes its patriarch the Vice President as the highest ranking government official to be investigated by the council over alleged ill-gotten wealth or whose assets are suspected to have been acquired unlawfully.

Aside from the Binay patriarch, The Manila Times source said the bank accounts of Dr. Elenita Binay, Makati City (Metro Manila) Rep. Abigail Binay and Makati Mayor Erwin Jejomar “Junjun” Binay Jr., wife, daughter and son, respectively, of the Vice President.

Also, the corporations linked to the Binay clan and alleged to be sources supposed ill-gotten wealth will be scrutinized on the basis of testimony of former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado.

Among the bank accounts of the Binays sought to be examined are with Banco de Oro, Bank of Philippine Islands, Land Bank of the Philippines and several others.

Also included in the petition for the examination of the bank accounts are those linked to businessman Gerry Limlingan, alleged dummy and bagman of the Vice President when he was still the mayor of Makati, as claimed by Mercado.

Also the bank accounts of the law office linked to the family, the Subido Pagente Certeza Mendoza & Binay Law Firm, where the Vice President’s daughter Abigail was a former partner.

As a rule, once the appellate court issued a resolution to grant the examination of the bank accounts of the Binay clan, the AMLC must submit a report to the court after the examination is completed.

The council can then apply with the CA for a freeze order of the assets that could last six months.

The Senate blue ribbon committee had ordered an investigation of transactions and assets of the Vice President on the basis of testimonies of Mercado, lawyer Renato Bondal and Nicolas Enciso 6th.

Mercado and the two complainants filed plunder raps against Binay and his son Junjun, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay before the Office of the Ombudsman.

They filed the complaint on the basis of their expose about the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2, which cost P2.3 billion.
Other issues of corruption in the Senate hounding the Vice President alleged irregularities in Pag-IBIG and Boys Scouts of the Philippines (BSP).

Binay was accused in past hearings of the Senate blue ribbon sub-subcommittee of rigging bids, getting kickbacks during his stint as Makati mayor and using dummies to advance his interests in several companies.

Mercado also accused the Vice President of owning a 350-hectare property in Rosario, Batangas, a log cabin in Tagaytay Highlands and units in several condominiums in Makati.

Binay, however, Binay dismissed these allegations, saying his political enemies were only out to derail his chances of winning the race for President in the 2016 elections.

National surveys have shown him as frontrunner to bag the presidency in next year’s polls.


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  1. I wonder how this hell of a family go on with their everyday lives fully aware that what they have was stolen from the taxes of the filipinos working their ass to live a decent life.When things got messed up and cases were filled against them,they try to defy the law and cling real hard to their office.Just take a look at the faces of BINAY, JV BAUTISTA and TOBY TIANGCO,do you think these people will do something good for our country?WAKE UP PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  2. Kaya nga gustong gusto na ni binay na bumaba si pnoy para maging presidente na sya at magkaron ng immunity. Para sa mga tuta ni binay, kung talagang wala syang kasalanan anung kinakatakot nya humarap sa senado oh kung kahit kanino? Kung ako ang i accuse at alam ko na innocent ako, kahit sino haharapin ko at ipagtatanggol ko ang sarili ko. Kaya lang mukhang guilty talaga, obvious naman.

  3. As a presidential candidate fro 2016 it is incumbent upon VP J. Binay to disprove the allegation of the 3 stooges from the Senate BRSC, since, what is at stake here is the perceived clean public record of a personality who might become a president but leave us all with his GMRC much to be desired!!!

  4. Nice flow of conversation here! Very insightful.

    How powerful is the AMLC with this? That’s my first question.

    Second is about Mercado… is Mercado still a viable and credible witness? Because we now know that he was the one who asked for a kickback pala… so how credible is he? Should we still trust what he is saying?

    Third, why should Binay attend if we all know that they are just using this issue to build up themselves? That this media event is for them to boost up their image? Hay Pilipinas, why do you keep doing this?

  5. Dom Del Rosario on

    The thing that I hate the most here is that those senators like Cayetano and Trillanes are being praised for being such “good” senators because of their attendance in these kind of things when in fact they have done nothing for the country. Seriously? What have they done?

    That’s why I support VP Binay here because it is so obvious that they are just plain mud-slinging politicians who want to eliminate the number one person in the polls.

  6. Lalaine Santos on

    Many here are saying that when a person defend Binay, he or she is hired by the Binays BUT shouldn’t it goes the same way to those who bashes him here? Paid by the likes of Cayetanos and others? So don’t point fingers like that easily… We are here to voice out our opinions and comments, don’t take away the essence of free speech by saying that one is paid to say those things.

    For me, I also think that these senate hearing regarding Binay is just a circus or maybe even a tactic to divert the people from bigger issues… who knows? That’s why it’s good that VP Binay doesn’t show up for these things because he would just make those monkeys louder and more popular than they should be.

  7. Why will you show up in a circus court that has been set up for the sole reason to destroy your reputation? If he had shown up, then he would have pitted the vice presidents office against the senate.. and that is STUPID… the senators are out to get him.. they’re not out to get the TRUTH. staying out of that senate hearing is the best thing he could’ve done for the country, because at least he didn’t contribute to the Philippines being a laughing stock of FAKE democracy.

    • Transparency in Govt on

      Why show up? To slap them silly with evidence to disprove their allegation, if he has any evidence, that is. No matter what that court is, if someone is innocent, he will stand up to them and shame them right in front of their faces with evidences and explanations, that is if he is innocent.

      But what does he do? He gives excuses, avoids the issues, denies them altogether, and does not even show up at all. These are NOT acts of someone who is innocent but an act of GUILTY and COWARD.

      This is accountability to the people whose public trust he has abused and disregarded. He owes it to the people to clear his name, not in the court of law for that for criminal charges but in the eyes of the public where public trust comes from.

    • No matter what the court us, if your innocent, then your innocent? FALSE. IN the ACTUAL JUDICIARY system, innocent people are sent to jail wrongfully due to the skill of lawyers or due to them being setup by higher ups..

      the Senate IS NOT A COURT. It is a panel that seeks facts to help them in AIDE OF LEGISLATION. but the malicious senators have used it as a stage to grandstand and destroy the reputation of a person who has done actual public service.

      He owes the people PUBLIC SERVICE.

  8. Should the bank accounts prove something? More than the bank account I want to focus on what had he done for our country. Compared to his supposed to be contemporaries in the government, VP Binay have done so many things for the people which they have really felt and have really used unlike with those of other politicians. That’s why I’m still going to support VP Binay if he will run this coming 2016 elections, he’s the only one who have done things for his people that others have not done.

    • kahit maraming nagawa CORRUPT pa din,at yan dapat nyang panagutan,di porket madaming nagawa absuwelto na kahit magnakaw,bakit ba si Marcos madami ding nagawa yan pero di sya absuwelto sa pagnanakaw..oo halos lahat naman corrupt at yan ay may kanya kanyang panahon,di gaya ng pinupuri mong si binay na ngayon ay panahon nya naman pra usigin….cguro corrupt ka din kaya ok lang sayo si binay….wahhhhh

  9. Masyado kayong focused kay Binay pero sa totoo lang paikot-ikot lang kayo dito kasi wala naman kayong matibay na ebidensya sa mga “kaso” niya, di pa nga kaso eh, puro akusasyon at alegasyon lang naman diba ang nagagawa niyo? Wag kayo puro satsat, gumawa din kayo, hindi yung puro paninira lang ang alam niyong gawin.

    • Walang ebidensya? maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang ebidensya Ms. Ara Mina…napakaraming ebidensya at di sila magpapakapagod sa wala…si binay ang walang ebidensya na magpapatunay na hindi sya magnanakaw…hello san galing ang kayamanan ng mga binay? sige nga ipaliwanag mo simula ng naging oic sya bilang meyor ng makati at bilyon bilyon na ang pera nila….kahit may bisnes pa sila di sila magkakabilyon kungdi galing sa nakaw…si pacman ba sila pra magkaroon ng bilyon?…siguro binayaran ka din ?

  10. Shameless people! Are you really going to do this to our Vice President? For what? I would have felt better if I feel that you’re doing this for the nation BUT it’s so clear that you’re doing this just for SHOW. Senators like Trillanes and Cayetano are so in to this so that people will start to notice them and make themselves heroes of this story…. but let me ask you… aside from attending senate hearing, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE for the country?

    They are just putting VP Binay down so that they will look like the better choice for our country. They are also using these senate hearings to divert people with more special issues like the Mamasapano clash.

    Stop using VP Binay to boost up your image, be man enough to play clean for the upcoming 2016 elections.

    • mariana, you are probably a relative or a paid bitch to defend a thief and an evil person rather evil family like the Binays. can i ask how much they paid you

    • and joey you’re probably a sheep that is so bitter with your own situation that you’d stoop down to fuck someone over who is merely voicing out her opinion.

      or maybe you’re a paid internet thug by the cayetanos or trillianes? coz thats all that they are.. smart thugs who use the senate to bully and destroy a mans reputation.

    • paingles ingles ka pa halata nman na mas pinipraise mo ang magnanakaw….magnanakaw ka din ba?nagtatanong lang po….kasi panig ka sa magnanakaw eh lol!!!!

  11. rene catalasan on

    Investigating the Binays’ ill-gotten wealth thru AMLC is great news and good for the country but bad news for the Binays and his blind followers. With this investigation, I could just imagine their reactions and foresees the VP giving up his personal ambition to run for the highest office in the country.
    The decision of the present administration takes a lot of guts to go and ran after corrupt and crook politicians never seen by the public before. Look at Enrile, Estrada and Revilla.

  12. these people that always after vp binay are banch of idiot why they want to get the hardearned money of binays family these people led by mercado bondal and enciso are the first to be investigated because of their illegal activities of the 3 itlog are trying to cover up and instead focus to binay. why binay is it because when pres cory appoint him malaking ipinagbago ng makati umasenso at umunlad so inton tatlon bugok at sumali pa ang 3 itlog ay naku lalong nbugok ano aba ang pilipinas ito ba ay bansang may rule of lwas or rule ng mga bugok na itlog mahiya kayo sa sarili nyo mga itlog

    • Concerned Citizen on

      Then why didn’t Binay had the guts to go to the Senate investigation and slap all his accusers silly with evidences and prove that he is indeed innocent? Because he cannot prove his innocence. Because he is guilty.

    • Concerned Citizen on

      If Binay or his paid mouthpieces cry foul again, you know Binay is guilty. An innocent man will not be afraid to open his closet for he has nothing to hide.

      A guilty man will evade, will cite excuses, will exploit the law so as to escape.

      The Public DEMANDS that Binay explain his side – to prove his innocence . He has NOT done this.

      In the court of public opinion where public sentiment and, thus, public trust is derived, Binay’s evasive actions betray his guilt!

    • Why will you show up in a circus court that has been set up for the sole reason to destroy your reputation? If he had shown up, then he would have pitted the vice presidents office against the senate.. and that is STUPID… the senators are out to get him.. they’re not out to get the TRUTH. staying out of that senate hearing is the best thing he could’ve done for the country, because at least he didn’t contribute to the Philippines being a laughing stock of FAKE democracy.

      Is binay innocent? i don’t know. is he corrupt? i don’t know.. but isn’t corruption also the stupid use of funds that result to buying of votes to remove a supreme court judge? isn’t corruption the lousy leadership that results to a faulty MRT because they opted to cut corners? isn’t corruption the use of your sister’s SUPPOSED accomplishments to push your own agenda? (cayetano) they are ALL GUILTY AND CORRUPT.. but at least some people serve the country well.. at least some people are able to contribute PROPERLY to the country’s well being.. at least some people stand by the merit of their accomplishments and not by their capacity to destroy other people. so who really is corrupt?

  13. This again is a clear case of political harassment and persecution against a political enemy with no other purpose than to brainwash the public into forming a negative perception of the VP as a candidate for the presidency in the 2016 elections. The people who are doing these are the same people who did the same despicable job on GMA who still languishes in confinement without any clear and convincing charges against her. We all know who they are, where they are now, and what their reputations are for honesty and credibility in office. Do we still believe them? Let the legal processes work equally and fairly. We are still a country of laws, not of men.

    • jose b. taganahan on

      This is a case of justice being done. The AMLC is merely doing its mandate of the law. The Binays with their tons of money can always question the move of AMLC before the Supreme Court if the Binays feel that AMCL violated the law.

    • What political persecution? If he is not corrupt,let the follow its course.not because he or she is v. President,senator,congressman,mayor,governor and others. No exception..stop political affiliated fans drama? Ok the public have enough….

    • this is not political harassment because there is probable cause to investigate this scumbag binay we don’t want a corrupt official in government any longer you probably got something from binay how much?

    • i think its good that the AMLC is involved.. a lot better than the circus of the senate blue ribbon hearing.

  14. Maybe Binay will make a good and honest president. Unlike most others before him, he already made his pile before gaining the position. Sure, he can clean-up the country, either way.

    • you people are so blind its obvious that this binay is power hungry like the marcoses before they were overthrown do you like history to repeat itself

    • This is to makoy lope who is obviously a marcos loyalist who benefited from the dictator. Tell your boss BINAY to show up in the senate hearing if he has the guts. If he truly is innocent, he can face the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-Committe and these hearings isn’t a circus, they are informative to let the people know how corrupt your boss BINAY is

  15. To be honest, this is unbelievable. This is a culture of corruption that had been inherited since the time of Padre Damaso’s regime. They never learned from the past mistakes!! or it’s a PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY AND VALUES!!