‘Instant flyovers’ seen solving traffic woes in Metro Manila


A construction company will introduce to the incoming administration the building of “instant flyovers” aimed at addressing worsening traffic problems in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region (NCR).

Jorge Consunji, president and chief operating officer of DM Consunji Inc., the construction arm of conglomerate DMCI Holdings Inc., in a briefing on Wednesday, said members of the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) are confident that the next President would be interested in solving Metro Manila’s traffic woes.

“On behalf of the PCA, we are to introduce a new technology that aims to provide a solution to the worsening traffic conditions in the country, especially in Metro Manila. We want to introduce instant flyovers, in lieu of the conventional flyovers,” the former president of PCA, said.

Consunji noted that although the “instant flyover” is more expensive compared with the conventional one, the former is deemed to be more cost- efficient in terms of construction time and labor.

He said the conventional flyover requires more materials and more time to build and is more labor-intensive.

“Our association would like to propose this new technology. Although it is more expensive versus the construction of conventional flyovers, this technology promises to improve the traffic conditions in Metro Manila,” Consunji added.

A conventional flyover takes about 18 months to complete if right-of-way issues are resolved, is highly reliant on the quality of soil and is dependent on weather conditions.

An instant flyover could reduce the risk of delay since it will make use of pre-fabricated materials.

It costs about P1 billion to P1.2 billion per kilometer, Consunji said.

The Arroyo administration purchased prefabricated flyovers that were meant to be put up in areas in Metro Manila where traffic was heavy but were set aside and not utilized by the Aquino administration.


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  1. Rolando Javier on

    Yes its a good idea…but it would be nicer if skyways are also built example along roxas boulevard, quezon avenue, quirino highway, c-5 and other major roads since cars need space…300,000 brand new cars added to the street each year.

  2. pnoy really made traffic worse in the metros. still traffic rules must be observed & strictly implemented if we are to gain any measure of respect locally & internationally.

  3. The typical construction method of flyovers here in the Philippines use of precast prestressed girders, which is not easy to do in a congested metropolis like Metro Manila, hence the traffic because it takes a lot of work area in the ground and on the road. Hong Kong rarely use this method of construction and use more of precast prestressed segmental construction (either by span-by-span, balanced cantilever, etc.) where erection of the ‘flyover’ is done aboveground, thus minimising traffic disruption on the ground.

  4. Asungot T. Delacruz on

    This is an Excellent idea. However, The agency involve needs to define the areas where fly overs are to be constructed, hire independent firms that design the project, an engineer’s estimate (more accurate estimate, better than construction company’s estimate) and total cost, so it may be presented to Congress for voting and budget allocation, as well. When the budget is approved, the assigned agency would then advertise BID Invitations, and ensure acquisition law is followed. Remember, Uncle Jojo made Billions just erecting several buildings in Makati. President Duterte, make sure that people’s money are spent well, and when you detect somebody or group of people spending people’s money recklessly, use them to feed fishes in Manila Bay. Leave no traces and make sure they will not be around to testify against you, in the court of law. A clean job is a must. lol.

  5. More new roads and highways including the widening of existing ones are band aid solution to the traffic problems in Manila and other Cites across the country. In the United States, California has the worst traffic congestion problem because of the massive growth of cars and trucks used as a means of primary transportation. The Los Angeles are has freeways that has 8 lanes each way but traffic is still bad, In spite of the massive road expansion and widening, the growth of new vehicles multiplies faster than the road widening and expansion. The simple solution to traffic gridlock is simple. Build more Trains System that will carry more people by the hundreds as opposed to Suv’s and cars. stopped the growth of cars & Suv, for good mass transportation like trains are the answers and control population growth or else FLIPS will over flow into the pacific ocean & China sea. FLIPS use your brains not your emotions or you will live like sardines with less land and food to eat.

  6. Yes; “instant fly-overs”. Let’s remove the crossing intersections w/traffic lights to move vehicular traffic faster. A “no-stop” stretch should be preferred over “stop-n-go” streets. Also, please make parking “one-side”.

    • People working from overseas are buying cars and Suv’s at an alarming rates, people left in Philippines produces more babies each seconds like ants & cockroaches. look FLIPS you are running out of space to live and move. Today you have 101million people in another 20 years you’ll numbers will be 200million how will you feed and live?? put brains in your thick skull n ot bare mud and cow shit!