• Internal growth and political life


    SPIRITUAL life is for me the essence of existence. I am not talking here of religion but one’s consciousness—what one says, does and feels. It’s not praying to God, but endeavoring to quiet one’s mind so as to feel His presence, the presence of one’s angels. This happens with regular practice—and just aspiring. It is one’s sincerity that brings on divine help.

    Spiritual life is essential for everyone, but it is especially critical for people in positions of power because of the effect their decisions have on so many. My experience of the political arena is that it is intense—and one can easily be pulled in many directions if one is not strong inside.

    My observation of the political dimension is that there are many vested interests, and often the influence of these vested interests results in a direction which is not for the public good—which is the mandate of every government official.

    The Constitution is nuanced—flooded with articles stating that the public good, social justice is the key criterion in making decisions. Not power, not political blocs, not legal whatever—but the common good. I don’t see that happening unless one is immersed in a regular practice of keenly evaluating if one is going on the right path, if one is always aligned with the common good.

    That’s why I feel that love is the key—compassion, caring for others, empathizing with the plight of the underprivileged. Without this empathy, service will end up as lip service. Everything becomes a flash in the pan because it’s just for show. It is the genuineness of love that will give rise to effective public service.

    What is necessary is a clearsightedness about where one is. To do that there needs to be a person or group of people who possess the clearsightedness and the forthrightness to give you feedback when it is essential. Spirituality necessitates kindred spirits. It really does. It needs a retreat from the chaos of life regularly otherwise one gets sucked into the grind—gets sucked out of essential energy—and worse loses the clearsightedness that is necessary for making decisions.

    In that direction, health is important. Health affects one’s mind and directly one’s happiness. Eating well (actually more explicitly, eating healthy) is critical.

    We go forward, always positive, always loving, always giving. It’s the way one sees life that usually creates the problem. I have found it essential to communicate. I do this with my staff when my perceptions result in a concern. Spirituality is not rituals, it’s the way one lives life. It’s communicating, it’s word of honor, it’s always seeing the good in everyone, it’s the courage to do what is right, its taking care of one’s health. It’s feeling. Especially in a country like the Philippines, feeling people is of utmost importance because we are such a feeling race.

    We get as much as we are open to receive, we feel as much as we put into it. Yes, we need good leaders but the more important direction is that each and everyone delves into their being and connects to the Highest Good. If we can learn to do this en masse, this country will see the light of day. We create a force for good that will overwhelm forces of greed and selfishness. We don’t create boxes, we don’t judge. Love is inclusive but we need to have the clarity to see if situations or people are off tangent. I have found that this wisdom is in the heart more than the mind. We go for it. Love in our hearts, courage in our gut, always aspiring for the greater good—we will be guided and helped. That has been my profound experience in years of development work.

    We create models on the ground because working together is one of the most beautiful expressions of love. If you are interested in getting involved, email hellogina@gworld.ph or ilove@gworld.ph. If you know of areas or people with great potential, email. Love is connecting the dots—to make a very beautiful whole.


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