• Int’l groups seek de Lima’s release


    INTERNATIONAL anti-drugs and human rights advocates have expressed serious concerns on the arrest and detention of Sen. Leila de Lima in connection with drug trafficking charges, saying the move was meant to silence her.

    The International Commission on Jurists (ICJ), in a statement posted on its website, said the charges brought against de lima were fabricated and her prosecution was politically motivated.

    “This is clearly meant to silence for good a vocal critic of President Rodrigo Duterte,” said ICJ’s Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Sam Zarifi.

    The group called on the government to immediately release De Lima and stop acts of harassment against her and other critics of the government.

    Zarifi added that if the Philippine government really wants to stop the drug menace, it should go after those who are really involved in the illegal drug trade and bring them to court.

    “We do not see this, however. We only see active persecution of those who are critical of the President’s ‘war on drugs’,” Zarifi added.

    The ICJ has played a leading role in the development and implementation of international human rights law and standards.

    The organization also found the statements of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd alluding to De Lima’s guilt very concerning because it violates the legal tenet that a person charged in court is presumed innocent.

    The ICJ said public officials, including prosecutors, may inform the public about criminal investigations or charges but should not express a view as to the guilt of a defendant.

    According to the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee, public authorities and officials should not prejudge the outcome of a trial.

    Meanwhile, the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP) reiterated that Duterte’s war on drugs is misguided and unwinnable and comes at an unbearable cost to the people and communities.

    “The use of proportionate sentences for small players in the drug market, relying on intelligence and infiltration to track senior traffickers and criminals, and implementing prevention and harm reduction measures to support people who use drugs, are more effective and far less costly responses to drugs, and uphold the rule of law and the dignity and human rights of all citizens,” it said.

    The group expressed hopes that De lima will soon be released and allowed to attend the sessions of the Human Rights Council and at the International Forum on Human Rights this month in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Security pulled out

    It had been a week since de Lima was detained at the Philippine National Police (PNP) custodial center in Camp Crame in Quezon City.

    The senator, according to her staff, is far from being depressed and has remained brave and hopeful.

    She was allowed to hear mass on Ash Wednesday celebrated by Fr. Robert Reyes in the company of her family, friends and staff.

    The senator is not allowed to have television or other electronic gadgets inside her cell. She spends her time reading and writing a journal about her insights and feelings on how it is to be falsely accused and detained.

    On Wednesday, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd withdrew the two Senate security men assigned to secure De Lima because they were not allowed inside the detention center.

    “So we pulled them out while we are trying to negotiate with the persons in charge of the detention center if they could allow the personnel of OSSAA (Office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms (OSSAA) inside their premises,” Pimentel told reporters.

    The Senate president said De Lima can continue her legislative duty in filing bills and resolutions as well as signing committee reports.

    Anything can happen

    De Lima said on Thursday that God knows she is innocent and that she will one day be vindicated.

    “But how soon or how late, that I don’t know,” she said.

    De Lima admitted that she worries about her safety despite the assurance of President Rodrigo Duterte that she will be safe in Camp Crame.

    “I can never trust him (President) because he is a murderer and he is capable of having me killed,” the senator said, adding that anything can happen to her while in detention because she is completely defenseless.

    “Each day I am detained is a day of injustice. What is being done to me is extraordinary,” she said as she expressed alarm over the continuing “atmosphere of killings.”


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    1. Senator de Lima is now being haunted by the ghost she has created—the ghost of mayor Espinosa is bothering her now. In her inmost thought , she might be killed in the same manner as the mayor. A vengeance of sort for the hapless mayor.

      Remember what happened to Jaybee Sebastian? He was almost killed by a very simple passcode from de Lima. She simply uttered , Jaybee is a “government asset”. And Jaybee had almost kissed death.
      This lady is a consummate killer , a master of compartmentalizing criminal activities. Now , is her time to wrestle with her own ghosts.

      • Senator de Lima’s innermost being speaks otherwise. Duterte is an innocent man.
        Now that she is in the custody of the government—she must keep on using Duterte to save her neck.

        The spectacle of Pinoy inside her quarters posing as a visitor probably sent a quiver along her spines. She knows death is certain if she stops lambasting Duterte.

        That man in the palace is the only temporal escape she had at this time from the deadly claws of her cohorts in the crime. The president is her atoning sacrifice for her sins , at least for the time being.

        While awaiting something to happen to oust Duterte she should bide her time. If Duterte is ousted , then that is freedom for her and her partners in the crime.
        However , if Lady Luck won’t smile upon her—her huge problem will be Pinoy and company who are lurking behind her just feeling what the lady has in mind.

        Kiko Pangilinan said that they were afraid and so concerned for de Lima’s safety. There is a hidden agenda here why they dropped by de Lima’s cell—they were afraid for themselves (not for de Lima), de Lima might squeal.

        This thing is also de Lima’s dilemma. She must continue to attack Duterte to show to her cahoots , that she is not about to make a turnaround for them to kill her.

    2. The problem with the inhabitants of this world is their misconception about God. They thought that God is a god of duplicity. That is , he is the creator of good and he is also the creator of evil. They do not realize that it is inappropriate for the God who is good to be evil at the same time.

      If that is the case with God , then he is no different from the evil one , who is both good and evil.
      Since the true God is the God of the good only—his creation were the good ones. He is not a creator of evil for he is not evil.

      Evil begets evil while good begets good , should be the principle to be followed by everyone. So that one could avoid being misled.

      Satan , being the god of both worlds , the god of duplicity—he is the one who is very much interested in the rights of evil for he is the evil one. The good in his tree of knowledge of good and evil is only a ploy , to deceive those who do not believe the truth but rather are pleased with lies and errors.

      He is the proponent of evil. That is why wicked people grow in abundance in this world so that wickedness defines this world of ours.
      He is the creator of wicked individuals—drug lords , drug addicts and pushers , corrupt officials , plunderers , false preachers , false religions , idolaters , and everything that is evil.

      Since the evil ones were his own creations , he advocated for them to have human rights also. Henceforth the human rights of evil came into being because of Satan’s kindness and generosity towards evil. So human rights advocates of the ‘rights of criminals’ have something to crow about.

      They are making noise in the world today condemning those who destroy evil. Heaping upon them “human rights violations” as if those criminals are precious gems. They are the protectors of the rights of criminals. They do not want them exterminated. They take pride in their self-proclaimed label as The Human Rights.

      Human rights , you forget that vying for the rights of the criminals is utter futility because come the appointed time of the end—what you have fought and stood for shall be put to naught!
      The ultimate annihilation of evil is approaching , will you stand at the end , and yell to The Lord about the issue of human rights?

      Contemplate on the immovable : can you reform and rehabilitate the Devil to produce good offsprings?
      Christ has already propounded the immovable—a good tree cannot bear bad fruit , nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.

      Listen , Human Rights , will you shout to The Lord when He start the annihilation , just like what you are doing now to Duterte—hey! Lord , do not kill those criminals because they have human rights too! We will hold you answerable for human rights violations!
      Human rights idiots! What is the difference between NOW and the COMING END?

    3. Why these International Groups are so concerned about Delima, how about millions of poor Filipinos. How about those Yolanda victims that after three years still doesn’t have decent housing (even after PHL receiving billion of dollars donations). Isn’t it a violation of human rights. Why a wealthy Senator are protected by these groups. I can only say…are you being paid to talk, to act? Why not be concern about the “real victims”. Why not concern about the German that was recently beheaded?. Why not be concern about the big drug syndicate/drug lords instead of the President or the Senator.


      Yonkers, New York
      02 March 2017

      It has been Senator LEILA DELIMA’s misfortune to have badly rattled Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte over the REIGN OF TERROR he has inflicted lawlessly and cruelly on the Filipino people.

      To be charged falsely and then arrested unjustly are the price she has to pay for the courageous stand she has taken against this psychotic Little Tyrant.

      Yes,she has a good reason to fear for her life while incarcerated at CAMP CRAME. They can murder her right there–and then issue a public statement by mouthpiece and apologist MARTIN ANDANAR that she committed suicide!