Intrigue-sowing judges behind ‘Arlene’ controversy


(By Jomar Canlas, Top Stories, December 13, 2013)
Definitely we are tired of hearing endless accusations from our various government institutions because not one person has been brought to face a court hearing. All these news about corruptions are slowly becoming just innuendos to our people or to make it more understandable, allusions as it might eventually appear because not one has been brought to court and put behind bars if convicted; yes NOT ONE. The Philippines becomes comparable to a grade school pupil who is not doing well in school, and so the child does foolishness in order to get attention. In like manner our government institutions are enjoying the freedom of expression but without recognizing that they have the obligation to recognize that their freedom has limitation in a sense that whoever is implicated he/she must have to have the right to answer in defense to end the scenarios so only then those involved-government institutions will be rightfully recognized; otherwise they will be falsely recognized. Is this true or not? Let us debate on this if anyone please.
Rosauro Feliciano,

Its good they have shown her picture & sort of reported her, but the sad thing is if they hadnt lost their seats they would keep quiet. They are just as corrupt as the rst of them. We are going through this filipino mentality thing in our home owneres association elections. I hate the filipino way where you do a favour for someone & you will get voted for. Now if it was a normal favour like helping fix a broken car or something but not a corrupt favour. For instance a councillor lives on my sub division & he had an altercation with the guards at the gate & it was caught on security camera & he asked the hoa member in charge of the guards to erase the tape & he did. Now he was then removed from the hoa but up til now he denies telling the guards to erase the tape but he did it we know 100%. Now he spreads lies & stupid acusations against fair minded people, its that pinoy attitude thats ruined this country up to now & will continue to ruin this country. It will take many years & generations to remove it as its there from the top to the bottom of this corrupt society.

From a distance, outside the country, the reputation of the Philippines as a corrupt country is an old issue. One begin to wonder, how a poor country can overcome these notorieties, and you add the calamities on top of these, you have a perfect scenario for civil disturbance. I hope the younger generation will not emulate the bad influence of their elders, grand parents, parents who are known thieves and among others, I hope with God’s grace a change of heart for most will happen so one day, the country can grow to build a respected, and progressive country.


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