• Introduction to bolo Fighting


    Being an agricultural country, the bolo is a widely used farming implement and a common household tool in the Philippines. But the humble bolo was also the weapon of choice of Filipino fighting men in several wars most notably against the Spaniards during the 1898 Revolution and against the Japanese in World War 2.

    Although guns are now the preferred weapons of many, the bolo is still revered as a deadly weapon that can accomplish the job effectively under special circumstances and situations.

    Untitled-2Photo 1 shows the attacker (right) delivering a forehand diagonal downward slash (angolo abierta) with a bolo. Photo 2 shows the defender immediately jamming his opponent’s weapon hand with his left hand while simultaneously thrusting with his bolo to the attacker’s abdomen. Photo 3 shows the defender twisting his opponent’s weapon hand to the side while delivering a horizontal cut to the neck. Photo 4 shows the completion of the twist and the defender gaining full control. Photo 5 shows the defender delivering a finishing thrust. All these are done in a quick, fluid motion.

    Note: Be sure to establish full control of the opponent’s weapon hand to prevent him from renewing his attack. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

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