Inventor develops product to keep poultry farms fly-free


DAVAO CITY: With the mounting complaints of flies and bad odor from poultry farms, a Davao-basaed inventor came up with a product that neutralizes odor and drives away house flies and crawling insects from poultry, piggery farms, markets, pet and animal feces, and slaughterhouses.

Virgilio Sangutan, president of the Davao Inventors Association, said the so-called odor terminator was experimented for two weeks in a poultry farm here and proven effective in driving away flies and eliminating odor of chicken dung.

He said it is even safe on chickens since it is made of natural ingredients.

After spraying on chicken dungs, for instance, the poultry grower should gather them [dung]and set aside for processing into fertilizer.

Sangutan said it is important to keep flies away as these are the carrier of at least 65 serious diseases. He said flies are the dirtiest of all insects and believed to transmit diseases to humans like dysentery, yaws, anthrax, among others.

According to him, flies excrete wherever they come to rest and thereby, mechanically transmit disease organism. Female flies, he said, can lay batches of fertilized eggs. One batch is 150 fertilized eggs and can lay up to 1,000 eggs during her lifetime.

The product will be out soon in the market. Sangutan assured there will be no problem in supply because his company can produce 1,000 drums in one week. The odor terminator is made from natural phyto-enzymes.

Sangutan said the product helps poultry and piggery owners keep their farms amid the mounting complaints from nearby residents, especially in the third district of this city where they are located.

His target market are poultry farms, dump sites, slaughter houses, public markets and processing plants.


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