• Investigators believe Louvre attacker is Egyptian


    PARIS: French investigators believe the man who launched a machete attack outside the Louvre in Paris, before being shot and wounded by a soldier, is a 29-year-old Egyptian who entered the country on a tourist visa. The attacker, who is thought to live in the United Arab Emirates, is believed to have entered France legally on a flight from Dubai on January 26, a source said. An Egyptian passport, thought to be the suspect’s, was found during a search of an apartment in an expensive district of Paris near the Champs-Elysees. Investigators are also examining the account of an Egyptian man named Abdallah El Hamahmy after around a dozen messages were posted in Arabic between 9:27 am and 9:34 am, just minutes prior to the attack. The UAE government condemned the “hateful crime” and assured France of its “full solidarity.



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