Iqbal ‘insincere’ to peace process


An admission made by Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chief peace negotiator Mohagher Iqbal about having multiple identities raises many questions, including the sincerity of the Muslim rebel group to the peace process, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos said on Thursday.

Marcos, who heads of the Senate Committee on Local Government, noted that Iqbal’s revelation–beyond legal implications–calls into question the MILF’s good faith in entering into a peace agreement with the Philippine government.

“Why deceive the Philippine government this way?” Marcos said, referring to Iqbal’s use of different identities.

The MILF chief negotiator, during a congressional inquiry into the January 25 Mamasapano incident, admitted to lawmakers that he uses many aliases including Mohagher Iqbal, but he refused to give his real identity.

He even justified his action, saying it is natural for members of a revolutionary organization to have several pseudonyms.

It was also revealed during the hearing that even Secretary Teresita Deles, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, was not aware that “Mohagher Iqbal” is just one of the aliases being used by the MILF chief negotiator.

“Who notarizes the agreement he signed and what were the documents he presented identifying himself as Iqbal? Who is he? Why did he feel he needed to hide behind an alias?” Marcos asked.

The senator said he would try to get some answers at the resumption of Senate committee hearings on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) on Monday and find out if the MILF official is allowed to use aliases in the peace process.

He added that he had sent an invitation to Iqbal but, as of Thursday, the MILF chief negotiator had not replied.

Apart from Iqbal’s “identity crisis,” Marcos’ committee will also focus on the ceasefire mechanism between the Philippine government the MILF and try to find out why it failed to work during execution of Operation Plan (Oplan) Exodus.

Marcos noted that despite the existence of the ceasefire mechanism, it took both parties eleven hours to get the rebel group stop firing at members of the Special Action Force (SAF).

The failure of the MILF leadership to stop their men from firing at the SAF commandos also raised questions on the ability of the rebel group to control the organization and its men.

Marcos said the tragic outcome of the Mamasapano operation clearly shows the need to strengthen the ceasefire mechanism between the government and the MILF in order to prevent similar incidents.

He announced that he intends to conduct BBL hearings in Zamboanga and Jolo, Sullu, after the hearing on Monday.


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  1. sonny dela cruz on

    Is Misuari’s name fake also when he signed the peace agreement of the MNLF with the Republic of the Philippines? MIsuari was a rebel also like Iqbal as he said. But many knows Iqbal is not a rebel, he is a TERRORIST, so his aliases will not be valid as he signed the peace agreement. Now, is Deles and Ferrer are both their true name also because the two are the protector of the MILF, they never protect the interest of the country, the Republic of the Philippines. TRASH THE BBL THEN.

  2. This undercover and unknown MILF person lied about his name when sworn in multiple times in several committees. Ask him his name and swear his oath again at the next meeting. When he lies about his name. Hold him for perjury.

  3. One use an alias while writing books, as an actor,while hiding from authorities. You don’t use alias when you are signing a legal document you can use your alias in signing a document but an additional document declaring the real name of the signatory using the alias. So the claims of Iqbal does not hold water. The peace panel of the government was fooled but just like PNoy they are too proud to admit mistakes!

  4. Iqbar’s true name is Salah Jubair, who is the author of “The Long Road to Peace: Inside the GRP-MILF Peace Process”. Oh, wait…. Salah Jubair many months ago, Jubair told Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Quintos-Deles (and also Mary Ann Arnado, deputy executive director of the Initiatives for International Dialogue and Fr. Roberto Layson, former parish priest of Pikit, North Cotabato and vice chair of the Mindanao Peoples’ Caucus) that his true identity is Mohagher Iqbal.
    Surprise, surprise! Jubair/Iqbal peke-pala and he did not give them his true identity after all.

  5. I fully agree with Senator Bongbong Marcos observation with regards to Iqbal use of many aliases specially on Peace process negotiation where trust must be first established. Iqbal has a lot of explaination to do. No amount of alibi will suffice the pubic concern on why even on the important negotiation like this alibi was used. Regarding Deles and her groups of government peace process negotiator. Please be reminded that we must not sacrifice long term goal with short term agreement . If the agreement will lead to temporary peace but have a long term future repercussions , then please review and apply some change to protect this country. All of us like peace but they keep fighting for a selfish cause. Is it because majority is christian or is it personal interest of the Moro leader why peace has for so long was war has persist on the beautiful island of Mindanao? Do you think the Christian has been bias toward the Muslim in Mindanao? Since I was a child it alway been that way that our Muslims brother alway try to grab every opportunity to segregate the self from the Christian . Let’s forget religion . Act as one country be a productive citizen help the mindanaon escape from a never ending war.

    • ernesto albay on

      The problem is selective on the application of LAW. if only the law is applied do we ever see illegal position of FIREARMS….

      Another, why is it the development is mostly in LUZON, why does businesses never have chance to be relocate in MINDANAO. Why all offices of the goverment is concentrated in LUZON.

      Its the goverment lack of FUCOS on the needs of other areas.

    • It is in the law that it is wrong to use alias in any transaction except in field of entertainment, there is a question of sincerity, or it will be mistaken as a form of deceit. I forgot MILF does not recognize Phil constitution so they don’t follow our laws, they use alias. Is there an assurance that MILF will abide with what is written in BBL?

      We need a Federal form of government to alleviate widespread poverty, so the commerce, business and development will not be directed only in Mindanao but in all areas of the Philippines.

  6. Stop negotiating with a space or a ghost. Why Deles (kirat) and Ferrer continue to negotiate with these deceitful characters defies logic. Or, were they already compromised?

    Since that so-called Framework Agreement and BBL were started under highly suspicious circumstances (with masked Muslims or Malaysians), why belabor the point. Just drop it. Period.

    And strengthen the ARMM by fulfilling the mandate of the law creating it. And impose a governance from regional to local levels that values the primacy of public interest and welfare. Is that difficult to do Messrs. Aquino, Abad, Roxas, Drilon, Belmonte, Deles, Soliman, De Lima and Morales? Kung hindi ninyo kaya or wala kayong pakialam, umalis na kayo diyan. Talk to your conscience, kung may naiwan pa. Alright?

  7. Sen. Marcos should not let this Iqbal run away from the issue on his identity scot free. Dean Ranhilio Aquino of the Graduate School of Law of San Beda College, as well as other Constitutional experts, already condemned the deed of Iqbal as monstrously criminal. This fact must invalidate all the documents he signed.

    Cong. Acop and Cong. Lobregat with Cong. Colmenares and Zarate, already took strong positions against further considerations of the BBL.”How can they continue they said deliberating on the BBL when the most basic requirement re the proposal is critically flawed”.

    The people are looking to Sen. Marcos to do right for them.

  8. “You’ve been punk’ed!!!” ” You’ve been lied to.!!!” You never even knew what his name was or if in 2008 if he had met Osama Bin Laden or some mullahs in Pakistan or Yemen.
    Above-words should shake up Deles. President Noynoy should be concerned, too. But both Deles and PersiNoy would probably say that they put Iqbal to a lie-detector test (that, or that they looked deeply into Iqbal’s eyes). And this why they know that Iqbal (or whatever his name is) does not lie. ( Okay…. his name is a lie. Yun lang, wala na. )

  9. Just scrap the BBL waste of time and resources,focus on bills and regulation that will benefit the whole country,abolish autonomous regions so only one authority no need to coordinate with anybody that doesnt belong to the government,give all armed groups a chance to surrender their weapons and live in peace and to those who doesnt want to live in peace then allout war on them until they cease to exist.We all want to live in peace but it is a peace that will last forever not a peace now and war again later.

  10. Roldan Guerrero on

    This shows how STUPID AQUINO is. He must have already known about Iqbal`s secrets yet he continues to force BBL`s enactment. Aquino had been doing secret meetings with these impostors outside the country so they must have conspired for a common goal of committing treason. We the Filipino people are very much in danger in the hands of imbecile president.