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A jealous woman reportedly cut off the manhood of her hubby. What human rights violation was/were involved? Given the principle of proportionality when it comes to sanctions, what might be the proper penalty to fit the crime. Restore death! – say the macho “buti pang mamatay!” types.

In a case MABINI handled in the mid-90’s before Pasay RTC Judge Aurora Reciña, Exhibit E was the victim’s manhood, in a bottle. The lesson seems to be, when done—and I don’t mean praying the Rosary—the guy should dash out of the room quickly, and not nap, to awake yelling and yelping in pain. Boyet Fernandez (now the lawyer of Edith Burgos) and I had for client Juanita Doe, who worked as a modista, always had a pair of scissors in her bag, and jilted, lopped off His Thing. Something Vice-Guv Jinkee would never do to his hubby, Manny Pacquiao, present last Sunday in the MOA Arena for the Phil-Iran title game. But, they left with time to play. Emergency?

They should learn the virtue of “Walang Iwanan.” It would seem to be insensitive to leave the losing Nationals before the game was over.

Sunshine or Summertime Supporters (SSS) they don’t need? They should have stayed to console and cheer. But maybe Manny’s leaving had to do with his campaign for the presidency. I heard this before, but it turned out only for President of the Manila Rotary Club, whose criteria we might also question. Tops in House absenteeism? But he has time to change, and we never to underestimate anyone’s capacity for subjective growth, like our national team.

The one time I was invited by Manila Rotary a long time ago, it was to debate with Dick Gordon on the bases. Dick would be a better Prez than Manny, and if the latter would box for three more years, the House should expel him, to start regaining a little dignity and credibility. The House, the people and lawmaking and policy-making are not hobbies or sidelines. They deserve better.

Anyone I had not seen before in the week-long FIBA series who went to the title game last Sunday are candidates for Top Jinx, led by PNoy. To be fair Iran has Men-Mountains in a game where size matters.

Would Douthit have made a difference? I doubt It. Unless we are reinforced by wide seven-footers, our team will go to Spain as tourists.

The basics. We cannot win if with a few second left in the third quarter, Iran had a three-pointer by an unmarked Iranian at the right corner. And we cannot start the fourth with a throw-in being stolen resulting in an easy lay-up. Those five points, checked, could have lessened the margin. Bad ending, poor beginning.

Iran too tall and too good, but the night before was one to remember. Like February 25, 1986, when we learned that the Marcoses had left. Dancing in the streets, exactly how I predicted as candidate Cory’s spokesman, who I had to say No to, on her request, on the bases five years later. I had to say No to for the country.. Zeitgeist.

More U.S. troops today? I have not really much to say. In 1991, we were at the commanding heights and I said No to her on the bases.

Today, I am in a small foxhole or bivouac and do not see nearly as much as the Prez with his ambassadors all over, who would not bother with the views of those of us in our Second Adolescence, like Pareng Boy Brillantes and me. He and I turned 74 this week. Siya Second Childhood yata? Judge us by our looks, ehem.

Seriously, next year Vamos a Espana. Y Venceremos! Last Sunday, Dudut Jaworski and Mikee Cojuangco(TY, Mikee for gracing my wife’s wake with your presence, I was just told by a son) were to my left and to my right a couple who I met for the first time. But the latter (Paranaque’s Cong. Gus Tambunting and wife; he said that in 1988,he adopted my wildly successful Adopt (Ampunin si)Rene theme, in running for Councilor) bought a couple of hot dog sandwiches and drinks to wash them down for a son of mine and me. Like in Edsa’86.

But, in future title games, PNoy and Jojobama should not be allowed it to watch. Jinxes. Jojobama and Alan Cayetano were both in the MOA Arena last Sunday. At least one jinx. They should resolve the Fort Boni row now. My formula, 300 hectares to Makati, where I attended Makati Elem and where I now live, in the home of my late wife. I then went to Rizal Hi, where I had very bright classmates from Pateros and Taguig. So the balance of 129 hectares to postage-stamp Pateros. Makati, Pateros and Taguig have places somewhere in my heart of hearts. In one Santa Marta fiesta in Pateros, I almost drowned as it was deemed sporting to overturn bancas in the annual pagoda. Some strangers saved me; when I rejoined my Kuya and classmates they were all crying, thinking that I had gone to heaven.

Or where my enemies these past decades tell me to go. Did Alan and Jojobama talked at all? Sen. Rene Cayetano, I am told, also attended Rizal Hi for a year or two. Seems he was born in Pateros, where Rollie Luna, Pateros valedictorian, went to Pasig. It was in his place where I saw my brother and classmates crying. L in Cayetano is for Luna. First cuzins sila.

Makati is less than half of Taguig in size, but both are much bigger than Pateros. Hence my formula of giving 300 hectares each to both, and 129 to sister Pateros. Some sort of hating magkakapatid.

On Fedex, courts must consider the law, to state the unnecessary, but where the executive and the judiciary differ in a tough, the makeweight may be policy consideration or justification, on the basis of the greater good for the greater number. The spirit the giveth life, not the letter that killeth.


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